Blendtec Blender Review Blendtec Blender Review
July 28, 2019
by Olena

Blendtec Blender Review

by Olena

Blendtec 725 Blender Review

Last month, I got my hands on a Blendtec Designer 725 Blender and a Twister jar…Deep breath…I have seen Blendtec online and in Costco for years, and finally I was holding one – that cracking me up with messages base and a lightweight BPA-free jug was sitting on my counter waiting for me to push its buttons.

Now I understand why they call it “Blender with a brain”! Trust me, you will see why in a bit.

Blendtec 725 Blender Review

Honestly, I have never touched or seen one in action, nor I ever realized how sleek this appliance looks. You can make anything you want with Blendtec 725 – that 3.8 peak horsepower motor chops up apple watches, iPads and iPhones into fine dust. Have you seen that?! I mean it is so powerful you will never buy ice cream, ground coffee or almond butter again!

I always say any functional real food kitchen needs a good powerful blender and a food processor. But if I had to choose between two, it would be a high speed blender for sure.

Blendtec 725 Blender Review

Main “control panel” has illuminated capacitive touch display and is thought out for you to a tiny detail. It has preset modes for Soup, Salsa, Juicing, Frozen Treats, Smoothie and Cleaning.

Time and speed are preset, so all you have to do is press the button and Blendtec speeds up, slows down and stops all on its own. At any time you can add 10 seconds of blend time with just a single tap of the blend cycle icon.

Blendtec 725 Blender Review

100 Speed Capacitive Touch Slider let’s you pick a custom speed with just a slide of a finger. It even tells you what is happening at what speed or what speed to use to reach desired consistency – stirring, chopping, mixing, blending, or pureeing. You can also use multi-speed pulse for extra burst of power at any speed. And a nice thing is that with 8 years of warranty, you don’t have to worry how long digital display will last. Because let’s be honest, every second of us thought of that. Blendtec really stands behind its products therefore you can own them with a piece of mind. It is a gift that keeps on giving. And I understand it is not cheap but you get what you pay for.

Also Blendtec blenders are equipped with exclusive SmartBlend technology senses that can identify potential malfunctions like overheating (so common in kitchen appliances) and tell you how to fix them. True “Blender with a brain”.:)

To clean the blender, the easiest way is to fill it up with lukewarm water, a drop of dish soap (if the contents were greasy, otherwise plain water is good enough), and push “Clean” button. Dump, rinse again and voila.

Blendtec 725 Blender Review

And Blendtec begs you to push its buttons, literally. What any other sane creature would?! These messages still crack me up.:)

The base itself is very heavy and solid. There is also a rubber padding on the bottom to make blender steady on your countertop. Like I mentioned above, Blendtec offers 8 years warranty and is one of very few products still made in USA. It is family owned and operated business based in Utah, founded 45 years ago by an engineer inventor, Tom Dickson.

Blendtec 725 Blender Review

I also received this Twister Jar – add dry ingredients to it and twist the lid with 2 long arms counterclockwise while it’s blending. This twisting motion scrapes everything off the sides back into the blender, so no need to pause, open and help get things going.

My almond butter was ready in 90 seconds with a single push of a button. Maybe a bit longer but not the 20 minutes it takes in a food processor that might kill it?! Twister Jar is genius! It is meant just for that – blending any kind of food without much liquid to it. Also great for single serve smoothies, hummus, baby food and breadcrumbs. It fits onto the main base and comes with a regular lid as well, Spectacula™ and 3 year warranty.

Blendtec 725 Blender Review

I also had to make my green smoothie and see what happens. Very good! I mean I’m sure you have no doubts there was no problems making a smoothie smooth in a Blendtec blender. After all, it turns Apple watch into black dust, for goodness sake.

Blendtec 725 Blender Review

There is also this vent in the lid for an easy addition of handful of chia seeds, for example, without opening the entire lid. The splashing is from me not securing lid tightly in a first place. You won’t have that.

Overall, what can I say?! Blendtec 725 is an AMAZING blender! It makes Clean Eating lifestyle so much easier and tastier. And to reward you even further, Blendtec 725 tracks all your blends and offers discount codes at certain milestones which you can redeem online.


And now drumroll, please…Blendtec people were kind enough to give one of you an opportunity to win exactly the same Blendtec 725 and a Twister Jar as you see here. Good luck and blend away!

The Last Blender You Will Ever Own.


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Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Blendtec (THANK YOU!). I received product for review and was not compensated otherwise for this post. I recommend only products I love, tried myself and that fit Clean Eating lifestyle.

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