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Instant Pot Spaghetti (Video)

by Olena

4.9 from 50 reviews

Instant Pot Spaghetti is healthy one pot dinner ready in 20 minutes. Pasta, meat and sauce – all cook in one pot. It is true Italian meal with a lot of flavor and little effort. So hearty!

This spaghetti recipe is a cross of my spaghetti with tomato sauce and meat sauce. You can use any ground meat, pasta or sauce. Kids will love it!

instant pot spaghetti

Pressure Cooker Spaghetti

Instant Pot spaghetti is one of those dinners that saves the busy weeknight. Or who am I kidding, most weekends with kids are just as busy.

That’s when we throw meat, pasta and sauce in our pressure cooker and healthy dinner is on the table in 20 minutes. Spaghetti comes out not mushy, sauce flavorful and everyone is happy. You have to try!

We make this all year round, friends. Even in summer, because Instant Pot doesn’t warm up your kitchen.

instant pot spaghetti and meat sauce garnished with parmesan and basil

Ingredients for Instant Pot Spaghetti

What I love about this recipe is that you can use 5 simple ingredients you have on hand:

  • Pasta: You can use white, whole wheat or gluten free spaghetti. As for shape, you can use long and short pasta, realistically. Penne, fettuccine, fusilli, elbow macaroni etc.
  • Ground meat: Ground turkey, beef, chicken, lamb or even venison. Poultry will make Instant Pot spaghetti more lean and therefore a healthier choice.

ground beef, tomato sauce, pasta, cheese, spices

  • Tomato sauce: Plain canned tomato sauce and add simple spices, salt and a bit of sugar to reduce acidity. Or jarred seasoned sauce like spaghetti or marinara. This sauce already has spices, salt and sugar added to it.
  • Spices: Dried oregano, basil and thyme or just Italian seasoning. You can skip them with jarred pasta sauce.

instant pot spaghetti grabbed with tongs

How to Make Instant Pot Spaghetti

If you are new to cooking with Instant Pot, check out my Instant Pot guide. Don’t have an Instant Pot yet? Check out which one you should buy. And you should very soon. Life changing magic pot! You are welcome.

  • Brown meat: Press Saute and cook meat until small pieces. If it is beef or lamb, I would drain it mid way to reduce fat and speed up sauteing. Then add water, seasonings and scrape the bottom of the pot.

how to make instant pot spaghetti step by stephow to make instant pot spaghetti step by stephow to make instant pot spaghetti step by step

  • Add pasta and sauce: Lay broken in half pasta noodles criss cross in 6 layers. Pour tomato sauce on top and do not stir. Do not worry about water and sauce not covering the noodles. There is enough steam inside the pot to soften them under pressure.

how to make instant pot spaghetti step by stephow to make instant pot spaghetti step by step

  • Cook on high pressure for 5 minutes: Then do a Quick Release with pressure after. Stir and let sit for 3 minutes to soak up the juices. If pasta is too firm to your liking, let it sit longer – 10 minutes.

how to make instant pot spaghetti step by stephow to make instant pot spaghetti step by step

Tips and Variations

  • Gluten free pasta: I would reduce cooking time from 5 minutes to 3 minutes for gluten free pasta.
  • If pasta is “crunchy”: Close the lid and let it sit extra 10 minutes after cooking. It’s pasta, it cooks fast and is better to undercook.
  • Too liquidy? When you first open the pot, spaghetti might too watery. Give it a stir and a few minutes to absorb.
  • Clumping noodles: Criss crossing pasta resolves most of clumping. Some is OK, just use a fork to separate them.
  • Veggies: Throw in some chopped onion and mushrooms while browning the meat.
  • Sausage: Instead of ground meat, you can use sausage.

More Instant Pot Recipes

Did you know we have entire Youtube channel dedicated to healthy Instant Pot recipes and tips? Make sure to subscribe and hit the Bell icon not to miss new videos.

instant pot spaghetti


Instant Pot Spaghetti

4.9 from 50 reviews

Instant Pot Spaghetti is healthy one pot dinner ready in 20 minutes. Pasta, meat and sauce – all cook in one pot.

