Hi and Welcome to ifoodreal.com

My name is Olena and this is my website where I share simple real food recipes with an Eastern European flare.


I’m married to Alex who helps me run this website and turns my cooking into videos. True magic, all of it. Together we are raising 2 boys, Kyle and Adam.

About our food

It’s very-very-very simple. Life is busy, we get it, so putting healthy quick meals on the table is our priority too. After years of trying various diets, fat burning workouts and counting calories, I am now more confident than ever that cooking “normal” recipes with wholesome ingredients, engaging in physical activity that I truly enjoy, drinking an occasional glass of wine, and enjoying treats in moderation is what my body needs.

Stay in touch

If you have any questions (I mean it), feel free to email me. There are no silly questions when it comes to cooking and I reply to every single comment and email.