by Olena

What I Ate Weekend #7

by Olena

Friday Night

Weekend started with the most unappetizing food photo ever. Welcome to life with kids! And if you decide to have 2+ kids you will really find out how your reality with 1 kid, or even better no kids, was a freaking dream life. My 5 year old “cooked” himself a dessert with healthy Nutella, almonds and chocolate chips and then decided he was full. Of course, mommy gets the leftovers because daddy would never eat that.

Oh, the things mommy is willing to do.


After dessert, for dinner was cooked spaghetti squash with adjika, avocado, mixed sprouts and 2 eggs.

Then I had Vega protein with water. Didn’t have enough protein with dinner.

After I had a glass of wine with Que Pasa nacho chips which are basically organic healthy Doritos. Yum!


Coffee with a splash of organic milk and Thug Kitchen 101 book in bed. Amazing laughs and GREAT plant-based recipes that are fast as f*ck. Perfect for married people in all aspects. Everything has to happen fast when you have 2+ kids. Means more sleep.

For breakfast, I am sure I had a protein waffle with almond butter and lost its photo somewhere.

Lunch was my 5 year old’s leftover grilled cheese. Actually, a perfect amount of cheese and carbs for me lol. With spaghetti squash and quinoa, protein drink and a green smoothie.

Then I snacked on Costco’s mixed nuts and drank kombucha. My kombucha!!!!!! I got a hang of making kombucha from scratch and now I can’t stop. It is so good!

A glass of wine.

Que Pasa lime tortilla chips with their salsa and an olive bruschetta.

Dinner was roasted kabocha squash with spices which I had for the first time in my life. It reminded me of chestnuts and I didn’t attempt to peel. And a chickpea salad from the Thug Kitchen cookbook. Very good dinner.


For breakfast, was coffee with protein waffle and peanut butter.

Then I put on my big girl’s snow pants and took my 5 year old skiing. You need a lot of patience for a 5 year old learning to do anything. Kinda patience Alex doesn’t have at all. My 10 year old has been sick all week and couldn’t come with Alex, so this was my only chance to get out and do something fun besides dishes and laundry. Yay! Now we are back to a week of doctors, eating shortbread cookies for breakfast and mourning our plans of all things pre-Christmas fun. Sigh. Oh, well.

First time this season, we both felt a bit rusty but by the end couldn’t stop and now feel like the pros again.

I brought my dinner leftovers for lunch at the mountain and sneaked about 10 fries from Adam. I also got myself tea by getting free hot water and adding my tea bag from home. I always do that. I can’t pay $2.50 for a tea bag.

I had tea with a blueberry Qi’a bar. My favourite! Can you tell I got a Christmas parcel from Nature’s Path? Love their stuff.

When we got home from skiing late at night, Alex made dinner: leftover salad (he repurposed it), brown rice pilaf and some tasty baked chicken. I honestly didn’t have any energy to find out what chicken was made with but it was so good. I chugged down a few glasses of wine. I was so tired and wine was flowing so smoothly in my tum-tum.

Then I had a few of these treats with wine. Alex brought them home from work in his annual Christmas goodie bag. Definitely not all clean but after a day at the slopes with a 5 year old and a few glasses of wine, I had no energy even to read WTF it contained. Whatever.

Now I’m praying Kyle doesn’t have pneumonia so maybe by the end of the week we can finally leave the house and even go skating for an hour. I was planning to take both boys skiing because it is such a perfect time with no school and quiet time but with kids you can only plan so much. I would like to get out of the house because it ain’t an easy task to stay at home with sick kids for weeks. Alex doesn’t get what it takes, my mom is not here, I haven’t seen people for days haha and I feel a bit alienated. Oh well. Life of a mother, right?! Will keep bonding with my munchkins over shortbread cookies. Despite all downs, I am really enjoying doing different things Christmas at home with my boys (like putting up a second Christmas tree in Adam’s room and decorating it with Dollar store crafts which will take a day) and getting to know their ever evolving personalities. Love them so much! Well, you know the drill, if you are a mom.

But how can I complain when I just got served a queen like breakfast by my boy?! And the green tea with jasmine followed. Because “mommy is working”.  I’m the luckiest girl in the world!!! If I keep repeating to myself “marriage is a compromise”. Hell, nothing is perfect.

Have a great week and don’t get sick. Everyone seems to be sick right now. That time of the year.

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