Farmers Market Haul in September Farmers Market Haul in September
July 28, 2019
by Olena

Farmers Market Haul in September

by Olena

Farmers Market Haul in September

Once a week, June – October, I shop at local farm stand for produce that has been grown without use of pesticides in the most natural way. It is not certified organic, however it is local and as good as it gets. I recommend to do your best due diligence to ask farmers at your local farmers market about their growing methods and just concentrate on buying real food. For last week’s shopping, see farmers market haul in August.

We are definitely in a prime harvest season for tomatoes, peppers, melons and stone fruit here in PNW.

Tomatoes: I got 10 lbs box of taxi tomatoes that are sweet and low acid. I’m planning to make rice stuffed tomatoes with enchilada sauce.

Peppers: First time in my life I will try to chop and freeze peppers for making soups and stews in winter. I am also planning to make stuffed peppers not sure with what yet, and chicken chickpea stew.

Farmers Market Haul in September

I chopped one bag in chunks for stir fries, and another bag I diced for soups and dishes like baked chicken with peppers.

Eggplant: Maybe stuffed? I just need a bulk of veggies for side dishes for each dinner.

Potato: What Ukrainian survives a week without eating potatoes?! These butterball potatoes are so sweet and creamy, for a side dish and for soups. I made my Ukrainian borscht this week, and Kyle asked “where are potatoes?”

Herbs: Green onions, cilantro and parsley for everyday cooking.

Kale: => Superfood green smoothie. Alex and Kyle are obsessed with their green smoothie fix.

Corn: Simply boiled, with butter and salt for one dinner. My 6 year old peeled it.

Cucumbers: Boys were curious to try lemon cucumbers – nothing special taste wise, thick skin.

Watermelon, plums, peaches, nectarines, grapes: For snacking and dessert. We love our fruit, and right now it’s unbelievable!

Total Cost: $113.85

Produce Fridge Leftovers: A box of spinach, a box of arugula, garlic, avocados.

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Farmers Market Haul in September

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