How I Lost 5 Lbs in Disneyland

Before we left on our SoCali road trip, I started to feel a bit chubby. Summer came and I felt like I was “bursting at the seams” a bit wearing tank tops and shorts. Happens to the best of us! Once, we got to hot-hot California I felt like really “bursting” because you swell in heat. Mamma mia, I have to say that was a bit scary experience for me when I saw slight waves of cellulite on my thighs. That’s new to 36 year old me, just FYI.

I was sad. Very sad. For a few days. Like I eat pretty good, what the heck?! How do those dessert bloggers look so slim? Why that mom eats junk and is skinny? Trust me, I know what goes through your head.

Sadness aside, I knew losing or not the weight is up to me and all I needed to do is to get rid off of 5 lbs and I will be comfortable again. There is absolutely nothing worse TO ME to gain weight to the point when my body loses its shape and to become “a mom”. You know what I mean. Because it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s just not me, and I’m not comforotable in that “outfit”.

I would like to share this experience with you so you don’t think that I have a perfect body or am perfect. It personally helps me a lot to see other health conscious people struggle with weight, then lose it and share what worked.

How I Lost 5 Lbs in Disneyland

What I Did

  • Just before we left I started doing Turbofire HIIT workouts again. I came to a realization that my sedimentary lifestyle makes me gain weight even if I’m eating mostly healthy. My problem wasn’t food, it’s lack of movement. Even my walks are not enough. I don’t love working out but I kind of like short 20-30 HIIT workouts twice a week. That’s realistic for me.
  • For dinner I skipped on majority of simple carbs like white pasta, bread etc. and ate mostly salads. So, basically low carb dinners.
  • For lunch I ate good carbs like whole grain sandwich or wrap, whole foods like lentils or quinoa (if that was an option).
  • For included at the hotel breakfast all I ate was (you can only imagine the sugar gallore) eggs, sausage and coffee. I refused to eat all the sugars and it’s all sugar except eggs and sausage. My choice is not healthy long term but that was a temporary solution.
  • I drank zero sugar drinks. If I ever learnt one lesson about nutrition it is “not to drink sugar”. Ice water – perfect!
  • We walked so much, close to 200,000 steps in 10 days. This was huge! If I moved that much at home, I could eat pizza every nigh and be slim. I swear.

How I Lost 5 Lbs in Disneyland

What I Didn’t Do

  • I didn’t stop drinking alcohol because on vacation I like to have a few drinks with dinner or after sitting by the pool watching kids swim. I refuse to deprive myself, especially on vacation.
  • I didn’t diet. I wasn’t terrified of food. I just chose best available options and used self-control and moderation often. For example, I took a bite of Alex’s white pita at a Greek restaurant but eating a whole one would be a mistake. We both shared one Dole whip. I ate a kid’s meal consisting of chicken fingers and grapes at Disneyland because it was lower calorie and carb option than any adult meal with mashed potatoes and fried chicken.
  • I didn’t count calories. I hate that.
  • I didn’t stop eating dark chocolate or fruit – these 2 are healthiest dessert options I came up with over the years. Sugar in fruit is healthy!
  • I didn’t workout.


  • When we got home, I went on a scale and was down 4 lbs.
  • 3 weeks after we got back I’m down another 2 lbs.
  • Once the weather cools off, I will be down at least another 1-2 lbs.

How I Lost 5 Lbs in Disneyland

How I’m Maintaining My Weight Now

  • I workout twice a week doing Turbofire. I aim for intermediate 25-30 minute workout. I don’t force myself if I didn’t sleep well enough the night before (you know, woman’s brain is spinning). Twice a week seems very doable and I accepted this reality to stay in shape. It’s a very good compromise!
  • I continue to eat low carb dinners, mostly salads + protein.
  • I have a drink 2-3 times a week. I don’t deprive myself of a glass of wine to ease off tension on Wednesday night. I’m past that stage.
  • I weigh myself in in the morning. I like it.
  • I monitor my weight by how my clothes fits and how I feel.

I couldn’t believe I lost weight while on a 2 week vacation not cooking at home! By the end of our trip Alex told me I lost weight. I didn’t believe him at first. The morale of my story is that if you execute moderation, cut back simple carbs and do moderate exercise you can be in a good shape. My mistake over winter when I gained those 5 lbs was to stop exercising. You can do that in Europe but in America we can’t afford that luxury. Lesson learnt.

The key is to be honest with yourself and not to come up with excuses. Be healthy and happy, my friends!

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