What I Ate Weekend #8 What I Ate Weekend #8
April 24, 2019
by Olena

What I Ate Weekend #8

by Olena

I’m back with my WIAW series. Are you happy?

I consider past weekend great in terms of food, balance and fun. Especially after discussing with all of you how we all struggle about the same issue – food, I feel more than ever inspired to share my weekend eats. Interesting enough, talking to all of you in the comments made me realize even more how life is short and is about balance. I thought a lot about what each and everyone of you said because I learn from every single opinion. To reassure my position re: balance, I ate a slice of ice cream cake and curled up with a book.

I took it even further, yesterday boys had no school and I stayed in bed reading till 2 PM, and even ate grilled cheese for lunch made by Kyle, let boys stay in PJ’s and play devices all day. Man, lazy parenthood is easy. Aren’t you proud of me?! Of course, mopping floors and dinner duties have resumed by 4PM. But those are minor issues after a day in bed!

Friday Night

We had our dear friends over and I took it as an opportunity to test a few new recipes.

First was the buffalo avocado dip that is to DIE for on a game night, is full of healthy fats, no crap and is so satisfying. Coming on Friday and you will be all over it! SO GOOD! #healthysuperbowlrecipegoals.

For dinner was baked peanut chicken, which was a winner and is coming to the blog soon. With quinoa and all organic Caesar salad. I also tested new Thai cabbage recipe which is coming soon too. It was pickled for 2 days and that is it.

For dessert, my Italian friend made Tiramisu which I couldn’t but help myself to 2 servings. And wine. I know. But hey, just see how much veggies and quinoa I ate over this weekend.


For breakfast was steel cut oatmeal with figs, grapefruit, cinnamon and coconut manna. And green tea. Alex made that woot-woot.

Kyle had a hockey game far away so I drank some Vega greens protein before taking off.

In the car, I enjoyed some almonds.

I enjoyed a cup of Pukka blackcurrant tea at the hockey game. I always do that, and of course bring my own tea. Quality organic decaf tea at reasonable price is hard to find. I buy mine at Homesense whatever they have at cheaper price.

P.S. Jenn, recognize the travel mug? Your Christmas present to us 9 years ago. How cool is that?!

Late lunch was this Thai chicken wrap me and Kyle found in Nature’s Fare – a healthy food market, next to the rink. I couldn’t believe my luck. Bingo.

Before dinner I curled up with my new to me book I just picked up on the way from hockey and a small glass of wine.

Dinner was leftovers from Friday night with a salad made by Alex from quinoa and veggies, peanut sauce on top, Thai cabbage and peanut chicken. I can eat the same yummy food every day and that is what we do on weekends actually.

Dessert was a huge bowl of frozen fruit. Alex did a Costco run while I did the hockey duty.


Alex brought me coffee in bed and I drifted off with my Nuntacket story and a handful of roasted unsalted nuts from Costco. I love Elin HiIderbrand’s books because they are always a light intriguing read, remind me of summer, include good food and a touching 35 year old marriage of wealthy East Coast people story. Love them. I always take away something for myself about marriage and raising kids from her books.

The sunrise was gorgeous and I learnt long time ago to look past the roofs and enjoy the sky full of eagles, changing colours and beautiful clouds.

For late breakfast I made eggs with kale, horseradish and grape tomatoes, Thai cabbage on a side and toasted ciabatta bun. Yum.

Late lunch was a handful of almonds and a green smoothie because Adam had an indoor playground birthday party.

This cutie pie turned 6! He was born on January 1st and changed our lives and holiday season forever. I won’t be saying “stop the clock” because there is a beauty to every stage of your child’s life. I am frankly enjoying reading books in bed all day long instead of breastfeeding and changing diapers haha.

I had a slice of DQ ice cream cake because I love ice ream.

Me and Alex shared some wine because this is what you do after spending 3 hours in a closed off space with 200 kids on a beautiful sunny day.

I almost cried I couldn’t go for a walk. #motherhoodproblems Instead we went with Alex in the dark after dinner. And now it is pouring rain but I promised myself not to complain because it is warm again and no snow. Yay!

Dinner was OMG fish in tomato sauce with capers. Another test that is coming to the blog soon.

I can’t help but think, after writing this post, how naturally gluten free our diet is. Exactly the point that gluten is not the culprit to our nation’s health problem. Of course, if you don’t cook at home and live off of takeout, you will eat a ton of white flour (because it is cheap), feel bloated and will gain weight. I also notice how we ate the same veggies and quinoa over 3 days but it didn’t bother anyone one bit. We are not fussy and can diversify any meal with extra condiment or new item. I also can’t stop be amazed how little we eat out and don’t even care about it. I would rather eat my quinoa than a steak, and save money and health for travel.

