How to Cut  Cauliflower

A simple tutorial on How to Cut Cauliflower florets to avoid awkward, messy, and nonuniform sizes. From prep to storage this easy 4 step method is one you will use over and over again when making cauliflower recipes.

Cauliflower Cutting board Paring knife Chef's knife

What You Need

Remove outer green leaves with a paring knife.


Rinse cauliflower under cold water.


Cut cauliflower head into 4 quarters, starting at the base and slicing through the core with a utility or chef’s knife.


Lay each quarter on a cutting board, angle your knife and cut florets from the stem.


That’s it! All you have left to do is separate large florets by hand or you can use a knife to cut them into smaller bite sized pieces.



Pat dry florets with linen towel and refrigerate in bowl covered with an opening for up to 7 days. You want some air to circulate to avoid mold growth.

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