Get Back on Track 30 Day Challenge Get Back on Track 30 Day Challenge
January 29, 2018
by Olena

Get Back on Track 30 Day Challenge

Get Back on Track 30 Day Challenge

Why Do It

Would you like to lose weight and feel more energy?

Would you like to stop craving processed foods?

Would you like to be healthy and save money?

Would you like to cook quick easy meals and eat familiar tasty dishes?

Would you like not to think “What’s For Dinner” for 30 days?

Would you like to change forever?

Then Get Back on Track Challenge is for you!

For 30 days, that’s a month, we will help you cook, shop, save money, lose weight and feel more energy completely FREE! We will help you create a healthy habit for life, when it feels like a second nature to eat healthy.

Get Back on Track 30 Day Challenge

How It Works

30 Days = 1 Month [“What’s for Dinner?“]

4 Weekly Meal Plans [Dinner, Breakfast, Snacks]

4 Meal Prep Guides [60 Minutes or Less]

4 Shopping Lists [Organized by aisle]

Accountability and Support of Community [Facebook Group]

No Deprivation [Promise]

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Get Back on Track 30 Day Challenge


Is this a diet?

No. It’s about cooking and eating real food – if it grew or had a mother, it’s real.

Is Get Back on Track family friendly?

Totally. We have 2 kids that eat what we eat, so majority of recipes are created with kids in mind. Your kid is not eating fruit and veggies? Maybe we can help.

You shouldn’t but it really depends what you were buying before. If you were living off of frozen pot pies, then “yes”. Otherwise, we use no “weird” or expensive ingredients. Nothing your grandma wouldn’t recognize. Well, maybe chia seeds and almond milk.

We are a family of 4, so there are a few taste testers here. We make sure our recipes work and everyone enjoys. If you are joining us from a sugar and sodium loaded (processed) foods world, give your tastebuds a few weeks to “clean up”. They are these little sensors in your mouth that need to rehab a bit. Have faith in them, and yourself!

I do not, I mean I stopped. Our bodies are these amazing machines that know way better than any calculator how many carbs, fats and protein they need. I’m a strong believer if you are eating real food, treats in moderation, your body will let you know when to stop.

Get Back on Track 30 Day Challenge

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