I can’t describe how happy and honoured I am every time I see my recipes being shared, featured and used. THANK YOU! At same time, I can’t describe how mad it makes me to find my recipe and photo shared without any or proper credit to me! Mixed feelings, haha.


All photos you see on iFoodReal were taken by me, are owned by me and are copyrighted. I work very hard on my photos. Please ask before copying.

If you are a blogger and would like to blog about my recipe, please take your own photo of the recipe.

If you are a publication like magazine etc., please email me to let me know where and when it will be published.

If you want to share my recipe on any social media channel, no problem. Pin, Like, Share, Tweet etc. There always should be an original photo with a link back to my blog. No copying and posting my recipe anywhere else, please.


If you are writing a blog post about one of my recipes you made, please describe your experience and directions in your own words. The only part you can copy are the ingredients.

If you have adapted one of my recipes, you still have to be honest and give me a full credit. 90% of recipes here are created by me and belong to me. If you have substituted 5 ingredients, that’s not adapted. If you changed skim milk to almond milk, that’s not adapted. Link back and we will be friends.:)


I ask you please to link back to the original blog post with the recipe name or iFoodReal as the link name. If in doubt please contact me.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or leave the comment below. I will be more than happy to answer all of them.:)


Olena Osipov xxx