  • Author: Olena of
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 20 minutes
  • Yield: 6 servings 1x
  • Category: Dinner
  • Method: Instant Pot
  • Cuisine: Italian


  • 1 lb extra lean ground beef, turkey or chicken
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 tsp oregano, dried
  • 1 tsp basil, dried
  • 1 tsp thyme, dried
  • 1 tsp salt
  • Ground black pepper, to taste
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • 10 oz whole wheat spaghetti
  • 28 oz tomato sauce, low sodium


  1. On Instant Pot, press Saute and wait until display says Hot. Add meat and cook until brown in colour, breaking into pieces constantly. Instant Pot doesn’t really brown the meat and it doesn’t have to be cooked through.
  2. If cooking beef, I drain the fat in the middle of cooking. Up to you. Healthier.
  3. Add water, oregano, basil, thyme, salt and pepper. Scrape the bits off of the bottom of the pot with spatula while stirring everything. Helps to avoid Burn message. Press Cancel.
  4. Break noodles in half and add criss cross in about 6 layers. It helps to prevent noodles from sticking.
  5. Pour tomato sauce and maple syrup on top. Do not stir.
  6. Close the lid, turn pressure vent to Sealing and press Pressure Cooking on High for 5 minutes.
  7. After Instant Pot has finished cooking, release pressure using Quick Release method by turning valve to Venting and open the lid.
  8. Spaghetti will look watery. Don’t worry. Stir gently and let sit for 3 minutes.
  9. Serve hot garnished with basil and Parmesan cheese. Or however you like spaghetti. Enjoy!

Store: Refrigerate leftovers in an airtight container for up to 2 days. Do not freeze.


You can use white, whole wheat or gluten free spaghetti. Or even fettuccine like I did. Cook gluten free pasta for 3 minutes, others no change. Worst case scenario, if it’s a bit crunchy, you let it sit a few extra minutes after cooking. It’s pasta, it cooks fast and is better to undercook.

For more meat and sauce, use 8 oz of noodles. I liked 10 oz because feeds more and less meat.

Replace thyme, basil and oregano with 1 tbsp of Italian seasoning.

You can replace tomato sauce with a jar of your favorite sauce! If you do so, reduce dried herbs to only 1 tsp and salt to 1/2 tsp, and eliminate maple syrup. Jarred sauce contains sugar already.:)

 Did you make this recipe? Please give it a star rating in the comments.

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  1. This is possibly the best spaghetti you will ever make. Follow the recipe . The herbs season the sauce perfectly, rich and thick. I throw in some diced onions while browning the beef and a few mushrooms before cooking. Definitely a keeper.

  2. So simple, quick and tasty. The family loved it. This will be our new go-to spaghetti recipe. Thank you so much for your hard work!

  3. I love this recipe. Next time I’m going to try to make it with Italian sausage, instead of ground beef.

  4. This will be my go to recipe from now on. My kids love spaghetti and I know they will love this recipe. Super easy and quick to prepare. I added a quarter of chopped yellow onion and two chopped garlic cloves that I sautéed with turkey meat. I used agave instead of maple syrup. The spaghetti came out delicious!

  5. I used spinach tortellini and lean mince beef (90/10 no need to drain) and everything fits into my small 3q instant pot with no problems. Tastes great!

  6. Absolutely love this spaghetti, reminds me so much of the way my mother spaghetti tasted. Husband insists on having it about once a week!

  7. I’ve made this twice. We love it. Extremely simple and all in one pot! The pasta is perfect. Not mushy. Delicious!

  8. Wow, Wow, Wow, just bought an Insta Pot and made your Insta Pit Spaghetti for my wife tonight.
    Watched your video then made it, your right this is restaurant quality Spaghetti.
    Love your website, can’t wait to try more of you recipes.

    Thank you so much!

      1. This was phenomenal…made this last week and honestly it tasted like I had been working on this dish all day. From start to finish I believe this recipe took about 40-50 mins total time, which blew my mind. Just amazing and I adore my IP even more after that meal!

