This Healthy Pumpkin Bread recipe is naturally sweetened, made with whole grains and is full of warm cozy spices. Easy, moist and fluffy, this pumpkin bread recipe uses an entire can of pumpkin puree!

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Healthy pumpkin bread studded with pepitas in a loaf pan.

I started dreaming about my favorite healthy pumpkin bread end of August.

And you know what is the best part? It has been tested like fifty times by now. So, be sure you are getting the best of the best!

This bread contains minimum wholesome ingredients! One bowl, 8 simple ingredients – less mess, less kitchen to clean is how we like it! It is fall baking dream come true full of pumpkin flavor!

You can make it plain or add in some crunch with nuts, chocolate chips or dried fruit. It’s delicious all ways!

What Makes This Pumpkin Bread Healthy?

  • A whole can of pumpkin: It makes pumpkin bread moist, low fat and a healthier option. Not to mention there is no leftover pumpkin to deal with.
  • Whole wheat flour: Makes it hearty, fiber and complex carbohydrates filled. I love quick breads with whole grain flour as it gives them the best texture too!
  • Lower fat and low calorie: Only 2 tablespoon of oil is used compared to 1/2 cup in the classic version. Also coffee shop version runs at 410 calories a slice compared to this one at only 234 calories.
  • Naturally sweetened: Not only maple syrup or honey contain vitamins and nutrients, but each individual slice has 23 grams of sugar compared to high 30s in other recipes.

Ingredients and Notes

Spelt flour, pumpkin puree, pumpkin seeds, maple syrup, pumpkin pie spice, eggs, oil, baking powder, baking soda, salt.

Quick look at key ingredients for this recipe and possible substitutions:

  • Pure pumpkin puree: When buying in a can, do not confuse with pumpkin pie filling that has added sugar and flavors. Can also use an equal amount of your own homemade pumpkin puree.
  • Whole grain flour: Regular whole wheat flour, spelt flour, whole wheat pastry flour and white whole wheat flour. These are the only flours I tested this pumpkin bread with. I have not tested it with all-purpose flour.
  • Liquid sweetener: You can use any liquid sweetener like pure maple syrup, honey, brown rice syrup, date syrup, agave etc. The goal is to keep liquids and dry ingredients ratio the same. So, coconut sugar, cane sugar, brown sugar or any sugar will not work.
  • Eggs: 2 large. Flax eggs or chia eggs may work although it has not been tested. Please let me know how if you try.
  • Oil: Any mild tasting oil like avocado oil, melted coconut oil or grapeseed oil works. You can use olive oil as its taste is not prominent in this bread.
  • Spices: Pumpkin pie spice, baking powder, baking soda and salt. I use a homemade pumpkin pie spice substitute for best fall flavors but store bought is OK.

How to Make Healthy Pumpkin Bread

The best part about this pumpkin bread is that there is no need for a bowl with wet ingredients and another bowl with dry ingredients. One bowl, 10 minutes and it totally works!

pumpkin, egg, maple syrup and baking staples being whisked in bowl.

Combine liquids and spices. Grab a large bowl. You need to whisk eggs, pumpkin purée, maple syrup, oil, pumpkin pie spice, baking powder and soda, salt at same time.

There is no need for a separate bowl. However, you just need to whisk well, pause and make sure there are no small lumps of leavening agents left. Whisk again, if necessary.

stirring flour into muffin batter

Add flour and mix ins. Stir gently with spatula until combined. A few flour patches are fine and actually desirable because last thing is you want to overmix your bread.

You can add up to 1/2 cup chopped walnuts, pumpkin seeds, chocolate chips, raisins, dried cranberries as mix ins.

Transfer pumpkin bread batter into greased loaf pan. I also sprinkled 1/4 cup raw pumpkin seeds on top.

unbaked pumpkin bread sprinkled with pumpkin seeds in loaf pan

Bake for 50-60 mins at 350 degrees F. Toothpick should come out clean when inserted in the middle and deep.

Make sure to remove pumpkin bread from the loaf pan onto a wire rack after cooling in it for 10 minutes. Otherwise, hot bread pan keeps baking it and bread might be dry.

