Black Beans and Brown Rice with Cauliflower

I figured out one of the reasons I do not see value in Instant Pot is because our meals are not centered around meat anymore. I’m in a habit of packing a large pot with veggies, whole grains and other wholesome plant-based ingredients in a matter of half an hour – 45 minutes, sprinkling cheese at the end for kids’ “wow” factor and serving it with more vegetables, for example tomato and red onion salad. There are always plenty of leftovers the next day, I spent 45 minutes…
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Chicken and Whole Wheat Spaghetti Recipe

This 30 minute one pot healthy pasta recipe is sponsored by Texture. Whole wheat spaghetti is the most cooked type of pasta in my kitchen. For two good reasons. Reason #1 – Costco. It sells the largest most affordable giant box of organic noodles. Reason #2 – kids. They particularly love spaghetti. I don’t think they even know what white pasta tastes like so we have no problem with more nutritious whole wheat. So, on Wednesday was whole wheat spaghetti recipe turn…after lentils, brown rice and quinoa it…
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Penne with Kalamata Olives, Garlic Roasted Tomatoes and Goat Cheese

Quick 30 minute pasta dinner that I made with a lot of Kalamata olives from a giant jar from Costco, farmer’s market tomatoes and organic soft goat cheese that had to be used up ASAP (leftover from making kale blueberry salad). Then I added fresh garden basil and parsley, grown by me. I also quickly sautéed tomatoes in a new crop of garlic my neighbour gave me, for added flavour. Grape tomatoes would be great too, I just didn’t have any. I don’t wanna say this recipe is awesome because…
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Broccoli Napolitana

Last weekend after camping in the backyard, working on the deck (still!) and swimming at the lake, we decided to spend a day by the ocean. On Sunday morning we woke up (in the backyard) with ashes in the air and a smell of campfire – result of forest fires in Northern BC, Vancouver Island and WA state. Really, who needs real camping?!LOL.