by Olena

Coconut Protein Balls

by Olena

Healthy No Bake Coconut Protein Balls Recipe with whey protein powder, dates, almonds and coconut flakes.
Healthy no bake coconut protein balls recipe with whey protein powder, dates, almonds and coconut flakes. They make great pre or post workout snack.

I recommend using only unflavoured and unsweetened protein powder for this coconut protein balls recipe.

Coconut protein balls are great to store in the fridge for up to a week and they freeze beautifully. I found they do not harden much in a freezer. To defrost just thaw them on a counter for 15 minutes and pop them in your gym bag for a healthy pre or post workout snack. Enjoy!


Coconut Protein Balls

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Healthy No Bake Coconut Protein Balls Recipe with whey protein powder, dates, almonds and coconut flakes.

  • Author:
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Total Time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: 32 balls



  1. Combine dates, almonds and water in a food processor and grind. Small chunks are fine.
  2. Add to the mixing bowl along with protein powder, chocolate chips and cacao powder. Mix with spatula until well combined. Mixture will seem dry in the beginning. If necessary add more water.
  3. Spread coconut flakes on a flat surface like a dinner plate and roll 32 balls in it.

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  1. Thank you so much for this delicious recipe! I used coconut flour instead of almonds and no carob or chocolate chips, but lots of raw cocoa. It was the best clean treat I ever ate 🙂 Thanks so much!

      1. I don’t like almonds, so I was wondering if almonds was really necessary. Im not a fan of nut butters either. My question is if i didn’t include the almonds, would it make much of a difference?

        1. You need some kind if binder. Whether ground nuts or coconut flour but you need the balls to hold together. Even coconut flakes would work.

  2. I made these last night but they seem too wet. Tried adding in another scoop of protein but I can’t seem to bring it back to a consistency where I can roll them. Even in the fridge overnight didn’t help enough. Any advice?

  3. Hi Olena 🙂 I would love to make this recipe, but I need your advise, I have mnot found carob chips here in Ireland, is there any substitute that you would recommend?

  4. Hi there I am very anxious to try them tomo !! Where go u get the protein from!!!
    And are they only 2 weight watches points !!!

    1. Last time I bought Kaizen whey. I buy it at grocery store whatever is cheaper and natural – grass fed cows and not artificially sweetened. That’s what I look for.

    1. You can use what you have. I use unflavoured because is the cleanest and I like to add my own flavours. It’s easy to cook with it.

      1. I’ve been making my own protein balls lately as I’m trying
        to lose weight and ‘eat clean’. Just out of curiosity, how many
        should I be eating as a snack?

        1. I would eat 1 after a meal to satisfy my sweet tooth craving. To replace a snack I would eat 2. Along with an apple. Hope this helps.

  5. These should be kept in the fridge or freezer, correct? Do they need to be thawed if kept in the freezer (how firm do they get)? Thanks!

    1. Yes. Store these protein balls in a fridge for couple weeks or freezer for up to a couple months. You know, they didn’t freeze much in the freezer so you can eat them within 5 minutes of thawing.

      1. Thank you for sharing your recipes, they are beautiful and FUEL for life, I have just started making them, and has saved me so much money and time, once again, thank you keep posting, warm regards 🙂

  6. These sound great as a healthy food to keep in my bag at work for food emergencies.

    I tend to need to eat about every 4 hrs. Byron Richards (Wellness Resources) doesn’t agree about snacking. He says it can ruin metabolism and gives science to back it up. However I tend to think it’s ok to eat so long as you’ve completely ‘used up’ (i.e. digested and expended) your previous meal. For some people that may be more frequently than others, depending on activity levels, growth, metabollic rate etc.

    hmm I wouldn’t say ALL fats are healthty fats. e.g. hydrogenated, trans, too much vegetable oil. And then there’s the quality issue– whether they’re rancid, processed/refined, contaminated, etc. I think it’s worth being selective about fats, because they are so essential to our body we don’t want to go just eat any fat haphazardly.

    1. I keep these protein balls in my freezer all the time.
      There are many different theories out there these days. I lean towards fuelling your body every 3-4 hours. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.