  9. This looks yummy and easy! I am deciding which brand multipot to purchase. I saw a comparison on another YouTube site and they said the Instant Pot did not reach an effective the slow cooker temperature which was, I believe, way too low. As I recall, I believe they said legit slow cooker temp is 200 degrees farenheight. Proper slow cooker function is an important consideration for me given I use slow cooker and will be getting rid of one of my slow cookers to make space for a multipot. Also too low slow cooker temp is actually dangerous breeding ground for bacteria and thus food poisoning. Have you heard this about Instant Pots slow cooker setting, temperature too low? Appreciate any advice.

  10. Extremely easy especially when using our favorite Spaghetti sauce instead of tomato sauce.

  11. I received the Instant Pot as a gift a few years ago. The instructions that come with it are POOR and I’m being polite. I use it weekly to make yogurt. Then I found Olena’s website. Oh my! Life has changed! I have an injury that makes it difficult to stand at the stove or sink to prepare a meal. I also am completely unable to lift a full pot of water from the sink to my cooktop. Making anything with pasta has not been possible for a while. And then I came across this recipe. I had my doubts but tried it anyway. This is unbelievably easy and good! I didn’t add the maple syrup because we are cutting out added sugars. I use my home-canned tomatoes and the spices mentioned in the recipe. This will become a frequent favorite! Thank you, Olena!

    1. Yay! I love Instant Pot cooking and helping others LOVE cooking with their instant pots! Thanks for sharing!

  12. This is the most amazing and delicious instant pot spaghetti. It is quick and easy
    and you don’t have to cook the noodles separately. My family loves it!

  13. This has become a family favourite…. so tasty and uses only 1 pot!!!! It’s my ‘go to’ spaghetti dinner!

  14. Turned out amazing!! I did add veggies and other spices. But otherwise followed the exact recipe.

  15. Absolutely delicious and all made in one pot! Made me the hero of my household last night! I followed all instructions as written, except I added a little garlic powder! So tasty! I will be making this again and again! I love this website. Thanks Olena!

  16. It was a bit bland so i spiced it up with a splash of good red wine, A grated carrot and some finely chopped celery (stick). Yum! And btw I agree on the amount of spaghetti Vs meat! Great blog also! Inspiring, and fun personality too! Keep up your good work! <3 //Anna in Sweden

    1. I have made this spaghetti nearly 10 times already (YES hahah) and it is a superdish for weeknights or to bring for lunch at work. We are getting a new kitchen so no kitchen at all for a week or two but I have stacked up with your dishes in the freezer and i am really glad i have my IP too 🙂 You have really inspired me to try and experiment. Tonight I made chickenspaghetti cremefraiche and herbs and turned out okay. My OH even loved it more than me. I keep coming back here because you have such a great personality. Happy and inspiring. 😀

      1. Anna! Thank you so much for your kind message! It makes me so happy to hear that my blog has helped you feel inspired and ready to experiment in the kitchen. Good luck with your kitchen Reno!

  17. Hi Olena,
    I always use frozen ground beef in my spaghetti recipe. Works great!! Saves time. I brown10lbs and freeze in 1lb packages. Takes minutes to throw it all in the Instant Pot. I will try your recipe next. Love your website.

    1. Awe, thanks Mary! Please don’t be shy to leave a comment and a star review for any other recipes that you try! Have a great weekend.

  18. Freaking great and so so easy. I changed just one step,I put in the great value sketty sauce (garlic-tomato-onion). Was just as she said, after 5min looks watery, stir and put lid back on and perfect at 3 min’s. Wife loves me – TONIGHT ?

  19. Made this last night!!! Best speggetti and sauce ever! Was great… I’ll be using this again for sure ?

  20. I love this recipe. Simple to make but the results were wonderful. The whole wheat spaghetti was perfectly cooked. I have always had a tendency to overcook pasta. This was just right! I am looking forward to making this again.

  21. I found this website looking for some healthy dinner ideas which then lead me to learning all about instant pots! After reading all about them from Olena, I had to get one! We tried the spaghetti recipe as our first go with the instant pot and wow! It was sooo good! I absolutely hate cooking but the instant pot made it so much more enjoyable and the recipe actually tasted so good unlike so many other recipes I’ve attempted from the internet. Thank you so much, Olena for putting in such a great amount of effort to make such a great website and make the recipes easy to follow!

    1. Yay!!! Right?! I mean not everyone loves cooking and I get it but we all have to eat. I think Instant Pot is perfect for cooking haters lol. You are very-very welcome! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Alix! Thank you for the wonderful review! 

