by Olena

Two Day Ukrainian Garlic Dill Pickles

by Olena

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Two Day Ukrainian Garlic Dill Pickles - easy refrigerator pickles recipe with no sugar or canning but rather garlic, dill and salt. |

Every summer Ukrainian women have submerged knee deep into canning. Canned produce was essential winter food as all food was seasonal. Imagine only root vegetables and apples available as fresh produce during 9 months of the year. So, canning everything was a big deal. But you have to wait for canned goods to sit and marinate for a few months before eating them. This is how easy dill pickles recipe was born.

And I promise you my Ukrainian refrigerator dill pickles are the easiest to make!!! I do not can. Like at all. Luckily, I do not have to can. Working with yeast dough and canning is out of question for me. So, when I say these are the easy quick dill pickles with no sugar, vinegar or mustard seeds, you have to believe me.

Two Day Ukrainian Garlic Dill Pickles - easy refrigerator pickles recipe with no sugar or canning but rather garlic, dill and salt. |

And no jars. No sterilizing, twisting and flipping jars. I remember it being quite a process and entire kitchen would submerge in a steam on hot August days. I just throw pickles, APF filtered water, salt, garlic and dill in a bowl and that is it.

I came up with my own recipe. Not sure how other Ukrainian women did it because I have no one to ask. So, I tried and it worked. After one day these garlic dill pickles were mildly salted. Obviously, after day two even more salted. I like them both ways. It is a matter of personal taste. Crunchy, cold and lightly fermented pickles that go oh so well with a shot of vodka…Kidding.

Two Day Ukrainian Garlic Dill Pickles - easy refrigerator pickles recipe with no sugar or canning but rather garlic, dill and salt. |

I also wanted to update you about our summer. I have not been posting as often as usual because I have been busy enjoying life. Can you blame me?! This summer has yet been the best summer of my adulthood!!! Kids are being very manageable. As soon as I pulled my 5 year old from daycare and he started hanging out with his older brother and his friends on the streets all day, the tantrums subsided significantly. Thank you, babies Gods!!! I am done with babies. OMG that feels so good. I am not good with babies. No more babies. YES!

The fact that I can wake up and not rush anywhere is mind blowing. I still have tons of things to do around the house and town but it is life changing to go for an early morning walk or run, look out the window stretching in bed, reading book in bed and sipping tea on a sunny front porch. OMG, thank you hockey Gods for no hockey!

I had time to buy myself flowers. Honestly, I am slowly recovering from school and sports’ crazy schedules before it all begins again in a month…I feel like I am in a motherhood rehab I never wanna leave.

Two Day Ukrainian Garlic Dill Pickles - easy refrigerator pickles recipe with no sugar or canning but rather garlic, dill and salt. |

In Eden’s garden. In my oasis. The figs are finally ready and they are out of this world. This is my fig tree growing in my tiny suburban yard. Once a day I climb the tree to harvest and then eat figs and Asian pears for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No calorie counting – that task is not for healthy people.

Two Day Ukrainian Garlic Dill Pickles - easy refrigerator pickles recipe with no sugar or canning but rather garlic, dill and salt. |

One Sunday I just set in a gazebo with a glass of iced white wine, a bowl of MY own fruit and a book. I just read for an entire day getting up only to feed the family with leftovers and go to the bathroom. I do not remember for the life of me ever doing that. Geez, what have I been doing all my adult life?! If watching eagles circling in the sky makes me all excited. Honestly, studying and working. Working at jobs, working with kids, working around the house. I never gave myself a break. Finally, I am smartening up and it is scary…Bahaha, not for me.

Two Day Ukrainian Garlic Dill Pickles - easy refrigerator pickles recipe with no sugar or canning but rather garlic, dill and salt. |

We started going to the lake. Like all day trips with food and shovels. I am now into another book with a can of club soda or a bottle of Kombucha on a beach. Summer, don’t stop. How am I going to survive after you are gone?!

I have been going on evening walks a lot – warmth, open windows, sprinklers and gorgeous sunset skies. I went for a run this morning. No Runkeeper, no pressure, my fave jams, me flying. I felt so happy and free. It is amazing to run in summer. It was garbage day and I met two homeless people collecting cans. The nicest homeless people on Earth respectfully waiting for me to pass by, smiling and wishing me a good day. Thank you, Canada, for being such a paradise on Earth!

What do people complain about? I love this place! 3 more years and half of my life I lived in Canada.

Two Day Ukrainian Garlic Dill Pickles - easy refrigerator pickles recipe with no sugar or canning but rather garlic, dill and salt. |

My fruit trees have been crazy good to me. All organic and producing like crazy. I have 2 kinds of pears in one tree and 2 kinds of apples on the other tree. The fruit trees almost sold me my house 8 years ago besides having all other features of my dreams – my own beautiful house. When neighbours say there is just not enough of this or that in their house I think of how blessed I feel to have my heart and house full. My garden hasn’t been doing as well because I am not a gardener. And that is OK. The farmers market is cheap anyways. Cheaper than me buying all plants and seeds.

