How to Quick Release Instant Pot How to Quick Release Instant Pot
February 10, 2021
by Olena

How to Quick Release Instant Pot

by Olena

This tutorial will explain How to Quick Release Instant Pot. I’ll explain what it is and the difference between Natural Release. Because there are so many healthy Instant Pot recipes on this site, you may also find it helpful to read my article how to eat healthy using an Instant Pot.

how to quick release instant pot

So, we talked about Natural Release before.

I also recommend to check out my Instant Pot guide if you are new to electric pressure cooking. It will answer many questions for you.

Now, what is Quick Release?

What Is Quick Release?

Quick Release is:

  1. The process of moving “float valve” (“pressure release valve” or “steam release valve”) from Sealing to Venting position.
  2. Right after cooking has finished.
  3. Before pressure pin dropped down (in this case pink one).
  4. To bring down pressure inside the pot.
  5. Which will be indicated by the dropped down pressure pin.

What Is the Difference between Quick and Natural Release?

Natural Release is to let pressure subside inside Instant Pot on its own until the pressure pin drops down.

You do not turn float valve to Venting after Instant Pot is done cooking. You just let it be. Read more about Natural Release.

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When to Do It?

Do quick release as soon as Instant Pot has finished cooking if that’s what recipe calls for. Please read the recipe.

Also with Instant Pot soup recipes I recommend to wait at least 5 minutes. Otherwise, it will splatter a lot around your countertop.

Why Do You Quick Release Outside?

See my Instant Pot is venting outside? I do it often.

Why? To avoid house smell like food for days. Especially with high liquid volume meals like soups, steam can be coming out for 3-5 minutes. And 8 quart Instant Pot has more pressure inside than 6 quart.

It literally takes seconds to move Instant Pot on the patio. If you have one. But you can totally do Quick Release inside your kitchen.

Also, with high liquid Instant Pot recipes like soups, there is a lot of splattering. Keeps countertop clean and then rain cleans the patio. Ha!

Things Not to Do when Quick Releasing

  1. Let pressure release under or very close to upper kitchen cabinets. Just unplug and move it a bit if necessary. I know some Instant Pots have short cord. Steam can damage your cabinet doors.
  2. Stick your face, arms or fingers right above the steam. Just move release valve to Venting carefully with one finger.

instant pot ground beef stroganoff

Ready to Try Recipes with Quick Release?

More Instant Pot Resources

Did you know we have entire Youtube channel dedicated to healthy Instant Pot recipes and tips? My goal is to help you become confident with your Instant Pot by demonstrating each delicious foolproof recipe in step-by-step videos.

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