Lime Iced Tea

For over a decade, I couldn’t believe that something as simple as brewed plain black tea was poisoned by hard to pronounce chemicals, artificial colour and various forms of highly processed sugar. Or that 16 oz could cost as much as $3. I always thought there must be a secret that makes store-bought iced tea special. Nope, there isn’t. After making kombucha from scratch, I became quite experienced with brewing tea in pots instead of cups, and three 1 lb bags of Numi organic tea are meant to…
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Watermelon Protein Smoothie

This refreshing smoothie is made with superfoods & APF water filtered ice courtesy of GE Appliances Canada. It is finally HOT here on the West Coast, so last week we went to see a puppet show in the park. The entire time I had 6 eyes staring at me “Where are we?!”. As soon as boys polished off dinner and Alex started making fun of foxy loxy I knew it was time to go home. I am not sure I should bring up a music on the wharf even… Seriously, what is up with men,…
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Lime Basil Grilled Zucchini

I love to grill zucchini with whatever I have on hand => balsamic grilled vegetables. Usually we do garlic, oil, salt and pepper. I am sure you completely understand why. But I have done it so many times and plus I have this wonderful job “ifoodreal” that forces me to barely ever eat the same food twice. Joking, I re-cook my own recipes. So, I was thinking curried grilled zucchini which could be wonderful or not. I have been spending many nights on our patio inhaling smells from next…
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Sweet Potato Noodle Salad with Lime & Peanuts

. On Monday I was supposed to make healthy almond cake that I tested for Easter and posted on Instagram. It was Alex’s birthday. We are generally not the adults who love to celebrate our birthdays in a traditional way. We had an active weekend  exploring the beaches and hiking in Larrabee park. That is how we like to celebrate – do something new, fun (mostly outdoors), followed by a nice restaurant meal. I wish this didn’t cost a million. I checked on zillow. I have to remember to come…
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Cilantro Avocado Dressing

So, reality of my kitchen and closet is that it is August and I feel very uncomfortable wearing jeans. I will not be going on a scale, jeans are the best reality check, aren’t they?! Why can’t girls eat chocolate, drink wine and stay skinny?! Life isn’t fair.:) 5 lbs are easy to fix though, so I say to myself. I absolutely despise meal planning, I dread it. I love to create on a whim. I am so not a grocery list print outs clipped on a board…
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Lime Ginger Salmon

Sockeye salmon fillets marinated with lime zest + juice and freshly grated ginger for 10 minutes, and then quickly broiled. Serve this lime ginger salmon with Cilantro Coconut Brown Rice and you have a refreshing, tasty and healthy dinner in under 30 minutes. You can use any firm wild fish affordable in your area. I can think of halibut, cod, snapper, rockfish. Please buy wild caught only. I explain the problem with farmed fish in detail in this Thai Salmon recipe (another salmon recipe idea for you).

Healthy Key Lime Pie Bars

A few weeks ago we started to get “boiled” here in Vancouver and I think I “spit out” about 5 no bake desserts during that time. Global warming at its finest because it is only May. I made healthy chocolate ice cream a gazillion times, vanilla popsicles), no bake black bean brownies and these healthy key lime pie bars.