santa maria beach

Santa Maria Beach is a 5 minute drive from our condo in Los Cabos, Mexico. This side of Pacific Ocean is quite rocky with high waves making sheltered beaches, like Santa Maria, with calm waters and white sand a true gift for kids and snorkelling. We arrived in our van around 9AM before the tour boats with crowds of tourists.

At first, water is every cold this time of the year but after about 20 minutes standing waist deep I gave in and got used to it, especially once you put your head under the water and see schools of Nemos and Doras.

Make sure to bring an umbrella if you don’t come early enough to get a spot under one of ten palapas. There is also a beach bar/restaurant and bathrooms. Very nice and clean beach. As we were leaving, a group of tourists took over our palapa, and after a one minute conversation we figured out they are our neighbours (in Canada!!!!) who put up a man size creepy Santa by the window every Christmas. That corner house we pass by from school every day. The world is so small.

After Santa Maria Beach we stopped at Chileno Beach which was not as nice as Santa Maria because of large crowds, huge boats and construction around. You can do snorkelling there as well. Still a beach in Mexico is better than a park in Vancouver in March.

Until next time => Waves at Monuments Beach.

santa maria beach

santa maria beachsanta maria beach

santa maria beach santa maria beach

santa maria beach santa maria beach santa maria beach

santa maria beach

Chileno Beach

santa maria beach  santa maria beach

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  1. I will take thing and tuck it away for next March perhaps! No, Cayman Island (at least the small one, compared to your photos is not as beautiful, though the water and beaches are nice enough, very flat and uninteresting. The streets are gritty and dirty there are was no recognizable shopping when we were there 7 years ago.

    It sounds to me like the weather now is perfect! I am so much enjoying reading your little travel and pictorial stories.

  2. And I shouldn’t even ask this to further my misery as the last snow is beginning to melt, but how warm is it? As I am now fully living through you!

    1. Haha, I live through other travel posts when I am miserable. It actually helps to look at the pretty.
      The weather in March in Los Cabos is PERFECT – it is in high twenties C, not hot in the shade, sun is bearable mid day, I’m not sweating, condo is cool enough with a breeze and no AC needed. It is a paradise!!! Been here last September and it was so hot but March is perfect. Also the climate here is very dry, not like Cancun, east side of Mexico.
      We just said good byes to a couple of your age from Chicago. They were renting an ocean view condo near us for 10 days, found on VRBO. It is only a 4.5 hour direct flight from Chicago to LC. Giving you a hint. 😉

  3. You and Alex are a beautiful couple, the mutual adoration is obvious in your photos, you’re proud to be standing next to each other and I LOVE seeing it! It is a match made in heaven, and how me and my husband still feel after almost 45 years. There is something to be said about growing through tough times together and sharing similar backgrounds to cement a new relationship! And you sure have cute boys!

    We vacationed on little Cayman Isles and it was nice but the views were nothing comparable to what you’re sharing here. So happy you are making this happen now, while you’re young and building memories for your whole family.

    1. Thank you very much, Laurel! I can tell you are speaking from your heart, as always. Me and Alex have our own differences but we are forever.
      I like travelling while young and money might not be as free as when we are older but who knows what happens when we are older, and I like to create memories with kids while they are little. This is my way of making them attached to me more LOL. Thinking ahead when they get married.
      Caymans are not as beautiful las Los Cabos? News to me. One day I would love to visit Bahamas and all those exotic Caribbean islands. What about Hawaii? Never been.

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