A Day of My Life – Monday Morning Run A Day of My Life – Monday Morning Run
April 10, 2019
by Olena

A Day of My Life – Monday Morning Run

by Olena


My mom is visiting here for 10 days, so I’m taking advantage of the situation as much as I can.:)

On Monday morning I walked my oldest son to school without my 2 year old in tow. It was very unusual and different for me.

As soon as we left the house this view opened up. The heat coming from houses on a sunny crispy morning with the mountains on the background – gorgeous! I couldn’t get enough of it but it was just a beginning!


Ever since we moved to Vancouver 5 years ago, I can’t stop to be amazed what a beautiful place it is. And how lucky I am to be able to enjoy it every day. I cherish every moment I spend outside.

It got better as we turned around the corner. The snowy peaks of Golden Ears mountains showed up.


Kyle was riding a bike which we left at school and forgot to pick up later that day. Ever since I had my second son I just can’t seem to remember everything. My memory used to be so sharp.


After dropping off Kyle at school I was all geared up for my first run this year with no kids in tow. Yes, it was quite a feeling! A mixed feeling of freedom, disbelief and not knowing what to do with myself. So I guess that’s why I started shooting some random images of myself and my body parts.:)


Yes, I’m an avid fan of Lululemon and pink colour.


I guess I was just trying to take pictures of myself full height but it wasn’t working by myself and with iPhone.

Love my Nike runners. They are pink too.:) These Lululemon grey tight pants are excellent for running.


I always enjoy this view while driving but have never actually had a chance to stop and really enjoy it. Beautiful!


I ran a couple kilometers and on the way to the river I noticed the price of gas – $1.41. Just unbelievable. One more time I thought how lucky we are not to be spending much money on gas these days.


This lookout point is close to the river and is great for watching the beavers, loons and blue herrons.


It was a chilly morning and it was still early enough for the sunshine to melt the frost. So I had my chance to take these pretty shots.



There is something I love about frost. Anything covered in frost is so pretty – spider webs, grass, old leaves, moss, bench, roof.


As I approached the Fraser river, this view opened up. So gorgeous and so peaceful! I din’t listen to the music as I was enjoying the sounds outside.

My life is so hectic these days, I enjoy every opportunity I get to listen to myself and the outdoors. I haven’t run ever since my jogging stroller broke. I will be ready for summer though! I’m usually quite happy lately doing Chalean Extreme in my basement.


I did some sprinting on this road for about 15 minutes.



My run in total lasted about 2 hours and by the time I was going back home the fog was clearing up. I ran in total 7 kilometeres and burnt 450 calories.



Spring in Vancouver is in a full bloom. You can hear the birds in the morning and crocuses are out. Love it!


As I got home I made my Magic Bullet Green Smoothie in a blender. I also added some frozen blueberries and brown rice protein. My husband can’t stand it with the protein but I love it.


I had 2.5 glasses of it. One of the readers on Facebook asked me if there was any beer in it?!:) Nope, it’s just a crazy combination of blueberries and greens makes this “gorgeous” colour. I don’t drink beer. I drink wine.:)


It was a gorgeous day out and since I don’t have my mom visiting me often, I thought it would be a great idea to take her to the Alouette lake. Some of the episodes of Twilight movie were filmed there. Beautiful park!


What is your favourite way to exercise?

Do you ever go for a run?

Do you listen to music while running? 

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  1. It’s a cool winters night in Perth Western Australia, and I have enjoyed reading your blog and noting some of your recipes. Sunday morning is ‘my’ morning to run, it’s when I plan, visualize and affirm my weekly ‘me’ goals. Tomorrow is a 12k run, after which I’ll be making some of your coconut whey balls. Looking forward to reading more of your site in the winter months ahead.

    1. Hi Julie. It is so important for us, women, to have “me” time and focus on our goals and not only our family’s. I feel like I need something for myself and it’s my fitness and cooking. And this blog reflects all of that and completes “me” part. Thank you for stopping by and reading. As summer months are approaching in Canada I will have more time to write and share my cooking and travel experiences. You are quite a runner. 12 K. Good for you!!!

  2. Hi, Olena. I don’t know what happened, but I wrote a comment, but it disapeared and hasn’t been posted. So, I am writing it again. So, my goal is, I would say, to be as lean as you are:+) just being honest:) seriously, you look amazing( saw.your about update). Question: so you did those mentioned workout programs and ate high protein low fat diet and reached your current body in two years?. I saw the commercial about chalene extreme and people were reshaped in three months!!! Maybe I misunderstood something:-!

  3. Olena, you are a woman with a strong will and are self determined! Great job! How many km were you able to run when you just started the weight loss program? And just wondering what size you were then? Cuz you look amazing!!!
    Again, nice job, girl:-)

    1. Hi Victoria. Thank you for your kind words.:)
      I run occasionally and when I started the weight loss I was barely able to do 15 minutes of HIIT-cardio and run about 2 kms. I was size 8-10 then. Now I’m size 6 or Small.
      I lost all my weight mainly doing Turbofire and not running. I lost a lot of weight doing it. Crazy HIIT workouts but super effective.
      Last fall I started doing a weight training program – Chalean Extreme. My body got leaner. Both of these programs are put together by Chalene Johnson. I love her!
      I’m still work in progress and have a personal goal to wear a bikini this summer. What are your goals?:)

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