What I Ate Weekend #2 What I Ate Weekend #2
December 6, 2017
by Olena

What I Ate Weekend #2


Friday Night

This weekend started with shopping at Costco on Friday afternoon. $500 poof. Gone. Bye bye.



For dinner was mini won tons in a chicken stock with kale and green onions. When we got home I cooked a huge pot of chicken stock with leftover chicken bones from making butter chicken spaghetti squash boats. This was dinner.

Dinner made or planned by Alex miracle didn’t happen this week or weekend at all. I’m not sure I am even mad at this point anymore.


I went shopping after with a friend and had a Larabar.


When I got home things got weird. I was hungry but there was nothing really cooked. Neither was kitchen clean. BUT there was a lot of magic going on with a new kit form Costco. I wish this magic made its way into the kitchen more often.

So, I had a glass of wine with Que Pasa tortilla chips and Costco’s nitrate free ham (in Canada it is impossible to find organic ham so I buy this poison once in a blue moon).


Then I got more ham with pretzel chips and baby carrots.


Then things got really weird and I was eating kiwi with a skin on over a towel on a couch. Yes, that is how gross I am. Seriously I was so tired by then getting a plate or a spoon. Judge me all you want.



In the morning Kyle made an omelette. It was very good!


Then for lunch Kyle made same won tons with chicken stock, frozen peas and Romaine lettuce. I didn’t interfere, just cleaned the kitchen again. So far this week my 10 year old made me more meals than my husband. Alex brought fresh organic sourdough from the farmers market. Last one of the season. Sigh.


Then I had a kiwi and banana.


Then I acted like a 5 year old and dipped apple and pretzel chips into Nutiva nutella.


Dinner rolled in and nobody had any plan. I went wit what I had. I used mom’s potatoes and made mashed potatoes. And made a huge bowl of similar to this salad. It cleaned out the fridge perfectly. I tried a new pineapple dressing which was just OK. It is kinda hard to develop a recipe with 3 people chirping in your ears.

A few glasses of wine were there too.


For dessert I had frozen sliced strawberries with organic vanilla ice cream.



On Sunday morning I was lazy in bed. I kinda missed breakfast because let’s face it there was no breakfast waiting for me on the table. We had to go to Kyle’s hockey game and at 11:15 AM I just had early lunch with leftover salad and this wonderful cauliflower turkey pot pie or Shepherd’s pie that I made and it is coming next to the blog.


After the hockey game it was 3PM and I took Kyle out for a lunch/dinner date since Alex and Adam went to the Canucks game. It was so nice and quiet just the two of us. I had a quesadilla with no cheese, roasted butternut squash and beets (so good!) and a glass of ale. I really don’t drink beer but sometimes I appreciate a glass of local good quality draft. I was so full I didn’t eat anything after that. I just had a glass of wine with a friend while working on a 1,000 piece puzzle in the evening.

This weekend meals were not planned neither were they perfectly cooked. And that is OK. It is real life with 2 kids. I still managed to enjoy my meals and eat 80% clean. Eating healthy isn’t that hard at all! And as you can tell I definitely don’t deprive myself of wine.:P

Have a great week!

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  1. Your “what I ate” reminded me of myself. Lol. It’s the worst when meals aren’t planned and we’re eating food on a towel because we don’t want to grab another plate to wash. I can totally relate there. BTW… That soup looked really good!

    1. Sometimes even grabbing a plate seems equivalent to running a mile. It is horrible when it comes to my meal time. It is either my 5 year old talking and the only thing that stops him is a timeout, or I have to be somewhere. On Monday I sat down to eat lunch at 2:30PM when my oldest one called from school to pick him up cause his foot hurts to walk. Yesterday I sat down to eat at 3PM while my 5 year old kept asking me the same question cause I couldn’t answer with a mouth full. One day I will choke.
      When I see artfully decorated smoothie bowl pictures I laugh hysterically. Just wait till you have kids lol. If you do. It is just like a different planet of never ending hysteria involving peed beds, peed floors, toilet seats up, plugged toilets, mixed up used and new floss picks, toothpaste covered shower curtains and a lot of farts. I wonder why sometimes I have a lack of inspiration and dream of a bedtime at 4PM lol.

      1. Lol. I’m going to have my husband read this lol. He thinks our boys are the only boys that do these things. I keep telling him that we’re not alone…

        1. Heck, NO!!! Little boys are “disgusting”. I could go on and on about things my boys do but I don’t want anyone to lose appetite.:) All little boys do the same things and somehow anything bathroom related is the favourite conversation topic and a thing to do!