What I Ate Weekend #14 What I Ate Weekend #14
April 24, 2019
by Olena

What I Ate Weekend #14

by Olena

How was your weekend? Mine was great, just what a family weekend should be like – there was no hockey, kids played outside and had sleepovers, adults relaxed and rendered around the house, and we had a good family time biking and visiting neighbours.

On Friday, I spent all day perfecting an oatmeal pizza crust. I made a double batch of my BBQ sauce, used chopped chicken I had on hand and pizza turned out to be a BBQ chicken pizza. I made 3 and there was nothing left! So come back some time tomorrow or Wednesday for the recipe. So, that was Friday’s dinner.

Before dinner, I indulged myself in some Luna and Larry’s chocolate ice cream and started The Secret Keeper. The book is growing on me (love the plot and 1941 details but the author is very descriptive – I have to skip pages) and ice cream didn’t need any growing to do. I am obsessed with dark chocolate, ice cream and bananas forever.

I indulged in more ice cream at 10PM while waiting for a kettle to boil. I ate all of that by myself in one night. Yep. No regrets whatsoever and I am good for some time now. BTW, this is coconut ice cream, so dairy free, the fact that I appreciate as we try to consume less animal products.

Breakfast: I had coffee with a bit of whole milk and banana. Past week, I have been trying to drink coffee with almond milk without any success. I have tried it for years and maybe when I “grow up”, let’s say like Alex, I will be able to do it. Right now – no way!

Then Alex made me avocado toast with my BBQ sauce. I would have preferred whole avocado, not half (somehow my husband tries to save an avocado on me?!), and BBQ sauce somehow was what I was craving. Lately, I eat what I crave and it works wonderfully.

Lunch: I shared on Insta stories, how I fry broccolini in 5 minutes. We had some leftover for lunch with leftover BBQ chicken Alex added to a wrap made with whole wheat pita. Also kombucha!!! I have been making kombucha from scratch at home for 6 months now and I LOVE it! Such a healthy drink to drink, full of probiotics, barely has any sugar and is like 30 times cheaper to make at home than buy a store-bought. So if you have a kombucha habit, I will tell you how to keep it (because it is a good habit) and save all those money for a vacation. So darn easy as I got a hang of it!

I am obsessed with dark chocolate – I eat a bar a week probably! I am at 85% right now and can easily move to 90% or even 95%. So good!

Surf Sweets – OMG these are so good!!! A little bit of jelly beans, some gummy bears. Smell so real and remind me of childhood candy. If you noticed, I have been indulging a bit more than usual in sugar and having no wine. An explanation is coming this week – re: what happened to Olena and wine.:) I’m not pregnant, so not a baby.

As moderate as my sugar consumption is compared to others, I do notice it shows up on my face and neck in a form of light acne. I think at this point of my life I can live with that and there is not much more to do about it.

Dinner: Alex fried some potatoes Russian style (we tell kids they are like Russian French fries which is not very convincing for Adam as he doesn’t love potatoes – the fact I honestly don’t care about, he will get there). And on Friday, I made a salad, similar to a Russian radish and egg salad but with greens. It was OK, I was tired by Friday afternoon and my imagination didn’t travel far after I have spared it all on oatmeal pizza. It was so good, that pizza, and no bloating, and so easy. Will start working on the post today ASAP.

Breakfast: I made my healthy waffle recipe, Alex fried 1 slice of bacon that we shared, 1 egg each and maple syrup on top. YES! Was so good! As I was frying waffles in my 16 year old 2 piece waffle maker, I decided I deserve an upgrade, and in 20 minutes bought this ceramic coating Belgian waffle maker that is arriving today. I will report how it performs if I don’t exchange it for another one before that (already having 2nd thoughts after reading reviews).

I usually do not make a killer breakfast on weekends because I cook so much during the week, but on Saturday Kyle announced he is going to a neighbour’s house for a sleepover in the backyard (which thank goodness never happened as it is still freezing at night) and that his friend’s mom makes a killer breakfast. I have this almost 11 year old that lives for food, I swear. All he talks about is food and he is super good at making it. He eats like Alex, it is insane how much a child can eat. Anyways, he was so good at describing his upcoming breakfast, I decided I had to step up my game and be a cool mom on Sunday morning haha. And I made waffles with bacon, just a bit haha. Adam was SO happy and Kyle crawled home after having a French toast, crepes and eggs. Well, I really need to step up my weekend breakfast game. I asked him twice if he is sure the crepes were made from scratch and not from Costco. I really need to step up my game, friends!

Throughout the weekend, we snacked on various fruit like watermelon, apples, banana and oranges. I didn’t have any bars or protein powder.

Lunch: Was the same as Saturday’s dinner.

Dinner: It was a beautiful day, so we took boys and one friend out for a bike ride (11K), cool playground and a Chinese dinner. All we heard from Kyle was about Chinese food during the bike ride haha. We went to a local restaurant with great menu and service, Wah Wing, and I had not 1 but 3 plates (don’t full yourselves – I was just getting started with the plate above) with shrimp fried rice, Mongolian beef, sweet and sour chicken and chicken chow mein. Was good, I didn’t calculate any carbs or didn’t feel any regrets (except I should have ordered a veggie side but if you have ever been to a restaurant with 3 boys you know exactly why that didn’t happen) – just pure happiness and joy from feeling free to eat and still be healthy. This new life with no diet, leading clean eating lifestyle 80% of time and a healthy balance feels amazing! It is possible, my friends, once you throw out all the BS you hear and see everywhere! Just too much, too much.

It suddenly struck me – this year is a journey for me, a milestone, “a mid life crisis” haha. From dealing with a fear of eating, to addressing skeletons in my closet, to taking charge of wine like a boss (and not the other way around), to keeping sugar under control and finally-finally not stressing out about working out, I am slowly arriving to a peaceful happy Olena. Not there yet but soon. I will be sharing as much as I can in hopes it will help you to deal with the noises in your head. We all have them, those damn noises.

P.S. Hilarious Netflix Series we started last night – Santa Clarita Diet where a California couple, realtors, kill people so the wife can eat them LMAO. It is SO sick, it is SO funny. You will love it, if you are OK with Cards Against Humanity like me.

Have a great week!

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    1. Right?! I haven’t eaten the rest since then. It’s like you kill an itch, you get sick of it. That’s why I stopped stressing out how much of what I eat – I trust my brain.

  1. So excited for your kombucha post! I love it but it’s so darn expensive to buy! And that oatmeal pizza crust is calling my name too!

    1. 🙂 Did you see the link I left above for Dana, in the meanwhile. I will try to post it within 2 weeks. Will speed it up today. I know a trick. Working on pizza recipe today too.

  2. We drink tons of kombucha (GTS which has no added sugar, just the naturally occurring from fermentation) but that stuff is expensive! Usuall 3.99-4.39 per bottle. We just bought a 1.4 liter fro 7.99 but that’s still crazy! DYING to get your recipe and tips on how to make it!!!! Great post and also looking froward to the pizza crust recipe.

    1. I will share my secret which is no secret at all, so you stop wasting money. 🙂 I simply followed The Kitchn’s recipe, grew my own scoby, got a hang of local ingredients and the process, and that is what I will share. Nothing new, just if I share, more people will realize how easy it is to make their own kombucha. I will cover the simplicity of it – I think the Kitchn did a great job to explain how to do it, however I still had a lot of questions along the road which I will cover in my post. I am just waiting on growing scoby from scratch to take pictures of the process. But you can follow their recipe right now and ask me if you have any questions. That stuff is super expensive to buy!!!

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