Healthy Chicken Wild Rice Soup

I think I’m about 17 years behind with this healthy chicken wild rice soup. Since day one, as a brand new North American, creamy soup on any fast food joint’s menu made my heart stop – it looks SO good! Fast forward to 2017, and I’m proud to be making creamy healthy chicken wild rice soup without a cup of butter, heavy cream or white flour but still so creamy. And it literally won’t make our hearts stop. 

Beef and Bean Soup with Wild Rice

I love “stick to your ribs” soups, like slow cooker butternut squash soup, hearty minestrone soup, bean mushroom soup, and this beef and bean soup, and so do my kids. Good news because soup is cheap, makes great leftovers and can be easily made clean eating. In fact, most homemade soups are clean. The issue arises when you eat out. I never order a soup at a restaurant because that is not what I go to a restaurant for. Restaurant is for something I can’t make at home. Like a killer…
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