by Olena

What I Ate Weekend #5

by Olena


Well, hi. How are you holding up these days?

I’m beyond exhausted. When I say it, I mean it. I can handle a lot and now I’m hanging by a thread. I start dreaming of bedtime at noon now. Long story short it seems like anytime I think I did it all an essential item that has to be done like making dinner or packing lunch pops up. I have already eliminated all non-life threatening activities. I have done zero Christmas shopping at the store. I haven’t been to Costco for over a month and I desperately need to. I do not go for pedicures. I haven’t been on a walk for over 2 weeks. Haven’t gone to a single Christmas party. Haven’t baked a single cookie. All I’m doing is working full-time, cooking, cleaning, laundry and raising kids. That’s it. Just that. And yet I can’t keep up.

Are you feeling the same way?

I just need to survive another 10 days and then when school and hockey slow down, all gifts are purchased and Christmas events attended, I can go into hibernation until Christmas Eve. For now, when I close my eyes all I see is Mexico and it helps to know March is very close. I will wave a big, juicy, fat adios to this American dream life for a while!


Friday Night


But for now, let’s see my survival mode over the past weekend. Boy, I pulled it off. Not bad.

On Friday night for dinner was a chicken noodle soup (made on a stovetop) with whole wheat Mediterranean pizza. I made both on Thursday knowing I will have no desire to cook on Friday night and no time either. After dinner we went out to a local hockey game with kids and I had 2 glasses of wine at the bar upstairs. Forgot to take pictures but you know what wine looks like, right?!

Note we ate dinner at home before the pub knowing there are no healthy options. This is how I can pull of clean eating – cooking myself even if I’m collapsing by the stove. Kidding but almost.



In the morning, I kept craving cereal. So, I had Nature’s Path fruit juice sweetened corn flakes and bran cereal, and Barbara’s cinnamon puffins with almond milk. And coffee with milk, of course.


For lunch was leftover chicken noodle soup with frozen peas, corn and leftover spaghetti squash. Anything leftover is great in soups.


Throughout all weekend I was snacking on healthy rum balls.


Saturday night I had zero energy to cook. Like ZERO! A 5 year old went for a sleep over for the first time! THANK YOU!!! Oldest one stayed home by himself for the first time (usually kids are always together and he couldn’t wait to have a house to himself)! THANK YOU!!! After a hockey practice Alex grabbed him a foot long Subway with cookies and juice. A treat, like a teenager. OMG I have a pre-teen! It is a cool feeling!

So, me and Alex went out for dinner to Browns. Which had a complimentary valet parking. I was like “WHAT?!”. OMG we haven’t gone to a restaurant since August. Mom’s life is so glamorous. When I see people sipping coffee on a snowy cliff or hopping pre-holiday Europe I think they are from Mars. My time will come SOON. Very soon! When those people will be changing diapers haha. Hahahahahaha. I paid my dues in that department. Haha.


Back to reality. I mean this is not reality because it is too nice to be a reality. It was just 2 hours of my life on Saturday. We split this bottle of wine which was very good! Sat by the fireplace, talked and just looked around. OMG, I look so tired…I’m so tired. I need sleep. I woke up at 4:45AM today again. My hair needs a French trim but I have no time. I will hide behind the filter.

Will you be offended if I tell you I don’t love-love this time of the year?! I love it but I don’t. Ugh, mixed feelings.


I had 5 dried pork ribs which my Jewish husband ordered.


Then a health nut mango chicken salad with kale and quinoa. I always order dressing on a side because I don’t know how much they will pour or how sweet it is. Sometimes salads come out too sweet and drowning in sauce. Salad was excellent!


Then my still hungry husband ordered calamari which I had maybe 3-4 pieces of. And I was ready to go home by 8:30PM. Yep, a Saturday night out when you are 35 and have 2 boys. Yep, my life. Yep.


On the way home we stopped to get ice cream. I just needed a good treat. While waiting for a valet, I popped into DQ next door and just couldn’t bring myself to buy that crap. So, we stopped at the grocery store which had like zero people on a Saturday night. Only 2 tired parents haha.

I bought Screamin’ brothers coconut vanilla ice cream which tastes identical to mine. Just needs to be made. Just a minor detail. And I finally decided to try a Wholesome Goat ice cream which was to die for!!!


A mix of sweet coconut vanilla with a bit of salty chocolate goat’s milk ice cream was amazeballs! I had 2-3 servings! I know!!! And then I passed out on a couch at 10PM.



For breakfast I had Vega with water. I wasn’t hungry for anything else.


For lunch, I had an avocado tomato toast.


Banana and apple was a snack in between decorating the tree, washing windows and deep cleaning the kitchen. I know but it just had to be done. I can’t stand dirt.


And then this happened. This Buffalo avocado dip recipe idea I had on my mind for weeks now and 8 avocados were starting to go bad which I waited to ripen for so long. So, I had to whip up this recipe in amidst the chaos of decorating, hockey and cleaning. OMG why my life is so crazy?!


It was so good! I took it to our friends’ house for an appy after dinner. Everyone loved it. We also had a few glasses of wine.


For dinner Alex made this deer stew and a green smoothie. I need to go to Costco ASAP.

Are your weekends the same crazy with 2 kids if you are a working mom?

When is it gonna slow down for me? Any idea? When I’m 50? That’s so sad.

Would you like the Buffalo avocado dip recipe now or in January?

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