What I Ate Weekend #9 What I Ate Weekend #9
December 6, 2017
by Olena

What I Ate Weekend #9

What I Ate Weekend #9

Friday Night

On Friday night, we had friends over for pizza night that was inspired by Katie’s homemade pizza sauce. I custom ordered 10 whole wheat pizza doughs at a local Italian bakery, that I froze. I made 3 pizzas – cheese pizza for kids; fig, arugula and prosciutto and veggie for adults. It was very good. I had 5 slices (yes!) washed down by a few glasses of wine. Picture forgotten but you got an idea.


What I Ate Weekend #9

Breakfast: 3 boiled eggs and banana (somehow Alex decided I eat food in bite size pieces (?)).


What I Ate Weekend #9

Followed by a hybrid of vanilla chia pudding and overnight oats, with pureed frozen strawberries and honey sauce on top. I also added some bits of coconut manna because I have a hard time using it up. It is so hard and is hard to spread on anything.

What I Ate Weekend #9

Lunch: leftover pizza in a car. Just one slice because I felt stuffed from the night before – wheat is quite heavy, that is why I always say I eat it in moderation and that is why I can eat it.

What I Ate Weekend #9

With a red delicious apple. Conventional fruits with #3 stickers are my sad winter reality. Lack of fresh local fruit is so sad, everything seems to be from Mexico and farther out. Kyle washed fruits with stickers, why not?!

What I Ate Weekend #9

Afternoon: waffle egg and ham sandwich because lunch wasn’t just enough. I was craving grease because the night before I had too much wine, honestly. 3 glasses make me hungover. I’m gonna switch to beer ugh. We had a nice family day out and about.

What I Ate Weekend #9

For dinner we went out to a friend’s birthday party. I had one lettuce wrap, one beer and this amazing salad below.

What I Ate Weekend #9


Late breakfast: Kyle made whole wheat pancakes that I enjoyed with Greek yogurt, honey and cinnamon; and tea.

What I Ate Weekend #9

For lunch were 2 no bake peanut butter bars. Alex was out for hockey for like 5 hours, I was by myself, I didn’t wanna cook. We had a rough weekend re: parenting which I spare the details, so I didn’t feel inspired to cook on Sunday.

What I Ate Weekend #9

For dinner, Alex made venison stew in a slow cooker which was delish. I had 2 servings. I was craving meat.

In between, I had lots of tea, coffee for breakfast and probably more fruit. Oh yes, we had fruit for dessert on Sunday night after dinner and a walk.

What I Ate Weekend #9

Monday morning was gorgeous. I waited for the ice to melt on sidewalks and went for a 7K run. Punch you in the face, La Nina. It was nice to run again and clear my head. All I can say is that we have entered a new stage of parenting with our 10 year old, which consists primarily of mental games now. It is like learning how to care for a newborn baby, now it is about learning how to live with a pre-teen involving lots of emotions etc. I’m sure many of you can relate and I’m open to an advice. Trying to stay strong and not take it to heart (Alex’s advice). Looking forward to the first Stitch & Bitch my dear friend Katie has put on this Friday night. Can’t wait to bitch about life with kids with other moms aka superheroes. The Guinness World Records ain’t got nothing on us!

Yesterday there was grief and tomorrow there is hope, tomorrow anything is possible.

Have a great week!

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  1. These are fun posts Olena. I can only imagine what it’s like to parent a 10 year old- I taught them for many years, but I got to send them home at the end of the day. It’s hard enough to have a 1 year old, and I keep being told it only gets harder!

    1. It gets harder and busier with time. Every stage has different challenges – with 1 year old you are sleep deprived and physically exhausted, with a 10 year old you are mentally drained. I feel like my brain is an overloaded computer because it is like playing mental games all days long. And i have 2 kids in different stages, so I feel like I’m torn between a small child life and pre-teen life. I have to play both roles at same time lol. I’m not looking forward to going through next 10 years, in a way. I mean we are fine, everything is under control but honestly it takes A LOT of work to lay down rules, follow through them, decide when to stop so you don’t go overboard or start so you don’t miss an important step in parenting. Ugh, mental games.
      Bottom line is the moment you get pregnant your life is changed forever. That moment, not when you deliver the baby. The moment you find out you are pregnant, the rollercoaster ride begins lol.

  2. I can’t tell you how much I love the “what I ate” days! I, having had gastric bypass surgery do cook many of your recipes for my husband and myself. But I am so limited in the amount that I can I hold, (about 2/3 – 3/4 Cup) that I pretty much have to snack several times a throughout the day. I am hoping for a future of many healthy snacks that are quick to fix, tasty and keeping the protein levels up throughout the day!

    It is amazing how many recipes we have adapted to feed just the two of us successfully! At 5′ 2″, I fluxuate between 97 and 100 lately. My goal is to maintain a solid 105-110 lbs. I have come along way from my unhealthy meager 82! People considering weight loss surgery, be sure to google “complications”. Anyway, Olena, I have learned that my best life is to eat frequent, lower fat, lowish carb, (not excluding) meals with great proteins! Also I am just adding in fruits and starchy vegs which have been shunned in the weight loss surgery world. I no longer advocate any lifestyle that eliminates any whole food group! How can that be that be healthy?