Dreams come true…

I Went on Vacation to Mexico...All by Myself.

I Went on Vacation to Mexico...All by Myself.

for a girl like me it’s at an all inclusive resort in Los Cabos, Mexico.

I Went on Vacation to Mexico...All by Myself

You know exactly what I mean.:) No cleaning, cooking or grocery shopping. Although I love the last one.

Only me, myself and I for a week…

I Went on Vacation to Mexico...All by Myself.


I Went on Vacation to Mexico...All by Myself.

Alex couldn’t come for many reasons: work and mostly kids.

I  had a time of my life! Wouldn’t you?! Here?

I Went on Vacation to Mexico...All by Myself.

And here?

I Went on Vacation to Mexico...All by Myself.

How about here?

I Went on Vacation to Mexico...All by Myself.

Do you mind these?

I Went on Vacation to Mexico...All by Myself.

I Went on Vacation to Mexico...All by Myself.

I Went on Vacation to Mexico...All by Myself.

I Went on Vacation to Mexico...All by Myself.

Last time I had to worry only about myself was 7 years ago before the kids. It felt weird in the beginning. Weird like I couldn’t even decide which book to buy at the airport. I haven’t read a book in years. Had no idea what I like anymore.

Once high and above I realized once again what a beautiful world we live in.

I Went on Vacation to Mexico...All by Myself.

I Went on Vacation to Mexico...All by Myself.

I quickly got used to my new lifestyle.

I Went on Vacation to Mexico...All by Myself.


I Went on Vacation to Mexico...All by Myself.

Running on the beach…

I Went on Vacation to Mexico...All by Myself.

Being served …

I Went on Vacation to Mexico...All by Myself.

and generally doing only what I want. For a whole week!

I Went on Vacation to Mexico...All by Myself.

I love all inclusive resorts for many reasons but the main one being you “shut off” your brain.

I have been to many all inclusive resorts but never this way.

I mean lifestyle wise. I was exercising every day and carefully selecting my food while enjoying it.

Here is my workout schedule for the last week:
Tuesday – 5 K run on a beach.
Wednesday – Fire 30
Thursday – Recharge – basically a 20 minute yoga stretch. My muscles were sore after a run on the beach.
Friday – 4 K run on the beach. For some reason it was much harder than on Tuesday. And hotter. I barely made it.
Saturday – HIIT 25
Sunday – rest
Monday – HIIT 20

If you want not to gain any weight at an all inclusive resort you have to work out.

I Went on Vacation to Mexico...All by Myself.

As strong willed as you might be, there will be a lot of temptations and I guarantee you will exceed your recommended daily calorie intake.

It’s extremely easy to work out while on vacation because you are … on vacation! All resorts have gyms besides beautiful outdoors and AC hotel rooms. I brought a laptop, placed it on a bed and worked out in a “hallway” of my room.

I Went on Vacation to Mexico...All by Myself.

Air conditioned room is priceless for working out in +35 Ts.

I also wrote a post on Surviving the all inclusive buffets without braking the scale.

Have you ever been to all-inclusive resorts? What you do and don’t like about them?

Have you ever been to Mexico? What’s your favourite part of the country?

What other Caribbean countries would you recommend to visit?

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  1. I just booked an all inclusive trip in Mexico. Nervous. I hope it will be ok. As soon as I tell people they just look at me weird. Oh well

    1. Have fun! It will be more than fine. Omg people need to think outside the box. A few of my friends since then have admitted my trip made sense. Before everyone thought it was weird. Bring books, magazines or whatever you like to do. I worked out too. Now I would have had even better time. Back then I forgot the books and still I had a hell of a time living by myself for a week. OMG heaven no one to ask or want anything from me. Go for it and don’t even doubt your decision!!! I’m gonna do it again soon. Not to mention how cheap it is now haha.

      1. Ok. Thank you sooooo much! People began to put fear in me, but I need this. Although it’s hurricane season, but thinking positive, at least they’ll be some cool moments. This will be good for me, I am very shy about my body and wasn’t sure what to wear. I’m thinking sun dresses and maxi dresses. I have not worn a swimsuit in years, But I will on my vacation, and rock it!

