Thai Turkey Meatballs in 30 Minutes

Today is not a story day. Today is super awesome Thai turkey meatballs day! I got my new dishwasher that can even make Thai meatballs.:) In all seriousness, we have a deal: I make the meatballs and he does the dirty job. And he knows his job really well. Meatballs don’t have to be smothered in tomato sauce (hello, slow cooker porcupine meatballs), nor they have to be simmered for hours (hi, meatless meatballs). They can have your favourite Thai flavours, be cooked in a skillet, within 30 minutes….
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Crustless Zucchini Enchilada Quiche

I got it all figured out for you, guys, when it comes to corn tortillas in this light & summery crustless zucchini quiche. Ready?! Nutritional facts of corn tortillas are similar to whole wheat tortillas. Shocking? I know! I’ve been missing out on these guys for the last 13 years. According to 3 fat chicks on a diet in a comparison based on calories, fat and ingredients list of whole wheat tortilla vs. corn, corn wins. Even a shorter list of ingredients makes sense, real food = corn and…
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Cumin Zucchini Turkey Burger with Cilantro Aioli

Juicy and fragrant, the best way to describe this lean and C.L.E.A.N summer burger made with 93% lean ground turkey, fresh cilantro, fragrant cumin and topped with Greek yogurt cilantro aioli. Only 206 calories and 5 WW Points+ per burger! After kids, I think food is the 2nd most beautiful thing in the world besides the world itself.

Light Zucchini Parmigiana Recipe

Can’t believe it’s August 1 already?! On a good note, it means zucchinis are in full bloom and are available super cheap at your local market. A couple of nights ago, on the drive back from Pitt Lake, we stopped at a local fruit & veggie stand and I grabbed 5 lbs of these imperfectly perfect zucchinis. $1 per 1 lb. Love local non-GMO food! I’m a fan of Eggplant Parmigiana, but love zucchini so much more. A couple minutes of thinking and Light Zucchini Parmigiana Recipe was…
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