What I Ate Weekend #6 What I Ate Weekend #6
April 24, 2019
by Olena

What I Ate Weekend #6

by Olena

Well, hi. I’m back. On Thursday, I fell a victim of a nasty cold, took Laurel’s advice to rest and then snow came in on Friday. Which is a very hard problem to understand for the rest of North America in December, I get it. But just so you know, if it snows in Vancouver life STOPS. It equals to almost the end of the world because it snows in PNW once every 10 years. But because of La Nina we got snow. And that is why I caught a cold which is hard even for my kids to believe. They both exclaimed with eyes size of a saucer “You are WHAT?! Sick?! Why? You never get sick!”. I know, I know, I’m made out of steel. Nothing ever happens to me.

So, with snow came in the shoveling, sledding, lots of clothes drying, schedule chaos, hottub time and it felt like a Christmas has married a school break and adopted the New Years. Only later to divorce and today is December 12th. It is all still ahead which is a wonderful time of the year. And my mom said maybe they will come over for Christmas but they just don’t know yet. Of course, no rush, lots of time. I promised myself to chillax this season. I’m not even sweating Amazon losing half of Santa’s gifts.

So, that is where I was gone. And this morning, after a visit to the principal’s office, a workout and a ton of tidying up, I have time to pop in to report what I really ate this past weekend. Just before kids get back from school and craziness of what’s for dinner, homework and bedtime begins all over again. But Carole will clean my house and I have really nothing to complain about, right?! When is my bedtime again?!

I’m planning to make my healthy nutella pie tomorrow and post it hopefully on Wednesday – Thursday. I promised and I remember. And it would be perfect for all your Holidays celebrations. It is making my Christmas Eve and dinner table for sure. And before I go for a long break, I plan to share my immigration story because that is the only time you will be able to digest that much information.

Friday Night

Because I was feeling not my greatest I forgot to take a few pictures. Clearly I felt well enough for a glass of wine by the tree listening to Frank Sinatra in my cozy slippers. Why not?! Then for dinner I had a Trident wild salmon patty from Costco on half a Silverhills Bakery bun with green smoothie and salad.

Then unpacking my 10 year old’s backpack required an immediate make me feel and happy again treat. I had Ferrero Rocher candy, 2 mandarins and a few more chocolates. I think I had more after. Holidays remind me so much of Ukraine because we ate craft chocolates only around New Years.

Here is what I found in his backpack. No, not a condom and not weed.

Quiz of the year: Do you see anything wrong with this grade 5 test? Hint: It is not the proud mama moment (I was sick to do homework just one time and here is what happens) or a pretty sticker. Leave a comment below.

Yes, this is why I was at the principal’s office this morning.


For breakfast, were oatmeal protein waffles with almond butter and coffee. Man, it felt so good to pull out a healthy breakfast from the freezer. It was one of my deadline projects I was working on last week and recipe is coming in January. January 18th to be exact.

After playing in the snow, I craved hot chocolate. So, I made myself Camino (not too sweet) with Nutiva nutella and almond milk. It hit the spot.

Lately, we have been snacking a lot on these Kirkland nuts. I haven’t bought them for a while because they contain peanut oil which is not organic but what can I do?! I have to eat and these nuts are better than fast food or something.

I forgot to take a picture of my lunch but at least I remember it – brown rice with 2 fried eggs and a salad. Very simple. Alex made it.

For dinner was chicken in peanut ginger and jalapeño sauce with buckwheat and salad. And wine. I tested this new recipe and with a few tweaks it could be a winner for the blog.


Day started with Breakfast with Santa at the Grouse Mountain that Alex’s company holds for its employees every year. I would never pay that much myself so please don’t think I’m rich.

I had scrambled eggs, sausage, roasted potatoes, fruit, smoked salmon and a tiny piece of bagel. And coffee.

And then I gave in to a few pieces of bacon. Yes, I did. Haven’t had bacon for a year I think. It was honestly OK.

We lost kids to snow for the day again. It was beautiful and magical. Vera, time to dust off your skates!:)

For snack, I had a Taste of Nature bar. It was yum!

Around 4 PM we had to eat Tim Hortons because there were a few more errands to run. So, I ordered a chipotle chicken wrap and ripped of tortilla ends and cheese. It filled me for the rest of the night. I had 1.5 glasses of wine at a friend’s house and then that was it. I wasn’t really hungry for dinner, just exhausted for bed. I love my bed and my bedtime.

I am happy I do not bake cookies. Honestly, I feel blah a bit and gained a few lbs since Mexico. It is winter. I couldn’t go for my walks as usual because of the rain and then sitting at home eating and drinking in the dark doesn’t help. Even healthy food. You gotta move. I mean this is my normal drinking. I mean it is not the problem. I am just used to being more active. I need to work out more at home which I’m vouching to do this month. I need to look after myself more and think about myself more. I was so busy with work, house and kids, leaving no time for myself. Done with that. I’m back to working out 3 times a week whatever it takes. I need to feel myself.

You do the same if you are feeling like me right now. Make yourself a priority. Every little bit matters.

Have a great week! Tomorrow I work out again because Wednesday is a Christmas concert morning lol. And then we have a lot of homework to do this week…

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  1. WoW! Hot potato is a lot far fetched for punishment if you ask me! Sheesh! No, not even close to snowball fight. My feeling was, I’d teach my kids about knife safety in the kitchen, (and pans and stoves), not give them the razor sharp ones that I use, and if my they got a little cut in the kitchen, we’d put a bandage on it and call it a lesson. I still get a little knick myself once in a great while. You are right, can’t stress about all of the world!! Just take care of your family and raise them doing things your way and your was makes sense to me, but I raised mine a long time ago, lol!

