Healthy Cranberry Sauce

This Healthy Cranberry Sauce with 3 simple ingredients is naturally sweetened and can be completely sugar free. Sweet, tangy and takes only 10 minutes!

Fresh or  Frozen Cranberries Maple Syrup or Honey Orange Juice Vanilla Extract (optional) Cinnamon (optional)

Ingredients You Need

Go through cranberries and discard any squishy ones.


Add cranberries, maple syrup and orange juice to a small pot. Bring to a boil covered, reduce heat to medium and cook for 6 minutes.


Remove lid, add optional cinnamon and vanilla, stir and cook for 3 more minutes or until cranberry sauce has thickened.


Serve hot or cold with turkey and mashed potatoes.


Orange Zest: This is a must if using freshly squeezed orange juice.  I like to use a  Microplane zester.

Optional Add-In

Refrigerate leftovers for up to 2 weeks. Add to oatmeal, yogurt and granola, or make turkey sandwiches. Freeze up to 6 months.


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