10 Minute Easy Spaghetti 

This quick 10 minute Easy Spaghetti Recipe is going to become your new favourite pasta dish on rotation. Made simply with tomato sauce, garlic, and Parmesan, it’s a million-dollar spaghetti on a budget!

Spaghetti Canned tomato sauce Extra virgin olive oil Garlic cloves Salt Black pepper Oregano Parmesan cheese

Ingredients You Need

Fill a large Dutch oven or pot with cold water 3/4 full and bring to a boil. Add 2 tsp salt and spaghetti. Separate pasta with tongs a few times during first 2 minutes of cooking so it doesn't stick together.


Cook pasta uncovered for 5 more minutes or until al dente, stirring occasionally. Make sure to not overcook the pasta until it's too soft. The key to tasty pasta is firm cooked pasta. Drain spaghetti in a colander.


Return pot to medium heat and add olive oil, 4 garlic cloves and oregano. Turn off the heat. Stir constantly for 20 seconds.


Add drained pasta, tomato sauce, remaining 1/2 tsp salt, black pepper and 1 garlic clove. Stir gently until warmed through. Stir gently until warmed through.


Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and serve immediately. This is the best cheap and quite healthy spaghetti I have ever had anywhere!


Refrigerate spaghetti leftovers in an airtight container for up to 2 days. To reheat, add to a pot with a splash of water and simmer on low.


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