Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream

Deliciously creamy Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream is made with a coconut milk base and naturally sweetened for a delicious, dairy free treat! Making homemade ice cream is one of life’s simple pleasures that doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles. It's super easy to make from pure simple ingredients and is one of my favorite no bake treats to consume all summer long.

Full-fat coconut milk Maple syrup Pure vanilla extract

Ingredients You Need

Place bowl of ice cream maker in a freezer the night before. Also the night before, in blender or food processor, add coconut milk, maple syrup and vanilla extract.


Place mixture in a fridge to chill overnight. This is important step otherwise your ice cream won’t crystallize, especially if it is hot outside.


The next day, pour ice cream mixture into frozen ice cream bowl, place lid on top and turn it on to churn. Depending on your machine it may take 20-60 minutes to bring ice cream to a soft serve consistency.


Transfer soft serve ice cream into any container with a lid and freeze for another hour or so. To serve, let thaw for 5-10 minutes.


Freeze in a glass airtight container for up to a few months.


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