Healthy Freezer Meal Recipes

Meal prep 5, 10, 15 or 20 Healthy Freezer Meals with a grocery list and how-to video. It takes 2 hours, most recipes need no pre-cooking, and after you just cook your healthy frozen dinner in Instant Pot or slow cooker.

Packed with buffalo chicken wing flavor, adjustable heat, and then topped off with creamy crumbled blue cheese!

Buffalo Chicken Chili


A delicious blend of lentils, coconut milk, and warming spices for a naturally vegan, protein packed meal.

Green Lentil Curry


Chicken, black beans, rice, fresh cilantro and cabbage all wrapped up in healthy whole wheat tortilla!

Chicken Burritos


Hearty veggie burger combines black beans with leftover rice and veggies for a make ahead freezer friendly burger!

Black Bean Burgers


Black beans, veggies, a healthy amount of cheese and a whole wheat tortilla! Assemble, freeze and bake later.

Vegetarian Quesadilla


Healthy casserole made with ground turkey meat, whole wheat pasta, kale, and bubbly melty cheese.

Ground Turkey Pasta Bake


Chicken tenders breaded in coconut flakes and spices, then baked until golden brown and dipped in your favorite sauce.

Crispy Coconut Chicken


Chicken, chickpeas, tomatoes, quinoa, bell peppers and creamy tahini! A healthy stew everyone will love.

Chicken Chickpea Stew


Swipe up for  20 healthy  freezer meals!