Holiday Wishes 2014

In Ukraine, we didn’t celebrate Christmas as much (which falls on January 6th in Orthodox religion) as we celebrated the New Year. There was always a huge freshly cut Christmas tree lit up a few days before the New Year’s Eve and we, kids, helped decorated it with beautiful glass decorations. There was no plastic back then. Ever since then, the tree decorations have special place in my heart. They are memories that last forever. The guitar me and Alex bought for our first Christmas together, the gingerbread house I…
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Let’s Talk Real Life

  Let’s talk, guys. Enough of food and recipes. Considering the fact I work from home and the only people I talk to during the week are my kids, I really need to have no-minecraft-spiderman-gangnam-style adult conversation. 1. This week I decided I want to see my abs. I stocked my fridge with lots of veggies and protein. I also did meal preps. Greens, chopped veggies for green smoothies, chia pudding, overnight oats, Greek yogurt, boiled eggs, sweet potatoes, celery, lemons, peanut butter, feta cheese, quinoa with broccoli…
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Happy You Self 2014!

As 2013 comes to an end tomorrow, me, Alex and little rascals, want to wish you Happy 2014! All the best to you and your families! P.S. This is not my house! I, personally, want to wish you Happy You Self in 2014! To find your happiness within you, in whatever you like to do – fitness, cooking, sewing, painting, crafting. Do something for YOURSELF! Something that makes YOU happy! Something for YOU! Having said that, I want to THANK YOU, all my readers – my real life…
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My home workout space, equipment & routine

I often get asked what do I do for workouts, where I work out and what equipment do I use. I thought I would clear the air.:) There is a common misconception that I lost weight running and I run a lot. I didn’t and I don’t. I have a dedicated workout space at home, own basic equipment & follow a secret routine.:) Joking, not secret here… I run occasionally on nice sunny days when I feel like a breath of fresh air. I usually do a 5-7…
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A Day of My Life – Monday Morning Run

My mom is visiting here for 10 days, so I’m taking advantage of the situation as much as I can.:) On Monday morning I walked my oldest son to school without my 2 year old in tow. It was very unusual and different for me. As soon as we left the house this view opened up. The heat coming from houses on a sunny crispy morning with the mountains on the background – gorgeous! I couldn’t get enough of it but it was just a beginning!