Let me know if you have any questions and have a great week! I’m off to do a 30 minute HIIT to burn off the cakes and wine. 🙂

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  1. Yes! gratitude, for sure! And hardship first really cements gratitude. And love! Don’t ask me how I managed to marry such a wonderful man! I was not given a good example at all. My oldest sister says the same thing. We both dated some duds first. Unfortunately my middle sister didn’t fare so well. But she did have two wonderful children and is happily free now and realizes she is worthy of so much more. Now if I could only school her on nutrition! She won’t hear me.

  2. Oh, one more thing! Sorry. You mentioned that I don’t seem to be struggling any more. You are right! Eating clean(er) probably 85-90 % of the time, resolved the cravings and the self doubts I struggled with! It is trolling amazing what good food MOST of the time can do. It not only feeds the body, it feeds and calms the sole!

    1. Yes.:) Food, fresh air and activity – all make a difference in everyone’s life. This is what life is about. And love. I recently read somewhere that gratitude gives you happiness.:)

  3. And yes, cheers to beer! I do also love wine, but I suffer from migraines and not very long ago found out that the sulfites in wine are big triggers. I do miss it! Even some beers (heavy dark) give me a migraine and I’m not sure why! So really I limit but hey, it was the holidays!

    1. Wine gives me headaches too, even after 2 glasses. For same reason as for you. That is why I drink beer too sometimes. I agree. We indeed could be relatives, Laurel!

  4. I believe we have a connection! My kids were all born with different colors of the rainbow hair, same dad, I swear! Except the first and last both had that wonderful red/strawberry bling, and everyone seemed to comment on it! One, my oldest and only daughter (trust me, boys are easier) loved it, my youngest, was shy and wished for any other color! I LOVE it and so your little now 6 year old just makes me smile! He is a doll! I’m sure you can appreciate it, and it’s the last thing Alex wants to hear!

    1. I always get comments about Adam’s hair colour, usually followed by question “who had it?”. I have no idea. Certain characteristics can pass through 10 generations. Adam loves his hair, he wished he had a different name though – Ty Forrest, so he said yesterday.:) Adam looks nothing like Alex, like 0. He might as well be not his child but he is. Kyle looks like Alex 100%.
      Red hair kids are fireballs. Mine sure is. I can feel it every minute – he never stops talking or moving. Sometimes I think what if we didn’t have him and my heart stops beating. So, it is all good.

  5. Haha! My last, too wordy, oversharing, lengthy comment is exactly why I need never to have not but two beers, then read your blog and comment! I am embarrassed, more than a little.

    I feel so much like you about fixing our own meals at home. We have so many big chain ‘fun food’ restaurants where a typical entree serves up a whopping 30 grahams of saturated fat and more than a days worth of calories. The menus read like a contest of who can out gore and glop the most ingredients in single item! A simple thing like a baked potato comes stuffed with 1/4 Cup of butter, some processed cheese stuff, followed by bacon, topped off with tater tots, onion rings, then sour cream, and finished off with sliced steak! I just made that up, but really! It’s gotten that crazy! It’s gross with everyone trying to outdo the next guy. So I mostly cook.

    And yes, today it’s gloomy and raining so I got up, grabbed my coffee and got into bed with the t.v. And put on a chick flick. Much better than breastfeeding and diapers!

    I learned a lot about life later. And it’s just fine by me. As long as I am loving every minute now, it’s all that matters! And in retrospect I feel like I can really appreciate it better for having seen the harder side. I know in that way you know what I mean.

    1. Laurel, your last comment was wonderful. Cheers to beer.
      At your stage of life, you should be able to do many things I can do only on weekends at my stage of life. During a tough motherhood moment, I always joke with the boys that when they have kids, I will be in Mexico, and they will be calling me and crying on my shoulder. 🙂
      Yes, I know what you mean. When I start whining about my childhood to Alex, he always gently reminds me that it has made me who I am today. Because he knows first hand. You know. You know about life double time what I know.:)

  6. I’m the same as you as far as restaurants….I would rather eat at home! Don’t get me wrong. I love ambiance and someone serving me and an enjoyable conversation, but I would rather know what’s in my food, not be over stuffed, and feel good mentally and physically the next day.

    I love these posts (well, honestly I love all of them) and getting a peek at what’s on your plate! Thanks for putting so much heart into your blog.

    1. And the bill at the end! For us it is always not less than $100. Plus a decision what to eat is always hard, Alex never knows and just copies me, so I have to decide for 2. We do not live in an area with abundance of restaurants to pick from (you know, the suburbs), especially the ones that serve healthy-ish food lol, so end up eating quinoa and salads. Which are great but I can make that at home 5 times cheaper in 15 mins. So, we always end up going out for sushi which are spectacular in Vancouver and which I’m NOT making at home ever lol.
      I love to read other bloggers’ personal posts too, so you are not alone. Have a great week!

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