What I Ate Weekend #1 What I Ate Weekend #1
December 6, 2017
by Olena

What I Ate Weekend #1


I’m starting new series due to a popular demand from a reader’s survey and due to just plain common sense. So many of us (including me) have no problem eating clean during the week but Friday night rolls in and our guards are down. I mean we are just simply tired. I get it.

My hopes for these series are that if you see what I eat on weekends it will give you an idea how to structure your meals without waking up on Monday morning beating yourself up about binging on the weekend.

My philosophy for the weekend is simple – eat real food. I don’t diet because diets don’t work for me. I tried them all. Almost. I believe in balance and moderation packed with sanity and life enjoyment. So, let’s dive in.


Friday Night


Alex worked from home so he offered to make dinner. We are working on this happening more often – dinners made by Alex. He made basically a clean out fridge stir fry with chicken served over buckwheat. It was salty but amazingly delicious. We all went for seconds. We LOVE buckwheat. Buy roasted and you will never look back. Dinner happened with a few glasses of wine, of course.


For dessert I had frozen sliced strawberries from Costco drizzled with Nutiva dark chocolate “nutella” basically. Honestly, the spread is OK. It has too much flax in it IMHO. The taste is a bit too Omega-ish. I like their milk chocolate one better.



Despite me quitting coffee full-time in summer I feel like I’m falling back into this habit. I had my cup of organic java with a splash of organic whole milk. My skin is doing fine with it. I blame it on 5AM hockey. I jut can’t freaking look forward to Thursdays unless I think of my coffee. And I tried it all but I need my coffee with a splash of dairy. Nothing else plant based works so let be it. I won’t lose my sleep over it.


I wasn’t too hungry in the morning after Friday’s night dinner so all I had was half Dave’s Killer bread slice with organic peanut butter.


Then I headed to the farmers market where I stocked up as always.


I bought lbs and lbs of these apples and pears. So good! Next weekend is the last weekend for the market until next spring and I’m so sad about it. I am crying. I already bought like 2 lbs of Italian garlic to last me till spring because I am not eating Chinese garlic. Now I’m thinking I will buy tens of lbs of apples that can last in a garage for a month or so. I just can’t get over this local produce. Tastes so good!!!


Lunch was leftover buckwheat with my brown rice meatballs and Ukrainian salsa adjika. I had double this portion. I made meatballs in a slow cooker during the week and froze them. Same with adjika – I have frozen jars from months ago. Very convenient. And Alex cooked enough buckwheat on Friday night to feed the entire neighbourhood (considering most people have no idea what buckwheat is there would be enough to feed entire city) which was very convenient too.


We came back from hockey and made homemade pizza which was to die for!!! I buy frozen pizza dough from local Italian bakery. It is white but now I’m thinking I will make a special order for a whole wheat dough. Like 10 at a time. They can do that. We loaded our pizza with kale, peppers, olives, marinated artichokes, leftover pan fried ground deer meat. Kids had salami and cheese on theirs which was so tasty. I had 4 slices. I went for seconds. Washed down with a few glasses of wine.


After wine kicked in of course I started craving sugar. Of course. I made myself a herbal tea with a piece of dark Toblerone that I brought for my mom from Mexico‘s duty free (mom’s favourite), that she forgot to take home and that I froze. And a frozen pumpkin brownie. It was frozen that is why so weird looking.


Then I had a Granny Smith apple from the farmers market (OMG can’t even compare to store bought!!!) while watching old presidential debates. Not sure how we ended up here on a Saturday night but that is what was happening lol. After that I went to bed listening to podcasts. That was a very different Saturday night ending let me tell you haha.



Coffee again while going through old recipes.


For breakfast, I had Nature’s Path brown rice cereal with dried blueberries from the farmer’s market, pecans, hemp hearts and almond milk. And banana.


Lunch was same buckwheat with slow cooker porcupine meatballs, sweet potato hash leftovers and cucumber. I was stuffing my 5 year old with same at same time. This kid is so much work!

The thing about me is that I can eat the same food for a long time no problem. I love this food!



For a snack were dates, pecans, apple and banana. I eat a lot of fruit.


And dinner was my easy green lentil curry in a slow cooker served with cilantro and avocado. This is Alex’s presentation. I mixed it all up then and yum. With a glass or two of wine.

What I noticed about my weekend eating is that I do not deprive myself of anything. I eat what I want and mostly it is all real food. I also noticed I eat big servings which reduce snacking. I just realized this is how we grew up and it worked. Snacks more often than not are junk. I also noticed we eat a lot of fruit for snacks.

Hope you enjoyed and Happy Monday! As I typed this, my year old washer started beeping. And of course, now it is broken and door is permanently locked with all my pants inside. Great start to a week! Sigh. I hate China stuff ugh. Oh well, could be worse.

Have a great week!

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  1. I enjoy your site very much! I cannot get over how much food (quantity and variety) in your dishes. You look wonderful so it must work! I am trying to return to clean eating after 5 years of less mindful eating. Your site reminded me how much I enjoyed preparing clean foods…and how much better I used to feel. Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Good, Sherri! You shouldn’t be scared to eat real food. I almost overcame that fear after endless marketing brainwash we are subject to every day. I might not have a six pack and some cellulite on my ass but that is a normal process. Six pack is not natural anyways. Enjoy your food and I will publish more articles about clean eating and my relationship with food. Happy New Year!

  2. Hey Olena. I’ve had my eye on your site for a while and I’ve made a bunch of your recipes and love them. Just wanted to say thank your for your humor and your honesty in all of your posts. It’s quite refreshing to see someone balance life and still make an effort to live well and eat well. Thank you for helping me find my balance. Keep it up!

    1. Hi Sierra. Oh good!
      You are welcome. I hope my posts help women find their balance. Every woman I talk to in real life thinks being healthy and balanced is impossible. Today women of North America almost have no chance to feel and look good because there is so much information out there that is so damn confusing!!! So many diets and expectations to which a regular mom/wife honestly can’t live up. I couldn’t and I went through a lot of frustration what I am supposed to do and then feeling like a failure. What a BS! I should write a post about balance and clean eating. People just are so confused with all the marketing and social media. All the best to you!

      1. You have no idea how comforting those words are. I just took a big sigh of relief! I’ve never had a very good relationship with food (hiding food when I was a kid to now being so overly concious and trying to jump on the next big fad diet band wagon, I ended up in the hospital last week with heart palpatations from attempting to go keto). The moment I got the all clear, I walked out of emerge and vowed to live a life of balance – make better choices for what I put in my body and learn to love myself… my pizza loving, wine drinking, might not always fit perfectly into my jeans self. Love, laugh, live my friend. Thanks for the whole food recipes to help us all along this journey.

        1. You have to think this way – in America anyone can make money with anything. Which is great! No problem. Democracy. Great. Just be aware that majority of times money will be made of off you. No problem. Just not everything that we get bombarded today with is true and necessary. For someone else it is a money making machine. ESPECIALLY the food industry. First they wanna feed you everything and then cure you. I fell a victim of it myself which took me a few years to understand what diet I need to follow. NONE. Keto, Valentus coffee, Atkins and even paleo and gluten free diets (YES, I said it) are nothing more than fads which will go away eventually and be replaced with something else but what cost will we pay for trying it with our health is unknown.
          I hate jeans. I wear Lululemon. Jeans make me uncomfortable and they are overrated. Seriously. And there is nothing wrong with living balanced in everything health and life. Wine, occasional pizza, work out whatever you wish and eat whole foods. Enjoy your life as long as you know you are leading major ya healthy lifestyle. Worrying too much about macros is unhealthy for a nervous system too.