Slimdown for Summer Honest Fridge (Video) Slimdown for Summer Honest Fridge (Video)
June 4, 2019
by Olena

Slimdown for Summer Honest Fridge (Video)

by Olena

OK, my friends. So, I have been a really good girl these past 3 weeks – I cut out wine, added sugar (including maple syrup and honey) and bready carbs from my diet. You are probably tired of hearing it from me – my jeans suffocate me. So, something has got to give. And it is not my jeans. It has to be the food. Since I can’t duct tape my mouth, I better learn to control my hands that move food into that same mouth.
So, I thought I would share my fridge with you. What is in my fridge to make me look slimmer for summer. In the video I talk about my no wine challenge, roll the eyes 100 times and find 3 crystal balls in my fish sauce. What the heck is that?! I am starting to think if kids did that.

Next I will share my pantry because that is a large walk in room in my kitchen that could potentially have many danger-danger to slim down process ingredients.

Enjoy and let me know what is in your clean eating fridge right now in comments below.

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  1. Just stumbled on your Ifoodreal…great recipes..I signed up for the emails. Also, love your “realness” and sense of humor! Great job.

  2. I love your video you have so much healthy stuff in your fridge is organic so much better than regular food does it make that much of a difference

    1. I am so glad you stopped by, Jen.:) In my opinion “yes”. Reasons I buy organic food is because that is the closest to what mother nature has intended food to be. No chemicals, pesticides etc. I mean the best I can buy considering our environment etc. You should start going to our farmer’s market o nSaturdays now 9-2PM. Local farmers with not sprayed and organic produce and food. The best! I also share my thoughts about GMOs and organic food. That is my choice. I also posted what organic food I buy here.

  3. Fun fridge tour!! Btw before you blame your kids, the crystal balls in your fish sauce are salt crystals. Happens after a while after opening the bottle. Time for a new one 🙂 Crunching down on gritty salt crystals in your Thai food is no fun. Ask me how I know.. haha

    1. Haha idk how the rest of America operates. Organic potatoes sprout quickly or go bad at room T and I don’t use them a lot. Same with tomatoes. I found on a counter they ripen faster than we can eat them.

  4. Great video! I have a lot of similar stuff in my fridge. It took me some time, but my pantry and fridge are now transformed into “clean” food storage. I’m still working on reducing our meat consumption. I can’t help it, I love steak. Plus, I can’t find organic full fat yogurt, so I just buy it non-organic.

  5. You have such a healthy refrigerator with only pizza for kids emergencies! I think that’s pretty great. Also it is for me, a great reminder how much food goes into active kids!

    Here in the U.S. I have a hard time finding any organic plain Greek yogurt at all. Two stores, one 30 minute drive, one 54, that carries it. I can get low fat organic plain in one local store, but it’s nonfat and reduced.

    I always have organic miso in my fridge. It iadds flavor to so many things, soups, stir fry sauces, dressings. It’s in most of our grocery stores now in the Asian area in the cooler, and definetly the health food stores, but more expensive. It’s pricy but lasts a long time and little goes a long way. I use it in warm organic chicken or vegetable broth with pea pods, sprouts, and mushrooms, shredded cabbage and leftover cooked broccoli for quick soup. Also to add spunk to dressing if it needs something extra.

    Otherwise our refrigerators are very close. Mine on a smaller scale! I do also keep a cheaters mix of frozen organic pre-diced onion and tri colored sweet bell pepper from the frozen section at the grocery store in my freezer. It is my one more expensive splurge that do keep on hand for last minute cooking emergencies.

    1. You are a very healthy eater! I have organic miso in my fridge too but honestly don’t do much with it. I will borrow a few of your ideas. That soup sounds OMG. Almost like a Pho!
      We eat a lot, oh man. It all disappears. Yes, active kids and adults who work out. It is a lot of real food! Pots of soup and casseroles save me.

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