        1. Why wouldn’t you wear a swimsuit?! I think the most important thing about swimsuit is to pick one that suits your body type and you feel comfortable in. Period. I wouldn’t pick a G-string swimsuit because I have some cellulite and very lose stomach skin but more covering 2 piece or one piece looks very nice on me. There is time to wear different swimsuits. I realize I am not 16 anymore and my body has been compromised by 2 pregnancies.
          We went many times to Mexico in summer during hurricane season. It sounds scarier than it is.:) You get a tropical rain every night and that is about it. Enjoy!

  2. I went on vacation by myself to Aruba. It may sound selfish and/or lonely, but it’s so stress-free to not have to worry about anyone but yourself. I loved it. The part of the coast I was on was really tourist-ridden (Palm Beach), so if I ever go again, I would choose a different beach, but it was beautiful and definitely a unique experience. Not all inclusive, though. I stayed in a small, independent hotel just off the beach (which has actually been converted to condos since). It was lovely.

    1. Couldn’t agree more! It’s priceless! Just you and you and you.:) I enjoyed not so busy parts of the resort and beach so much more. I felt like relaxing, no party and action around me. 100% agree. I’ve never been to Aruba but would LOVE to go!!!

  3. Hi Olena! I love the layout of your blog and everything else about it! Your determination to eat healthy and work out is contagious!f
    Looks like you had a great time in Mexico, I admire you for going alone and enjoying it! I probably would never do it alone)) I would smuggle my sister or at least some other friend in my suitcase if I had to))while I do value my ‘alone time’, on vacation, I definitely need a soul to share the experience.
    I have been to Mexico once with my husband and my sister’s family and loved it! We’ve been to Carribean, Bahamas, Florida, San Diego, Los Angeles, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, but out of all of the above, the trip to Cancun was the best one (all inclusive). The timing, weather, water, food, company and the resort were just very good picks and it made for a memorable vacation for us. We haven’t gone anywhere tropical for the last 3.5 years and I am really missing it 🙁

    1. Hi Marina. Thank you for your kind words. You have an amazing blog yourself! Gorgeous photos and amazing food! Most of it looks very familiar. A walk down the memory lane.:)
      I so get you! We used to go to tropical places every 1-2 years and haven’t gone for 3 years now. I need Caribbean all-inclusive vacation once a year or two for my sanity. I just need it! I had to go, so I went! It was my only chance this year. None of my girlfriends or family members couldn’t make it. Most of them just returned from a vacation LOL. On one side I was missing sharing the experience, especially I felt a bit lonely at night. On the other hand, I got to do only what I wanted to do! I didn’t have to please anyone. You know what I mean. I worked out every morning when I wanted and where I wanted. So if I need to take the whole hotel room for that, my GF wouldn’t have to wait on a balcony.LOL.
      Thank you for stopping by and I will follow your blog with Bloglovin immediately. Love our Russian/Ukrainian girls food blogs. Cheers.:)

  4. Olena. Could you share the name of the resort you stayed at? Sounds like a blast. I’m glad you had a great time. I also wonder if you could fix your own smoothies there?

    1. Riu Santa Fe in Los Cabos. Yes, you could bring a plate full of veggies and fruits to the chef at smoothie station and ask him to make it for you.

  5. wow, girl! I am happy about you) seems like you had an amazing vacation… Nice, nice, nice!
    Now I know where to with my hubby for our next trip.
    Btw.. I love how you say that you eat clean))) its cute)
    Thanks for sharing and blessings to your whole family!

    1. Hi Victoria. You know I was super not sure if I can do a vacation by myself but I decided to take a chance. Haven’t been on a beach vacation for 3 years and I was exhausted. It was my only chance because I had help with kids, my MIL. It turned out to be very peaceful and relaxing and just so great for my soul. I felt so so free and shut off my brain from our crazy life and world. I came home and said to my husband it’s so good for every person to be themselves and do what they want for a short period of time. We always have to compromise with family, partners, kids.
      Los Cabos is gorgeous! I wouldn’t take my kids there because of the rough water and the crowd, but for adults it’s amazing!
      Have you ever been to Mexico? All inclusive?

      1. I have never been in Mexico. Only at san Diego for a couple of times with hubby and kids. What I dream about is to go on such vacation just with my hubby. Without worrying about usual daily duties. I hope my dream will also come true…)

        1. Yeah…it is a total brain shut off. That’s why I love it! It is actually not that expensive if you have someone to look after the kids. If you are like us and you don’t then it’s very complicated.:)

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