Serving: Cool for about 30-60 minutes to help bread hold nicely. Then slice with serrated knife.

Tips for Best Results

  • Don’t over mix: If you do, bread will come out dense. Just give the batter a few stirs until most flour is mixed in but a few patches of white are even desirable.
  • Optional add-ins: Up to 1/2 cup chocolate chips (or chopped dark chocolate bar), walnuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds, raisins, dried cranberries, fresh blueberries or even chopped dates (tossed with flour to prevent sinking).
  • Homemade pumpkin puree: Substitute for canned pumpkin. Cooked pureed pumpkin is usually more watery, and that is OK. Got extra? Make healthy pumpkin soup! Another seasonal favorite.
  • Low sugar or more sweet: Some readers have reduced the liquid sweetener to 1/2 cup and then added 1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt or unsweetened applesauce. If you love a sweeter taste, increase the liquid sweetener to 1 cup.
  • Bread browning too quickly: Cover it loosely with foil or parchment paper and continue baking.
Pumpkin bread studded with pepitas in a loaf pan on a counter.

How to Store Pumpkin Bread

Store day 1-2: Place cooled pumpkin loaf back into the loaf pan and keep covered with a towel on the counter. Sliced bread dries out faster.

Store day 3-5: If you have any bread left at this point, for longer storage refrigerate it tightly wrapped in plastic wrap or in a plastic bag.

Freeze: Freeze baked and cooled bread in an airtight container for up to 3 months. Thaw on a counter for 3-4 hours. Again, it’s better to freeze bread whole and not sliced.


Why is my pumpkin bread dry or gummy?

If you have followed this recipe exactly, your pumpkin bread will turn out moist! Dry bread is because it’s over baked. All ovens vary, make sure to check at 50 minutes. To avoid gummy bread, remove it from a loaf pan 10 minutes after cooling. And follow the recipe.

Can I turn this recipe into gluten-free pumpkin bread?

You might be able to use all-purpose gluten free flour but a tad less, as it is more absorbing. Coconut flour will not work. I also have not made it with oat flour, so can’t vouch for results.

If you want to use almond flour, try my almond flour pumpkin bread or pumpkin muffins with almond flour!

How do you serve it?

My family loves this bread with just a slight spread of real butter or cream cheese. Enjoy warm with a cup of coffee or pumpkin spice latte. It definitely satisfies a sweet tooth!

Is this pumpkin bread healthy?

Everyone has their own definition of “healthy”. I consider it a healthier pumpkin bread with maple syrup full of vitamins and nutrients. And with whole grains. It’s full of fiber. Also, it’s about how much of it you eat and how often. Balance and moderation.

More Healthy Pumpkin Recipes

This is the best healthy pumpkin bread recipe on the internet! I bake it every pumpkin season for healthy snacks. It is hearty, healthy and delicious! Enjoy!

Four slices of healthy pumpkin bread on a cutting board.
Healthy pumpkin bread studded with pepitas in a loaf pan.

Healthy Pumpkin Bread

Healthy Pumpkin Bread recipe is naturally sweetened with maple syrup, made with whole wheat flour and is full of warm cozy pumpkin pie spices.
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Servings 10 slices
Calories 234
Diet Low Fat
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes



  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F and spray loaf pan with cooking spray. Set aside.
  • In a large mixing bowl, add eggs, pumpkin puree, maple syrup, oil, pumpkin pie spice, baking powder, baking soda, salt and whisk until combined.
  • Add spelt or whole wheat flour and stir gently just enough to combine. Be careful not to over mix. Add desired mix ins like walnuts, raisins, pumpkin seeds, chocolate chips etc. and give a few more gentle stirs.
  • Pour batter into prepared loaf pan and level gently with spatula. Sprinkle with pumpkin seeds on top, if you wish. Bake for 50-60 minutes our until the toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean.
  • Remove from the oven and let cool for 10 minutes. Then transfer to a cooling rack to cool off more. Cut into 10 slices with serrated bread knife and enjoy!



