A tree with snow on the ground.

We got snowed in, I would say a few feet. I took this picture on Saturday during a walk and snow amount is double that today on Monday. Schools are closed and kids couldn’t be happier (and moms unhappier).

A rooftop covered in snow.

Snowtracks and boots on snow.

Snow started falling on Friday morning, and that is when me and my friend, Katie, decided it was time to go to Costco to stock up on food before we die from hunger. Because it is totally possible in Canada in 2017.

Snowed in view of a street from behind the blinds.

Saturday morning, I was sipping coffee while watching Alex shovelling snow of every single flat surface for hours. You have to understand why I’m writing this post – imagine rainy Seattle and how bizarre it is to see snow there. Well, Vancouver is the same. It just rains all winter long, grass stays green, temperatures above 0C and everyone complains about rain. Not anymore. This year, everyone promises not to complain about rain ever again because a city that is not equipped to deal with snow is a nightmare. Good luck getting to work.

Trees covered in snow. A path with trees on the side of a snow covered street.

But I, personally, like a true real housewife, have nothing to complain about except non-drivable car, gravel and sand in the house and no school. Mwahaha.

A tree covered in snow.

Otherwise, it is a beautiful winter wonderland outside.

A bobcat clearing the snow from a street.

We finally, got our roads plowed.

A house and street covered in snow.

I spent 3 hours with the kids outside building ramps on the slides, fort and pushing them down the hill. See, I grew up with snow every winter where as for my kids it’s their first real winter. Crazy, right?! They loved my tips  and asked me to come out with them again today, and I said “yes, of course”. I consider playing with children a workout.

House lit up and in snow.

We kinda turned on lights outside because there was no chance to take them down yet. Kids made hot chocoloate with whipped cream, and Adam was singing “jingle bells”. Christmas 2016? 2017? Why not?!LOL

A woman taking a selfie in a mirror.

I put on my Christmas socks on and…

A woman holding a glass of wine.

poured some “mom juice” to celebrate snow and good life.

Today, I’m working on my healthy Costco shopping list post, and I will post it instead of What I Ate Weekend tomorrow, because there is snow to be played with and mushroom soup to be made, real housewife’s problems haha.

Have a great week!

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