We Are Going to Mexico for a Month

I have been dreaming of writing this post since October, as soon as we booked our place. And here I am, sitting in my car at the hockey rink’s parking lot, on the last day of February, listening to cars passing by in a slush and thinking that in a week I will finally get away from snow, and will be falling asleep listening to waves. We had a horrendous winter full of snow in place of usual PNW rain, and I swear I will never complain of rain again. Imagine if you lived with no snow for 10 years and suddenly you get dumped on every week?! Honestly, this winter took a huge toll on my mental health – winter makes me very happy for a week and then super sad for months. Skiing was great but it is time to move on, La Nina.

As you are reading this post, I’m in the air drinking tea (or wine), reading one of 20 stupidly easy books on my reading list (I finally gave in to an e-reader because #luggageproblems) and dreaming of our new life for a month.

We are going to Los Cabos, Mexico FOR A MONTH!

We Are Going to Mexico for a Month

Last September, me and Alex, went to San Jose del Cabo for a week to stay in an all inclusive resort. That vacation was such a deep contrast to our INSANE Canadian lifestyle, that we almost immediately decided “Why don’t we come and live here for a month, see how we like it and go from there?!”. Because many years ago we decided that life is too short to wait for a retirement to travel the world. And what if we don’t make it till then?! Every day is a blessing we take for granted. Life is too short to spend it in a cubicle. I quit my office job years ago and focused on raising kids and running a few businesses (some successful and some not haha). Alex is still there though. But we are getting close to our financial freedom and starting to dip our toes into a warm ocean water.

I honestly never thought we would go through with our “renting a condo and living in tropics for a month” idea. But next thing you know, I’m on Craigslist and VRBO looking for apartments. I found a beachfront ocean view condo and you just wait! Then I booked our flights and since October we have been patiently waiting and explaining everyone what we are doing, and that we are not millionaires, and we are not crazy.

We Are Going to Mexico for a Month

I’m planning to truly stop and smell the roses finally as in re: life. I have no idea what my blogging will look like but I think it will be fun, for you to follow along too. I’m planning on many short life post updates and OF COURSE recipes! We have Costco 5 minutes away from our condo, of course I will do a tour, of our new home and Costco healthy shopping in Mexico. And I have an ocean view kitchen and ocean view grill, of course we will cook. I imagine with a glass of chilled white wine. I will find a Mexican farmers market, of course I will. And every Friday morning we have local fisherman’s truck coming to our place. You just wait. I think it will be an awesome month of everything awesomeness.

See you in a bit from a much warmer place than Canada right now. For more real life photos follow me on Instagram.

Next => First Days in Mexico.

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  1. I knew you did this but but really caught the tail end to be honest, I am so PROUD OF YOU for following through on your idea!! How did you handle school for the kids? I dream of doing things like this.

    1. Thank you, Aggie! My kids have 2 weeks spring break in March and another 2 weeks I do not feel like they are missing too much while in elementary ( I and them find North American curriculum quite easy), rather gaining life experience and creating memories by exploring the world. Come high school in two years I’m not sure what will happen, so I recommend to do this now while your kids are still a few years away from high school. But I’m sure we could even pull it off in early high school years by doing homework at home. Once they go to college, I don’t think anyone will be interested or will have time travelling with us haha. So I’m taking advantage of these precious years while I can. School will be fine.

      1. Smart on the timing and it’s so true about life experience. I think they would be fine even in high school (if they are good students already, why not?).

        1. Totally, especially if you can help with homework! Between me and Alex with university degrees and way more advanced Russian curriculum, I’m sure we can explore Thailand and tackle some geometry. Our boys had a blast and are willing to do it every year! I have taken them out of school for weeks for years and they are still A students. I have a feeling your family wouldn’t have any problems either.;) Where would you go for a month???

  2. So amazing Olena! I love Mexico. I am feeling jealous, although I have no right … I missed the States so much last year I ended up spending 5 months there after quitting my job– and after our 5 feet of snow through Dec-Jan, I was so ready to come back to Malaysia! I think ideally I’d like to be there 4 or 5 months, and over here (or Mexico!) the rest of the year. It’s so good for kids, too, to see the world, experience other cultures.

    1. PNW had a rough winter, even LA was like “whaaaaat?!”. I would like to move away for winter and come back for April-October. That means I would have to homeschool kids and their social life would be different. I’m not sure I like this idea. I am willing to travel long-term and show them the world but I would like to raise them Canadian, belonging somewhere and fitting in.
      Are you planning on living in Malaysia for long? Now I realize how much easier it is with small kids and only one child.

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