9 Clean Eating Dinners No Recipe 9 Clean Eating Dinners No Recipe
May 29, 2019
by Olena

9 Clean Eating Dinners No Recipe

by Olena

Clean Eating Dinners Without a Recipe for busy weeknights using what you have on hand. Healthy dinner recipes in 15 minutes. No chef skills required. | ifoodreal.com

Pretty staged pictures and carefully tested recipes aside – ain’t nobody got time for that some nights. Even me, a food blogger!!! Many times for dinner in my house is whatever I find in the pantry and fridge. Some meals are inspired by North American dishes but majority of those healthy dinners without a recipe have roots back to the day growing up in Ukraine. We had nothing and our food was very simple. I bet some meals would blow your mind because only Ukrainians would do that.

Fridge Cleanout Skillet

Clean Eating Dinners Without a Recipe for busy weeknights using what you have on hand. Healthy dinner recipes in 15 minutes. No chef skills required. | ifoodreal.com

I had green beans and portobello mushrooms going bad. One of the easiest clean eating dinners you can do is throw any kind of leftovers in a skillet with a bit of coconut oil, salt, pepper and spices you like. Panfry and voila. Leftover brown rice, quinoa, veggies, eggs. Anything goes. Sprinkle with herbs that need to be used. I also had a boiled potato leftovers.

Potatoes with Canned Salmon & Salad

clean eating dinners

Potatoes: I boil whatever potatoes I have on hand, regular or sweet. Sometimes I mix both kinds because my kids do not like sweet potatoes but I do. I buy organic and leave the skin on because it contains so many nutrients. Usually potatoes are clean but I wash them. Like these are not potatoes we harvested in Ukraine that had dirt on them. American potatoes are pretty cleaned up for the supermarkets. To boil potatoes, just cut them in cubes, rinse, cover with cold water, add a pinch of salt, bring to a boil and cook until knife tender.

Then I put organic grass-fed butter on top and a sprinkle of freshly cracked black pepper.

Salmon: Man, we LOVE canned sockeye or wild pink salmon. I usually look for wild variety, most of canned salmon is anyways. Sockeye is more pricey of course. Costco has a great deal on it. There is a catch – I’m not a fan of canned food because of BPA but you gotta pick your battles. It is either processed food or canned clean food when you are short on time. I pick cans! Bonus is you eat bones which have extra calcium and nutrients. Canned salmon rules => canned salmon salad and salmon sweet potato cakes, when you have more time.

Salad: Seriously, open your produce drawers and chop up what has to be used. Use homemade salad dressing or just drizzle olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. I used my test Caesar salad dressing on Romaine and cucumbers this time.

Chickpea Feta Wraps

clean eating dinners

Think spanakopita and make a wrap. I mashed cooked chickpeas (how to cook dried beans) with a fork. Then added feta cheese, a clove of crushed garlic, generous dose of EVOO, salt, pepper, parsley, grape tomatoes and should have added cucumber. Anything you have on hand. Wrapped in organic whole wheat spinach tortilla wrap and clean eating dinners without a recipe couldn’t be easier. We ate it with leftover chicken noodle vegetable soup.

Sweet Potato, Avocado and Eggs 

clean eating dinners

Chop sweet potatoes and pan fry in coconut oil with salt for about 15 minutes. Cook covered and stir occasionally. In the middle, I add a splash of water to prevent sweet potatoes from burning and help them cook faster.

Push sweet potatoes to the side. Spray empty side with cooking spray and add eggs. Cover and cook for a few minutes. Serve with avocado and salsa. Anything you like. Kind of quick sweet potato hash.


clean eating dinners

Keep organic corn tortillas always on hand in the freezer. I like Que Pasa and Food for Life. Top with anything you have in your fridge. In my opinion, any taco will be delicious with salsa, cheese and corn tortilla. I even didn’t have avocados and still my tacos were delicious. I pan fried sliced venison steak, beans and kale mash; topped with salsa, cheese and cilantro.

Tuna Salad with Mayo, Feta, Cucumber & Sriracha

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Tuna: We love tuna salad, especially my kids (=> tuna salad with avocado and mango). They can eat tuna straight from the can, which I totally do not get. It is so dry. Oh well, less work for me. So, when it comes to tuna salad my kids like it simple. Man, too simple, like literally tuna and mayo. I try to buy more humanely caught tuna. I definitely do not buy $5 can tuna. I still got a mortgage to pay, hello?! I buy Ocean’s Pole & Line at Costco.

Mayo: I do not see evil in mayo if used in moderation and in fact it is totally clean eating approved. Organic good quality mayo is just eggs and oil. I do really like avocado mayo lately. It is pretty organic. I swear, a jar lasts us 6 months. It is not like we used mayo in Ukraine – 1 jar for 2 salads. That was crazy! I also do not think you can replace mayo with Greek yogurt. I’m sorry, I tried it many times, that is not the same tuna salad. Instead, I just use, let’s say, 3 tbsp mayo per 2 cans of tuna. Reasonable, right?!

Add-ins: My mom used to add cucumber to my sandwiches all the time and I loved it. A few years ago when money were tight, we were hosting international students. When I made a sandwich with cucumber for my Mexican girl, she rushed home saying that was amazing. By the way, she is coming over this summer to hang out with me because we click like that. And I wouldn’t mind a girl in the house, even temporarily. Anyways, fresh chopped cucumber with tuna is amazing! I added real Bulgarian feta cheese (straight from Bulgaria, so I hope no GMOs) too but it is optional. Add sriracha or any hot sauce for the kick. Even my kids ate it. Spread on toasted whole wheat pita or bread, serve with quinoa or brown rice, in a lettuce cup. Whatever. As long as you have the main “sauce” – tuna salad.

Burrito Bowl

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Just dump anything Tex Mex you can think of in a bowl and mix with salsa and Greek yogurt. Think: corn (frozen or canned), black beans (canned or frozen), quinoa, brown rice, avocado, cilantro, green onions, bell peppers, jalapeños, cooked meat, tofu. Whatever you have in the fridge.

Avocado Egg Salad

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You won’t miss mayo in this avocado egg salad, trust me. I am not a mayo hater and at the end of the day organic mayo in moderation is real food and clean eating approved, but you already got egg yolks here so you don’t need more. There are recipes I would use a bit of mayo and Greek yogurt alone just won’t cut it => healthy coleslaw. But not today.

I used 5 hard boiled eggs, 2 small avocados, a splash of white wine vinegar, and salt and pepper to taste. You can add mustard, green onions etc. Whatever you want. This avocado egg salad is to die for!!! I spread it on a toast and served with peanut slaw I made that day.

Flatbread Pizza

clean eating dinners

Individual pizza is quick, fun for kids and clans out the fridge. You can use whole wheat naan bread, pita, flatbread or even wraps. Use pre-made organic sauce (I like flavoured pasta sauce like Simply Organic or Trader’s Joe’s), veggies and meat of choice and cheese on top. Broil on high until cheese is melted and veggies king of wilted.

Do you have any clean eating dinners without a recipe to share?

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