  • Store: Store covered in a cool dry place for up to 5 days. Refrigerate covered for up to 7 days. Freeze in an airtight container for up to 3 months.
  • Gluten free flour: Please use only whole wheat or spelt flour in this recipe. For gluten free recipe, check out my almond flour pumpkin bread.
  • Sweeter bread: If you like very sweet breads, increase maple syrup to 1 cup.


Serving: 1slice | Calories: 234kcal | Carbohydrates: 45g | Protein: 6g | Fat: 5g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 33mg | Sodium: 357mg | Fiber: 4g | Sugar: 23g
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: North American
Author: Olena Osipov
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  1. 5 stars
    We loved this!!!!!!!

    You’re cool to me because I also stay home with 2 small boys. 🙂

    But mostly you’re cool because this is so tasty with not much sugars. Finally a winner muffin!

    PS I did a full cup of almond flour (so almond-wheat mix) and it came out great. Worth a try! Then you get a little extra protein

    1. That is awesome. Good to know about the half and half ratio, I would do the same for myself.
      My boys are not so little anymore but those times were exhausting and yet now I fondly think of them with a tear here and there. Enjoy your boys! The best thing I ever did – raised kids myself no matter how hard it was.

  2. 5 stars
    Hi Olena, just made your pumpkin bread and I can’t stop eating it, it is AMAZING, seriously AMAZING !!!!!! I’ve eaten half the loaf, thank god it’s healthily. It’s SO fluffy and tasty !
    Thank you Olena ???☺️?

  3. 5 stars
    So…I’m starting a thirty day challenge this Friday. No white flour, or refined sugar. I’m making my husband join the party because he could benefit from this as well. Your blog saves me! lol Oh and wish me luck!

    1. Good! You will be fine! Combine it with a few HIIT workouts a week and you will see a big difference. Not to mention how much your gut flora will improve with good bacteria!

  4. 5 stars
    I just finished off the last of this bread – it was perfect! I was looking for a recipe to use up some halloween pumpkin puree and found this one. It is absolutely delicious and I feel good about giving it to my family. Thank you! I love the blog and will be coming back often for inspiration ; )

  5. 5 stars
    I just made this pumpkin bread and it cooked perfectly & right on time. Instead of using parchment paper, I sprayed the pan with cooking spray and then floured the pan. It came out of the pan easily. One thing I would do next time is make it sweeter. It is fine for my taste, but others in the family may not be so easily convinced! Thank you for the recipe!

    1. Haha, yes for some people out there with not so cleaned up taste buds it might be not sweet enough.;) I feel like you though.:) Glad you liked it.:)

  6. 5 stars
    Community Health Store now carries the “Farmer’s Market” brand that you had in your picture. With BPA free liner. And they were on sale for Thanksgiving, so I stocked up. I am going to try the crumb muffin next. I am taking a “staycation-vacation” week, so cooking and freezing treats. I cannot stick to any healthy eating plan if I don’t have a treat, so just with this bread I am set for a few weeks of treats 🙂

    1. Oh, cool. I hear you. I do the same. I’d rather bake healthy treats and stock up on organic dark chocolate, than reach for cr@p. And we know, the sweet tooth devil moment will come.:) Have fun!:)

  7. 5 stars
    Thanks for a great recipe! I made it today and it took me less than 10 minutes to get it in the oven. I did not have any apple sauce on hand, but substituted with blended bananas 1:1. Bananas did not overpower at all and i could definitely taste the pumpkin flavor. I also used 1/3 cup of coconut sugar instead of agave. I mixed it in 1/2 cup of warm water and added to wet ingredients. If i was using apple sauce and not bananas, i would probably go up to 1/2 cup of coconut sugar. This bread is a keeper!

    1. You are welcome.:) Great substitutions, I’ll keep that in mind. Did you manage to find BPA free organic pumpkin puree?

  8. 5 stars
    This bread looks AWESOME!! So moist looking! Love that you added 2 whole cups of pumpkin!
    Love – “stop dreaming and start eating” 🙂

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