Summer Bucket List 2016 Summer Bucket List 2016
April 20, 2021
by Olena

Summer Bucket List 2016

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by Olena

Summer Bucket List 2016

I don’t know about you but summer holds a special place in my heart. Like Christmas, it has its own scent, rituals and must-do’s. I think it has to do with childhood when I felt so free for those 3 months. As a kid I had great-great summers spent outdoors 10 am – 10 pm.

Playing war with wooden sticks when pretend shooting wasn’t shunned upon. Drinking unfiltered water from a hose. Buying liver sausage secretly from grandma to feed homeless cats. Making paper and medical tape wallets, hiding from grandma, of course. Secretly (again) buying cafeteria’s 10c doughnuts. Throwing rocks from behind the bushes at passers-by. Setting window seals on fire while discovering matches’ magic. Chasing chickens to the point they stop laying eggs. Gosh, I was a handful. I need to remember to be easy on my kids when they break a window with a ball…

Summer Bucket List 2016

Reading Robinson Crusoe high up on a tree. Eating tart cherry vareniki with sour cream. Applying plantago to bleeding scratches, rashes and insect bites. Beach days. Hot summer nights. Crickets. Frogs. Making grass soup. Running home at an uncle’s loud whistle or a grandma calling my name.

Summers as a kid are so much fun! Right?! As I grew up I always felt missing out on life particularly during summer months clicking away on the keyboard, in a freezing office, in order to pay the bills while my kids were in daycare. Well, now I don’t have to do that and can enjoy summers all I want while working from home and spending time with my boys. I can’t thank world wide web and blogging gods enough!

So, here is our summer bucket list 2016. Bring it on, summer! We are ready for the memories of a lifetime.

  1. Sleep in past 7 am.✅
  2. Eat cold watermelon.✅
  3. Make cupcakes with kids. With sugar and white flour. Real ones.
  4. Read book in bed.✅
  5. Suntan in the backyard.✅
  6. Go to the beach as often as I want to. Wearing skort. While I can, my friends. While I can.✅summer bucket list 2016
  7. Celebrate birthday with a glass of crisp white vino on the beach watching sun go down the ocean. Totally illegal. Don’t care.
  8. Stroll my town. Sick of driving!
  9. Thrift store shopping.
  10. Watch fireworks.
  11. Go to an outdoor music concert on the wharf.
  12. Boating and camping on Keats Island (BC). Let Alex make dinner and I go enjoy those sunsets.summer bucket list 2016
  13. Go rollerblading. Helmet and pads are a must.
  14. Have a sleepover with kids.✅
  15. Play basketball.
  16. Turn hot tub into a cold swimming pool.✅
  17. Take kids to Bellingham at least twice. Preferably hang out with Vera and the girls.
  18. Osoyoos (BC).✅
  19. Camping at Deception Pass (WA).
  20. Eat a trunkful of cherries.✅summer bucket list 2016
  21. Take kids to an outdoor puppet show.✅
  22. Camp in the backyard.
  23. Eat dinner outside.✅summer bucket list 2016
  24. Walk on grass barefoot.✅
  25. Sit up in bed first before running out the bedroom with a mile long to-do list in mind. Seriously, screw that!✅
  26. Go hiking on Mount Baker.✅
  27. Date night on the patio with a view. summer bucket list 2016
  28. Morning coffee on weekends with Alex.✅
  29. Make fruit vareniki with kids.
  30. Ice cream. Make and eat lots of ice cream.
  31. Read lots of books. Recommended by my go to book goddess.✅
  32. Enjoy this red head’s hugs while they last.✅     summer bucket list 2016
  33. Play with kids.✅
  34. Eat lots of cooked corn. Just with salt and butter.✅
  35. Wash windows inside.✅
  36. Write about quitting coffee and dairy. I am alive!✅
  37. Biking and hiking in Whistler (BC).✅summer bucket list 2016
  38. S’mores in the backyard. Real ones. With Dandies marshmallows.
  39. Run through a sprinkler.
  40. No iPads. I got my kids back!✅
  41. Buy new dinnerware.✅
  42. Go to farmers market every Saturday.✅
  43. Learn to make a gazpacho.gazpacho
  44. Don’t feel pressured to do anything.✅
  45. Enjoy Vancouver with Adriana.✅
  46. Visit the library.✅
  47. Take oldest one to a chess club.
  48. Family bike rides.✅summer bucket list 2016
  49. Invite friends for a BBQ.✅
  50. Hang out with Jenn for a week and do everything above and below.✅
  51. Blow giant bubbles.
  52. Go berry picking.summer bucket list 2016
  53. Visit garage sales.✅
  54. Coffee shop dates with kids.✅
  55. Eat dill cucumbers sliced in half with salt. Childhood memories.✅cukes
  56. Wear a bikini. Lesson learnt – fat fills up loose skin. Now I can!✅
  57. Visit antique car show.
  58. Drink hot chocolate and play board games on a stormy night.
  59. Fishing.✅
  60. Go for early morning walks.
  61. Let go. Off of things I have no control over. ✅summer bucket list 2016

What is on your bucket list this summer? Maybe I need to experience that as well.:)

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