Visiting Mexico City Visiting Mexico City
May 28, 2019
by Olena

Visiting Mexico City

by Olena

When I grow old, I will have memories of sunsets in Los Cabos, road tripping to San Francisco, enjoying 21 meals by myself in an all inclusive resort, and now touring Mexico City. All these memories are mine and even the hugest thief of all, time, can’t take them away. Despite the earthquake that shook Mexico City last month, I decided to go. There is so much more to life than living in fear, and one thing for sure is no one knows anything for sure. Life IS short.

So, here is my one week adventure in Mexico City like a big girl without kids in tow.


6 years ago, shortly after Adam was born and money were tight, we used to host international students. One of them was Adriana, an exchange student from Mexico, whose family graciously invited me for a visit back. Since all of us couldn’t go for various reasons, I decided to go by myself. This family was the most gracious host of all times that made me feel like family! People of Mexico are the kindest people I have ever met!!!


I will start with food because it honestly surprised me. Let me just say that I have never seen so many beautiful, elegant restaurants with an impeccable service!

Steak selection at Entre Fuegos. I saw many places offering to pick your cut of meat to be cooked. I ate steak once and it was on fire…

What a show for a steak dinner, right?! – La Buena Barra

Barbacoa with cactus salad and rice at La Gruta.

Grilled artichoke seems to be a very common appetizer.

I honestly struggled with vegetable dish choices – there aren’t many. This salad was as heavy on vegetables as it can get. That was my one and only issue – lack of vegetables and plant-based meals.


Teotihuacan – pyramids which look not so high but due to a high altitude, I thought my heart would explode climbing them.

La Gruta Restaurant at Teotihuacan – a very unique setting inside the cave.

Chapultepec – a castle surrounded by the park, with a zoo and museum of anthropology. Simply, super cool grounds with lots of history and beautiful views.

Gran Hotel – overlooking the National Palace and where James Bond movie was filmed, a true architectural beauty!

The National Palace

The Cathedral

Stadium Azteca

With amazing ladies!!!

We also visited a historic area called Coyoacan, where you can enjoy strolling the streets, shopping at the market and eating Mexican street food.

There were a few more places we visited and restaurants we enjoyed (Villa Maria with live mariachi was amazing), that I didn’t take pictures of for the sake of enjoying the experience. I am really not a picture, selfie and social media person lately because a few years ago I found I’m missing life in real while snapping it on camera and barely looking at pictures after.

If you are travelling to Mexico City here is my advice:

  1. You won’t see an earthquake damage if you don’t go to earthquake affected areas. It is safe because remember no one knows anything for sure.
  2. Bring Mexican pesos because even $US are barely accepted (unlike in Cancun, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta).
  3. Be prepared to be tired a few first days because Mexico is 2,250 m above the sea level. Coming from Vancouver located 70 m above the sea level, I could barely keep my eyes open the first few days.
  4. Traffic situation is real, you could be spending 2 hours at a time going one way. So pack snacks, water and don’t forget to go to the bathroom. And if you are a nervous passenger like me, be ready for crazy driving with barely any rules compared to the US and Canada.
  5. Public bathrooms are very rare, so not sure what to do about that, just be ready (not sure how).
  6. Drink bottled water only. That’s what everyone did and I didn’t try otherwise.


I had a 6AM flight to catch and ended up spending a night at the airport sipping on wine, then Starbucks, then working and taking a 5 hour long nap on the plane because it was my lucky day – a row of empty seats.

What a great trip I will never forget but Home Sweet Home!!!

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