Healthy Instant Ramen

Whether on “Oops, what’s for dinner?!” day, lunch or after an exhausting shopping trip to Costco, I have made healthy instant ramen numerous times in the past month. We haven’t bought ramen for over a decade for health reasons but Costco has convinced me I should get not 1 but 2 packs of Lotus Foods organic ramen on sale. Inside are plain noodle blocks which at first upset me (no poisonous packets but no healthy seasoning either), but I quickly saw fun in making the most flavourful healthy instant…
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Vegetable Florentine Pasta

How can you “eat your veggies” and also enjoy a bowl of pasta? Just make this florentine pasta recipe where fresh garden meets whole grains in a very generous amount of flavourful Greek yogurt based sauce. Because what pasta is good without sauce unless you are a 5 year old?! I won’t lie, there was a period of time when carbs were my enemy. I cooked spaghetti squash mac and cheese and baked cauliflower biscuits. And don’t get me wrong, these dishes are delicious but I am way more…
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Lentil Casserole with Mushrooms

It is still much of a lentil casserole season in Vancouver despite almost mid-April. It rains, the air is warm and cherry blossoms are almost here, but it’s not quite a spring we are used to in PNW. I do not mind cloudy skies because it means comfort food cooking without sweating in the kitchen, and probably because we just got back from such a long time in the sun. I didn’t get tired from the sunshine but heat is very exhausting, makes you wanna do nothing, and I’m…
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Roasted Red Pepper Lasagna in Slow Cooker

I’m gonna make you drool in an appropriate way. Like drooling mentally because nobody really wants to see you or me drooling. Trust me on this one. Let’s keep to emojis and hashtags. Once again, prepare to be amazed with this 7 ingredients healthy roasted red pepper lasagna with mushrooms made in a slow cooker. And all ingredients come from a jar, a can or a package. And still clean. If maybe, maybe, just slightly maybe, one of the ingredients is 98% clean promise you will bite the bullet….
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Clean Green Bean Casserole Two Ways

Clean Green Bean Casserole #1 I will be very honest with you about the green bean casserole – I don’t love it. More than that I am not a huge fan of many fall vegetables and dishes. I’m just not and neither are my kids. I will cook and eat them but I much prefer fresh and juicy produce centered recipes. However, as kids are growing I want them to grow up with traditions. I want them to feel Canadian and included. Yes, I want that! I’m all…
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Spinach Mushroom Salad

A spinach mushroom salad that happened by a total accident. This is yet the tastiest spinach salad I have ever tried! I know there are so many spinach salad recipes and every year summer comes and goes, and I do not have a staple recipe I rely on. Just the way it was and no other explanation. Until I took my 5 year old grocery shopping with me last week. He wasn’t excited but I handed him a basket on wheels and said “Load it up”. Most kids love doing…
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Mushroom Vinaigrette

As weird as mushroom vinaigrette may sound, it was one of the most delicious salad dressings I ever made! It is not made with actual mushrooms (that I think would be weird) but rather a liquid coming out from mushrooms during sautéing. Aha, the one you drain. Why did I do that before?! You can also use organic mushroom broth. Once I poured mushroom vinaigrette on top of spinach mushroom salad, it melted the soft goat cheese adding another flavour dimension.

“Philly Cheesesteak” Stuffed Portobellos

When I first immigrated to Canada, we lived in a small town Red Deer, Alberta. My first job was a cleaner at a casino and later on I moved on to waitressing and bartending. Being new to the country I had no idea about the pub menu. BLT, nachos, steak sandwich…I had no idea what I was serving, honestly. And Philly cheesesteak was one of the menu items which I am sure I served often without ever trying it. I don’ think I ever tried it but how…
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Baked Chicken with Peppers & Mushrooms

Feeling like a million bucks after a morning run, I’m sitting on a couch and writing about this gorgeous baked chicken with peppers and mushrooms I made the night before. The simplicity of this chicken and bell peppers recipe blew my mind once again. All you need is chicken, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions and cheese. My neighbour made it the same night and husbands were outside after dinner sharing experiences, about chicken. Her husband said it was very European. And I guess so – minimum fresh ingredients. This cooking…
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Easy Braised Short Ribs

Yesterday, when I made these easy braised short ribs, was the most stupidest day of the year. Given the fact we are only 13 days into the year, probably not the worst day yet. I started my morning with looking at a 3rd kitchen island’s countertop replacement because 2 previous ones were defective. Mid day I was looking for a different hosting provider because iFOODreal’s traffic has skyrocketed after January 1st. And then were these legendary Tuesday Olena’s short ribs…