Easy Lettuce  Salad Recipe

Easy Lettuce Salad Recipe with fresh garden produce and one secret ingredient that makes this the best green salad! And it takes 15 minutes to make.

Any lettuce English cucumbers Tomatoes Dill Red onion Olive oil Toasted sesame oil Salt and pepper Garlic and white vinegar (optional)

Ingredients You Need

Wash preferred lettuce: Use a salad spinner to dry or pat with paper towel. Dry lettuce equals crispy salad! Coarsely chop and add to large salad bowl.


Wash and slice English cucumbers: No need to peel, unless using garden variety which can have tough and bitter skins.


Coarsely chop or cut tomato in halves: Make sure to use sharp knife not to squish tomatoes.


Slice onion: I like thin slices, yet I keep them larger, so family or guests can remove them, if needed.


Chop dill: Hold onto the dill stalk, then “shave” off the top part with a knife, and then chop finely.


Assemble: Add oils, white vinegar (if using), salt and pepper right on top of veggies in a bowl and use salad tongs to combine.



This salad is best served immediately or within the hour. To make ahead add chopped vegetables to a bowl, cover, refrigerate. Add oils, salt and pepper when serving.

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