What I Ate Weekend #3 What I Ate Weekend #3
December 6, 2017
by Olena

What I Ate Weekend #3

what-i-ate-weekend-14I feel like the US female clean eating population went into post-election and pre-Thanksgiving coma. Where is everybody, America? Are my Canadian girls buying parkas? Are you in the gym getting some natural high? Are you shopping for a stretchy pants? Are you recovering after the weekend?

What did you eat SOOOO GOOD or BAD this weekend that we should all know about? Let’s talk!

I need a good laugh after my 5 year old’s end of the world tantrum this morning. Seriously, when are these tantrums gonna end? He is almost 6! Do you have the same child? I know I’m definitely not alone and there are way worse situations. Reading this made me really smile. I would feel just like that father if I were him.


Friday Night


On Thursday I tested out new pasta with chickpeas recipe that I can’t wait to share with you this week! 5 ingredients, one pot, 25 minutes. OMG good! So, that is what I had for dinner on Friday along with sautéed broccolini with garlic and lemon.

Seriously, should I still keep mentioning my glasses of wine with dinner Friday-Sunday or you can follow the trend by now?! Sunday portions are significantly less. Just a tad to ease the transition into Monday (however weekends are more work than weekdays, to be honest).


I did it! I tested healthy no bake Nutella pie on Friday like I mentioned and it came out FANTASTIC! I had a slice while doing my never ending San Francisco puzzle. I love my 1,000 puzzle! Nobody else wants to do it with me and that is OK. Go watch TV. I will take anything when everyone leaves me alone (except the 5 year old who is like my shadow).

I will be posting the nutella pie recipe beginning of December. You will love it! It is no bake and made with roasted nuts, coconut milk and even toasted oats. So good!



On Saturday morning I made myself a big ass pina colada protein smoothie with almond milk, frozen pineapple, coconut milk (leftover from nutella pie), going bad spinach, oats and Vega protein powder. And left for the day to run errands. It was 4 cups worth of smoothie which I was sipping while driving.

Before that was a cup of coffee.


Lunch was a wrap. To eat out healthy is always a challenge. I was at the grocery store buying food for the recipe development and it took me good 15 minutes circling around the deli to pick out a decent lunch. I ate almost all of the wrap except the ends. Too much tortilla and carbs.

I also had tea afterwards and here is my trick – wherever I am I ask cafeteria for a cup of hot water and I always carry tea bags in my purse. I save $2-3 on each cup. Considering how often I’m out at the rink it all adds up.


For dinner we went out to a friends’ house and I completely forgot to take a picture of my plate. We had to die for short ribs similar to my easy braised short ribs, mashed potatoes, salad and green beans.

Dessert is pictured above. I brought my Nutella pie which was a hit among everyone. And on a side we had White Russian Haagen Dazs ice cream. The best non-organic ice cream out there made with real cream.



A cup of coffee and then boys made whole wheat pancakes. Not sure which recipe they followed. I honestly didn’t care to ask. I was working on my puzzle (this one – the only difference I paid $4 at the thrift store). I added frozen strawberries and pineapple with a dollop of Greek yogurt.

I’m sure I had a banana after.


Lunch was leftover spaghetti with ham, avocado, bell pepper and some Sky Valley sriracha. Alex warmed this up. I told you my husband loves to panfry everything and considering we do not have a microwave Alex pan fries everything! I’m surprised there was no onion and carrots mixed in.


I’m also getting a hang of making kombucha from scratch and we had a bit with lunch. I’m getting there. This one is a bit vinegary because it was the first batch so we mixed it up with club soda. So good!


Post lunch dessert – apple slices with almond butter.


I had a few of Luke’s chips. Won’t lie. Had a craving for a savoury treat.

At the hockey game I also had a Larabar and tea.


When we got home, for dinner was a spin off version of healthy turkey chili that Alex made in a slow cooker with my mom’s venison. He didn’t add any tomatoes and used his spices which is normal – my husband can’t follow a recipe. Even mine. Which is funny because the pantry is the same as of original’s recipe. Oh well, I will take it. A dinner made by Alex – I don’t ask. I just eat mentally praying it will happen soon again. It was his first one in the last two weeks. So, I ate quietly. It was delicious!

What did you eat this weekend? Are these posts helping you?

I just want you to see while I do not eat junk I am not depriving myself of anything I want to eat. Clean eating is not a diet or a prison!!!

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  1. I’d love the kombucha recipe post/video! And I too like seeing what other people eat. My breakfast today was a pumpkin pie smoothie, pumpkin purée, banana, plain Greek yogurt, cinnamon, agave nectar and almond milk 🙂

    1. Hi Megan. Note taken. I was thinking in January – February as I get more hang of the entire process. And trust me it is a process to learn lol. But once you understand how science works it is a breeze.
      I’m gonna have a smoothie too. You inspired me! Have a great weekend!

    1. Yay. I love doing them. So much fun to be honest haha. Let me know what you ate next weekend. I’m always so curious what others eat.:) I always look at people and think I wish I could see what they ate today. Just curious in a weird way haha. You are welcome, Beth! xoxo

  2. Happy Weekend! It was a great weekend here in Ontario. We had the last few hours of sunshine and warmth I think we will see until April. We’ve now cracked open all the winter clothes as the chill in the air came in like a slap to the face.
    So looking forward to that nutella pie recipe. I could sit down with a jar of nutella and a spoon and a really bad (but oh so good) movie and go to town.
    Any chance you have a recipe for Chinese food – beef and green peppers? My partner loves Chinese food but I hate ordering in all the MSG and salt. I’ve mastered a few noodle recipes and we have a decent fried rice recipe but the one thing that is always a flop is the beef and green peppers. There is something about the sauce/gravy that we just can’t seem to get right. Any help would be great.
    In the mean time, we will be trying the cauliflower breadsticks this weekend for a lighter football sunday treat. Not sure how I will manage to “hide” the cauliflower. Unfortunately, at 40+, it’s hard to say “just try it” as the other half has already made up her mind that she will in no way eat cauliflower or broccoli. I guess that just means more for me!
    Hopefully the tantrums have stopped or at least have subsided for the week 🙂

    1. I thought Ontario gets lots of sun in winter. It is just cold and lots of snow. In Vancouver all we see is rain in winter but it is always above 0 which is so nice and warm.
      I love green peppers. I will put down your request on the list for January. I haven’t had Chinese food in over a decade but I think I know the recipe you are talking about.
      Re-progamming adults to eat healthier won’t happen until they want it for themselves.
      The tantrums have stopped because he spent remaining Monday after school in his room and went to bed. So now he is golden until he forgets it. In about 2-3 days.:)

      1. When we get a lot of sun, it usually means the snow storm has just passed so we are digging ourselves out. I am in the Niagara region so we get a lot of lake effect snow – which can be good or bad. We either get hammered or get off easy. Last year, we got off easy. I’m not looking forward to what is in store for this winter season. However, the fresh snow and sunshine are beautiful and shovelling the driveway counts as a workout. Bonus!

        1. Yes, they say La Nina is gonna hit hard this winter. Which is good for skiing. Yes, sometimes I miss sunshine, snow and crisp air.
          I have never been to the East except one time in Niagara Falls meeting a guy from internet 15 years ago. Which didn’t turn out well, of course lol. Beautiful places from what I could see then haha.