monuments beach

Last week on our second day in Los Cabos, we ended up at the Monuments Beach to hit the waves in our own style. This is when I snapped beautiful sunset photos while boys were getting swim trunks full of sand. Boys have never jumped in such of magnitude waves and they were thrilled. Monuments Beach is located just a few miles from downtown Cabo and is known as a small surfer’s beach. You gotta be an experienced surfer as there are quite a few rocks around.

Monuments Beach is towered by newly built The Cape, a Thompson hotel – ¬†a luxurious boutique hotel, for adults only, I believe. But the beach below is a public area. However, me and Alex have invited ourselves for an occasional star gazing in those luxurious recliners on the right while listening to live music Enrique Iglesias style. I’m sure The Cape’s¬†security guards are not after two Canadians eating dark chocolate and drinking mineral water at 8PM on the beach. Like two kids, we sit and stare at an astonishing amount of stars you can’t see in the city, and even landing airplanes with all of their lights are truly spectacular to watch.¬†Do I ever want to go back home? Not yet.

On the East side of the Monuments Beach is located a well known restaurant for the most beautiful Los Cabos sunsets РSunset Mona Lisa. Then Missiones del Cabo resort where we are staying. On the West side is a desert you take a quick walk through to Medano Beach Рthe most popular hotel zone beach in Los Cabos. We did cross the desert once, just to be informed that there is a homeless guy with an unleashed pit bull living illegally on the private property. No, thanks.

I’m off to go snorkeling. Until next time!

monuments beachmonuments beach

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