mushroom vinaigrette

As awkward as mushroom vinaigrette may sound, it was one of the most delicious salad dressings I ever made! It is not made with actual mushrooms (that I think would be awkward) but rather a liquid coming out from mushrooms during sautéing. Aha, the one you drain. Why did I do that before?! Aaaaaa. You can also use organic mushroom broth.

The spinach salad I will post on Wednesday was swimming in this mushroom vinaigrette mixed with melted goat cheese. The rest is top secret – coming out on Wednesday. Read more »


Honestly, there is a reason I don’t bake. If I start experimenting with baking I just know that I will be eating non-stop. Eating is a part of my job. Like with this honey almond cake recipe – I swear me and Alex ate most of it when I first made it for Easter. Yes, it is a healthier cake but it is still sugar and a cake. I ain’t gonna fool myself. I can’t stop with desserts so I trained myself better not to start at all. Plus I…
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On Monday I was supposed to make strawberry honey almond cake that I tested for Easter and posted on Instagram. It was Alex’s birthday. We are generally not the adults who love to celebrate our birthdays in a traditional way. We had an active weekend  exploring the beaches and hiking in Larrabee park. That is how we like to celebrate – do something new, fun (mostly outdoors), followed by a nice restaurant meal.


OK, my friends. So, I have been a really good girl these past 3 weeks – I cut out wine, added sugar (including maple syrup and honey) and bready carbs from my diet. You are probably tired of hearing it from me – my jeans suffocate me. So, something has got to give. And it is not my jeans. It has to be the food. Since I can’t duct tape my mouth, I better learn to control my hands that move food into that same mouth.


I find March to June the worst months to shop for quality produce. I am already tired of squash, kale and citrus. Asparagus – I broiled it and added to a soup. I had enough of smelly toilet trips. For almost 3 weeks I couldn’t find organic apples and now that I did they cost an arm and a leg. As I glance through magazines and blogs mentioning spring’s produce bounty I am honestly puzzled where do those people live?! Or are they talking about new greenhouse’s crops? So, I…
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Meat is expensive. Can’t deny that. Organic meat costs even more. So, I find my ways to save money on meat in 2 Ukrainian ways: Back doors – just like with Chernobyl train tickets I got my ways to get free organic meat. My mom supplies us with venison her and her husband hunt in the prairies. I turn cheap ingredients like veggies and grains into large volume soups and filling fritters, burgers and cakes. Yesterday it was savoury oatmeal cakes. What happened yesterday anyways?! 


Last Monday Alex took sockeye salmon fillet from the freezer and declared he will be making salmon stir fry on Tuesday night. Some weekends when both of us get to the end of the rope with life and kids, we go through a 10 minute pointing fingers “you don’t do this, and you don’t do this” exchange of love. Joys of marriage. That made me happy. For about an hour. Typical female behaviour. On Tuesday, I was on a couch thinking how it is our last stash of salmon, how I…
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I said so many times in my recipes “growing up in Ukraine” in the last 4 years, I feel like I have to demystify what we actually did growing up in Ukraine. I also hope this story will let you to get to know me better since you serve my food in your homes. And you gotta know where your food comes from. I do not think anyone here knows me really well or at all. Blogging is very weird. It makes you vulnerable. This post is really outside of my…
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I might as well call this recipe “Costco stir fry”. It is about time Costco pays me for 1,000 times I said “Costco” on my blog. Unfortunately, I think Costco is doing pretty fine without me. Sigh. So, no free coconut oil, Dave’s killer bread or PEI medley. What on Earth is Prince Edward medley anyways? Is that a Canadian thing? Is it sold in the US? Enlighten my Ukrainian brain please.


On Thursday I had a jar of olives, box of spinach and can of club soda staring at me from the fridge. My fruit basket displayed 4 lonely bananas, 2 wrinkly mangos and going bad but I will keep you lime. What is for dinner? What IS for dinner, really? This question along with next question once dinner is on a plate “What is THIS?” are pulsating in my head 24/7. Many days I am already stressed about dinner the minute I wake up. I’m not going to sit here and…
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