    1. Chef’s knife is not for kids but a sharp paring knife is perfect and is better than a dull butter knife cause it will hurt way more when cut!
      I’m old school, Laurel. I wish I lived when Frank Sinatra was hot, kids played outside and knocking on door was the only way to talk to someone. It is very hard to be a mom now lol. “Bad moms” kinda hard.

  2. Oh don’t even get me going on taking away all forms of hurt feelings, and no, I am not talking about bullying, my kids got fought doing that, they’d have been clobbered! (Not literally) But life is full of disappointment and they aren’t going to know how to live! Let them play sports and lose or win and learn to do both graciously! Every picture they draw isn’t just “splendid and the most dazzling thing ever!” Is it going to be a world of 45 year olds still living with mom and dad? Scary! I loved that your little guys could handle the kitchen on their own so early! My kids could all cook a dinner meal by the 5th grade, and did their own laundry and when they decided it was fun to shower twice a day and change outfits as often. I’d say middle school.

    1. Um, they are talking about getting rid of the score in sports here just like they got rid of the grades.:) We are not allowed to put the score on the board till they are 8 years old in hockey but all kids know anyways.
      I get the bullying problem. However, I don’t agree at all with walking away if you are being bullied aka punched. Verbal abuse – yes, walk away, you will never prove anything to an asshole because his parents are assholes and he knows nothing better. I teach my kids to punch back if they got punched for no reason. Screw those rules.
      Yesterday my 10 year old got in trouble for playing hot potato with snow and was put in a timeout by a supervisor (a mom) for 5 minutes on a bench! 2 boys were just passing a globe of snow to each other. WTF. The rule is no snowball fights which I kinda get why but still half-way but can you freaking understand that a hot potato game is a different concept with no potential to a life threatening injury. Like where is common sense?! Kids are not allowed to play with snow at our school. What a crazy place! And 1 minute of math causes anxiety. I honestly doubt any of Kyle’s friends can cook even eggs. Maybe very few. And partially due to “dangers” of using the knife and stove. And you can’t even say it out loud because you are judging and labelling. These kids today are mentally and physically not developed to their full potential. I think government has an interest in ruling a country of this kind of people – a herd where everyone is the same and is easy to manipulate.
      But I’m not stressing out. Time will tell and everything can’t be my problem haha.

  3. So glad you are feeling better. That teacher, I sure hope is dealt with appropriately. How are children going to manage college if they aren’t being taught in the grade school level? No excuse for that!

    Wow, when it does snow in the PNW, it really snows! So beautiful! I didn’t realize the climate there was mild enough to be mostly snow free.

    Olena, I really hope you do find the time to care for yourself, fitting in a little exercise. Not even having anything to do with weight, I am sure you look fantastic, but you will just feel so much better! Its probably much harder to be motivated to workout in the house, I am sure. For myself, Just a quick walk around the block helps to clear my head and revitalizes my energy. In the winter I just bundle up and walk sometimes only for 15 minutes if it’s really cold or windy, but if I don’t, I really feel so blah!

    Can’t wait for that pie recipe!

    1. I agree about everything. I usually walk a lot but in pouring rain it was hard. La Nina is really ruling my life haha. I worked out twice this week already and went for walks. It is super cold for me but I go anyways. I feel great. Working on the pie recipe today.
      I honestly don’t know how this generation is going to rule this country in 20 years or so. Scary. The only advantage to all of this I see is that it is easy to be awesome and more successful than many. All doors are open if you know how to work hard. Perfect. I will take care of that with my kids.
      What can you expect from these kids if I heard today at the Christmas concert a mom saying how mad minute (a math test you do within a minute) creates anxiety for her daughter in grade 2. That is what she thinks. Bubble wrap on top of layers of bubble wrap. No tests, no grades, just cookie decorating, movie watching and learning to be nice to each other. OK, guess I will teach my kids academics at home.

  4. Hello! Yes, I notice a spelling test with some mistakes but a grade of 25/25. What is going on there? A teacher who cannot spell the 5th grade words? So sweet of your husband to comment.

    1. Someone clearly either doesn’t care or is under influence. Neither of which is an excuse for someone while at his job. Spelling is not a rocket science! Even I, ESL, know spelling of every word on that test. Principal said he had never seen anything like this in his 30 year career as an English teacher himself. It would have been very funny if it wasn’t sad. I just know that if I want my kids to go to college I have got a lot of work to do at home myself! Like A LOT and that is what I usually do every week. Just last week I got sick, and forgot to practice spelling, and was curious to check what he got without me (apparently I can’t get sick), and the result hurt my eyes, and then I see 25/25. And then I lost my shit and ate chocolates. Right, honey?! Lol Alex finally logged out and made a comment haha. That was a lot of work!

      1. LOL! I took a triple look at that test and assumed it must be a politically correct/sensitive thing, you know, like they’re not allowed to give bad grades? You never know these days. Merry Christmas and keep warm, that snow in Vancouver is crazy! At least not -30s like here last week 😛

        1. These days are crazy, my friend. To be a mom is a crazy political game and we are not even touching the PAC yet. I hope I never get to live to the day “the hurt feelings” will give everyone 25/25. It is painful enough not to have grades already.
          -7C in the morning and my kids’ eyeballs are cracking. But they love the snow. I don’t mind it for a bit too. No, thanks, you keep your -30C to yourselves. Happy Holidays to all your family!!!xoxo

    1. Wow, look who showed up and left me a comment 4 years later. Yes, it was a great weekend. The only sucky part about it was that today was Monday. Ugh. I hate Mondays! Hurry home. Dinner has to be finished haha.

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