Instant  Pot  Chicken and Potatoes

Instant Pot Chicken and Potatoes is easy one pot chicken stew like my Ukrainian grandma used to make. Set and forget healthy dinner recipe with 10 minutes prep.

Chicken Pieces Potatoes Onion Carrots Rosemary Bay Leaves Salt and Pepper Water Garlic Dill, Parsley or Green Onion

Ingredients You Need

Cut chicken pieces, cube potatoes, chop onion and slice carrots.


In Instant Pot, add chicken, potatoes, onion, carrots, rosemary, bay leaves, salt, pepper and water. Do not stir.


Add water. Close lid, turn pressure vent to Sealing and press Pressure Cook on High or Manual 20 minutes for bone-in chicken pieces. After, Quick Release, turn valve to Venting and open lid.


Add garlic and fresh herbs. Stir gently. I like to separate meat off the bone at same time.


Serve warm! Enjoy.


Refrigerate leftovers in an airtight container for up to 3 days. I do not recommend to freeze potatoes as they change colour and texture.


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