We still have a few trips coming up in August – camping on the island, hotel with a pool in Whistler, and another camping trip. Mixed with friends coming over, mine and my oldest one’s birthdays and hockey training for tryouts. It is busy but it is awesome. Soaking up every day of summer while we can.

Two Day Ukrainian Garlic Dill Pickles - easy refrigerator pickles recipe with no sugar or canning but rather garlic, dill and salt. |

So, I am here all summer just enjoying more of a life and chatting about it. And of course going to farmers market and cooking up garlic dill pickles. Geez, it is the best summer because I finally made dill pickles! Life without my blog is not a life. Seriously. I hope you are having a great summer! Try to make the most out of it. Don’t stress too much about things that matter less. Surround yourself with only positivity and do not hang out near negativity. Better grab an iced Starbucks and soak up the sun with your loved one. I did that with my 5 year old discussing his wiggly tooth yesterday. I would rather take that with me to a nursing home than a friend constantly bitching about her latest boyfriend. Sorry not sorry.

I am off to take kids to the lake with Subway for dinner and a slurpy for a treat. I know! I can’t believe myself I am doing this but remember once in a while it is OK not to stress. We will have a green smoothie tomorrow.

Ciao, bellas.


Two Day Ukrainian Garlic Dill Pickles

5 from 1 reviews

Two Day Ukrainian Garlic Dill Pickles – easy refrigerator pickles recipe with no sugar or canning but rather garlic, dill and salt.

  • Author:
  • Prep Time: 2 days
  • Total Time: 2 days
  • Yield: 10 servings 1x



  1. In a large bowl, add water and salt. Stir until dissolved. Add garlic, dill and cucumbers. Cukes should be covered with brine (of course they float). Refrigerate for 2 days. Can be left on a counter for the first day. After that refrigerate.
  2. Enjoy cold. You can eat dill pickles after 1 day, they will be just less salty. After 2 days more salty and a real deal. After 4 days even more fermented and tasting like real pickles. A matter of personal taste and/or cravings.

Store: Refrigerate covered for up to 3-4 weeks. Honestly, they are gone within days.


*Make sure to buy crunchy dill pickles because they will yield crunchy dill pickles.:)

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  1. This is so interesting! I’ve never seen someone pickle not using jars or some sort of device to keep them out of air’s reach. I didn’t know it was easy enough that you could just pickle in a bowl and cover it and you were good! That’s good to know! Thank you for sharing this information, can’t wait to try this recipe at home.

    1. Hi Jann. Aaaaand you have never heard of them because I made them up. Fixed. Yes, pickle cucumbers.:) Where are you going to get them in January though?

  2. You answered Barbara that these pickles will last for weeks in refrigerator. How many weeks would that be? I would like to make these pickles but would want them to last at least six months!

  3. After 3-4 days could you put them in jars and keep them in the fridge? Or do they have to be used up quickly.

    Can you make them in a stainless steel container or does it have to be glass?

    Making these on Wed. so excited.

    1. Any container. I like glass or stainless steel. I swear I can taste plastic in food. They will last for weeks in the fridge getting better with time. Enjoy!

  4. Do you know that I have never in my life tasted a fresh fig? I love them dried, and an curious about how a fresh one would be.

    I loved taking in every single word of the hiking story, the photos are breathtaking and I have never seen such a thing!

    Best of all, is your appreciation of your life! Starting off with next to does that to a person, doesn’t it.

    My grandmother (bless her soul) used to make make and can the best, crispy dill pickles ever. I really miss them but the work involved and lack of her recipe, keeps me from trying. I plan to try your little quick pickle, it’s sure to be tasty and fun! Thanks for coming up with a way to enjoy them fast and fresh!

    1. Fresh figs are either love or hate. I learnt that with everyone I offered them to try. Usually Europeans love them more than others…They should appear in stores and markets late August- early Fall.

      I am glad I could make your eyes dance.:)

      Yes, I am grateful for those years of nothing because they gave me many more years of everything…

      Often pickles lose their crispiness during long canning. It is tricky. So, I like quick ones – crispiness guaranteed.:) Enjoy and let me know how your experiment turns out. I am experimenting making kombucha from scratch which I have a bad feeling about haha.

      1. I have made kimbocha! My son gave me a gorgeous skoby and it took right off! Unfortunately I was afraid to drink it, lol! He makes it and drinks it all of the time, and has never had an issue. I’ve even had his and it is delicious, flavored with lemon, mint and ginger. But looking at mine….I just could not. I just rely on him to bring me some when visits!

        1. Oh lol. I can handle scoby I think. I grew up seeing it. Some people made kombucha in Ukraine. My scoby is dehydrated in a fridge so let’s see what happens.

  5. I love Ukrainian food, it was always a perk of living in Canada was that so many foods from different cultures always got on the menu. Pickles in the UK are miserable, so I will have to give these a go rather than use my usual strategy of taking the time intensive version. Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to try!

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