Organic Food Haul $102.05 Organic Food Haul $102.05
July 17, 2019
by Olena

Organic Food Haul $102.05

by Olena

Organic Food Haul in February 2017 at my local health food store for $102.05. Shopped mostly for specialty items. | ifoodreal.com

After a Costco grocery haul last week, yesterday I went to a local health food store to stock up on “rare” items. When I initially looked at this photo and saw $102.05 in the title, I was like “Whoa, health food stores are expensive!”. And they are, and that is why I visit them once in a blue moon to buy specialty items.

I would like to clarify, I do not go to health food store to buy teff flour or tapioca starch, but rather too buy non-GMO corn tortillas for tacos, organic dried beans and crap free lollipops. I classify myself as a frugal health conscious shopper without a budget because health of my family has no price tag. I will sacrifice a piece of clothing for quality food. I can control myself well and not grab $2 bunch of organic cilantro and $1 organic lime I can buy elsewhere 3 times cheaper that don’t have to be organic. As much as I would like to support local businesses, I think health food stores are extremely overpriced for same products you can buy at Costco or a regular grocery store. 

So, here is my organic food haul, prices in CAD $:

The Farm House whole milk 1L $2.49 (1/2 price) – reduced 2 days before expiry but good for 5 days after opening, even after the expiry date. This milk is like I used to know in Ukraine, with cream on top from a local organic farm where cows graze the grass fields.

Indian Life masala wraps $5.78 for 2 (1/2 price) – mostly made with organic whole wheat/wheat flours, I can close my eyes on presence of some all-purpose flour. I freeze wraps, so expiry date doesn’t matter.

Silver Hills bagels $4.79 (1/2 price) – a day before expiry day but doesn’t matter because I freeze them anyways.

Yum Earth lollipops 50 count $9.99 – for kids’ treats I always take with us skiing, to a hockey rink or just for a weeknight/weekend treat. I like that they are small and taste delicious!

Pinto Beans 1.5KG $12.50 – I cook and freeze my own beans in place of buying organic BPA free canned beans which are 10 times more expensive.

Black beans 2.5KG $15.82

Gala apples 3LBS $6.99 – for snacks.

Thai Kitchen yellow curry paste $5.19 – I couldn’t find specifically yellow type anywhere else so bought it here.

Nature’s Path Whole O’s $8.99 – for kids’ breakfasts, low in sugar. I do not make my own cereal, nor do I cook anything for breakfast besides toast, eggs and oatmeal during the week.

Tree Island plain yogurt 1.5KG $14.99 – grass fed cream top 6.5% yogurt from Vancouver Island, to eat and dilute sugary organic vanilla yogurt for kids.

Manna Bread banana walnut $3.99 – this bread is between homemade banana bread and store-bought bread, moist and delicious for breakfast.

Food for Life corn tortillas for 2 $9.78 – for making tacos. If I don’t buy corn tortillas at health food store, I will never find them anywhere else or we won’t eat tacos.

What do you buy at a health food/organic/natural store?

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  1. Hi Olena! Like you, visits to my local health food store are kept to a minimum, maybe 3-4 times a year. Mostly I purchase organic whole, soft corn tortillas, organic beans, and on occasion crisp organic brown rice cereal for homemade no bake protein bars. Also I use some homeopathic remedies and my store carries those. Also if I can’t find a specialty ingredient for a recipe, they are always happy to order it for me.

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