  22. I tried your Instant pot spaghetti recipe and followed directions exactly but the noodles were not cooked at all after only 5 minutes. Was your timing written wrong?

    1. Hi Wendy. I usually cook for 5 minutes with no problem. Do you like very soft noodles? Then try 7-8 minutes next time. You can always close the lid and cook for extra few minutes finding the optimal cooking time for your personal taste and type of noodles you use. Or just close the lid and let noodles sit a bit – it is pasta, it absorbs liquids fast.
      If noodles were in their original uncooked condition then smth must have gone wrong with IP.

  23. This was my first attempt at using my Instant Pot and it was quite successful. I added mushrooms and zucchini to the recipe and both my husband and I were quite happy with the results. Thank you!

  24. I love that this can be done in one pan. We used to have a minimum of two or three pans to wash after this type of meal. Now we have spaspaghetti more often!

      1. Had this tonight as a project I was working on took a bit longer than anticipated and I didn’t feel like making anything with a lot of steps. This was Soooooo good! The only change I made was adding some garlic at the end as I was stirring everything together (we’re a garlic loving house). This will definitely become a staple here! Thanks for another great recipe!

  25. Such an easy recipe and simple ingredients. But the result was very delicious! Thank you very much for another dinner-saver!

  26. Tried this for the first time last night. I used ground turkey and added fresh chopped green pepper, onion, and mushrooms dumped on top of the noodles then coved with a jar of spaghetti sauce. Your recipe was spot on. My husband took a bowl of left over with him today. So yes!! You have taught me so much about my instant pot and I have loved every recipe. Today I’m looking for your chili recipe.?

  27. Second time making this spaghetti dish. We love it so much that I have now added the recipe to my cookbook for future reference??. Thank you!!

  28. I made this tonight and I used fettuccini. They weren’t done after 5 minutes, so I started the time over for 2 more minutes, still not done! Then I pressure cooked it again for 3 minutes, and we ate them but they weren’t all done. Next time I’ll use spaghetti noodles. But, aside from that, it was very good!

    1. Oh, no. Here are some tips. For a few reasons trying to cook 2nd and 3rd time Instant Pot meal doesn’t work the same as cooking it the first time. Closing lid and cooking again I mean. Next time if it ever happens, close the lid and let pasta sit for 10 minutes. Hot sauce and steam inside the pot will “cook” it to your desired texture.:) Also try 7 minutes for fettuccine next time. Could be the altitude, size of a pot etc. It’s Instant Pot. Spaghetti definitely comes out very soft after 5 minutes, so might be your favorite pasta. Glad everyone enjoyed.:)

  29. Used my instant pot for the first time today, tried this recipe. So quick and easy, lovely flavour and great ratio of meat/sauce to pasta. Loved how I didn’t need to hover over the hob or do any stirring!
    Anyone tried adding mushrooms to the recipe? I usually add these to my bolognaise but not sure when to add? Thanks for the recipe and instant pot advice!

  30. We bought an Instant Pot Duo on Black Friday and have hardly used it. This recipe was super easy because I had previously cooked crumbled ground beef (when it was on sale) and had different size containers in the freezer. Also I used 32 oz. Classico Pasta Sauce from Costco. Our grandson suggested we make it again when his family comes to visit in August. It was delicious. Our goal now is to use the IP at least once each week.

  31. Hi, I just stumbled upon you while looking for healthy uncooked oat snacks 🙂 Just wondering is an instant pot different to a slow cooker? Could I do the same thing with the slow cooker, or would I need to do the sauteing (?) etc on stove then into the pot…..would times be the same after that?Or does this sort of recipe not translate well to a slow cooker? I really am a desperate housewife (a little bit chubby at this stage) in need of healthy stuff that is more than my 5 current meals….I too have a kid who eats everything I give him. Your answer would be awesome, thanks so much. I will keep browsing 🙂 Regards from Finland (but really a South African married and living here)

  32. OK THIS CAME OUT PERFECT!! Literally the pasta comes out just like you always want it to come out but it never does when you cook it in the stove? I made this two nights ago and my husband and mom loved it so much!!

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