What I Ate Weekend #4 What I Ate Weekend #4
December 6, 2017
by Olena

What I Ate Weekend #4


Friday night me and Alex went out on “a date” which involved shopping at Value Village. I know! I find it very good for kids brand name clothing. I have bought wonderful things there for dirt cheap. I honestly got tired of spending hundreds of $s on kids clothing when they grow so fast. So, I will take and buy all good hand me downs. More money for my Lululemon.

Also, before we move on, I have to be honest and say the past week has been so full of wine and weird food combos. First, I totally overate my slow cooker red pepper lasagna. See, moderation is key. Then my girlfriend brought pizza which was so handy since we had lots of kids and I was too tired to cook. I just ate too much pizza. Thin crust and gluten free but still a bit too much for me. I didn’t feel the greatest past week in terms of food which happens very rarely. Back on track this week, hopefully.

Friday Night

Anyways. First, I had a decaf Americano Misto with soy milk at Starbucks which was not good. We both vouched to try Blenz next time.



After a bit of shopping we had dinner at OPA – Greek salad with no feta an a lamb skewer. Was fantastic! I had tzatziki on a side which I couldn’t resist.


While shopping at Winners we picked up a package of unsulphured dried mango. Had half on the drive home and the rest kids gobbled up.



Saturday morning I started with coffee in bed made by Alex and I stayed there till about 3PM while Alex took the boys out to run errands. WOHOO! I have to say that before that Kyle had 2 friends over for a sleepover and there was no school since Thursday. I was exhausted by Friday OMG.


For breakfast I made protein breakfast smoothie – almond milk, oats, Vega protein powder, pineapple and kale. I had 2 glasses.


For lunch was this weird looking soup. But what do you do?! I was cooking kidney beans the other day and had all this liquid from them which essentially makes a great soup base. The only problem was the colour – even I cringed. But what do you do?! I couldn’t bring myself to dump all that organic goodness. I added mom’s deer meat that had to be used from the fridge. As well as cooked brown rice from the fridge. And then sautéed garlic, celery and carrots. Voila. It was eatable, not WOW. Nothing blog worthy haha.


For Saturday night I tested garlic black bean nachos. They were sensational. So-so good. I will post the recipe on Dec 5th. Come back.


Then Alex went out grocery shopping and bought chestnuts. Probably from China. But OK, fine. I decided to roast them but I got lazy and didn’t slit the tops. So, guess what!? Some chestnuts exploded inside my oven and it looked way worse than a Halloween fireworks pumpkin exploded. It was bad. So, half cooked chestnuts we ate with spoons. Super tasty but not ideal.

We won’t go into cleaning the oven drama details. And there was wine too.


After a few glasses of wine my sugar demons woke up, as usual. I took my Nutella pie to a friend’s house and I really missed it on a Saturday night. I had Haagen-Dazs my friend brought over the other day so that was it. Not a lot because everyone wanted some while watching a movie so we all had a bit. Thank goodness.

But at least it was real ice cream. Like I mentioned last week if I had to eat a non-organic ice cream, this one would be it.



Sunday breakfast was a complete fiasco. A continuation of Saturday night’s cooking fiasco (except the nachos). I decided to make a potato frittata in a slow cooker overnight. This idea failed miserably. But again, it contained 10 organic eggs. So, I am still eating frittata while cringing.

Only Alex could say it was delicious. Seriously! Alex is a very smart man – he will say it no matter what because he can’t cook.


I needed a serious pick me up after that frittata – black tea with coconut oil pumpkin brownie to the rescue. That wast the last piece. I seriously need to make a Nutella pie for my own sake ASAP. Getting there, I promise.

I enjoyed it while watching Alex working out. Felt good to watch someone bust their ass and not mine haha. Truth is I should have been working out too but I felt a bit hungover after few glasses. I worked out today and that wine I’m not buying again.


For lunch was the same deer soup.


Post lunch snack was banana with almond butter and cacao nibs. Excuse my presentation but all my meals are in a huge rush in between never ending talking 5 year old who is my shadow. He can’t even hold his breath for a second, so I can’t even keep my thoughts straight plating food.

Clearly, I can only produce normal tasting and looking food when he is at school.


Alex made dinner while I decluttered the house and did crafts with kids a bit. No, I didn’t do crafts. I was wiping glitter glue from everywhere and everyone while explaining to a tantruming child on a floor that glue needs to dry. OMG, I have zero patience left in me. Where is Mexico and where is me?!

So, for dinner Alex made a version of my beef quinoa stew but with potatoes. He was going to Google the recipe and I was like “Seriously?! I have a food blog!”. So, we are getting there – making Alex cook from my recipes. I have warned that other recipes will call for vinegar, wine and Worchestershire sauce. Yep, I was right. He used my recipe.

Somewhere between meals I had an apple and banana I bet. But that was pretty much it for snacks.

Now I have a killer chicken cooking in a slow cooker which I’m going to photograph and post Tuesday-Wednesday. Tonight we have a hockey game which is like half a night event. So, I better go finish dinner for everyone.

Have a great week!

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  1. Sorry for the late comment…just reading this post now…OMG…you had me dying with laughter when you get to the part about your five year old and his non-stop talking and him not being able to hold his breath for a second and you not being able to think straight…so hilariously honest! Then when I get to the part of Alex wanting to google a recipe and yet has a food blogger wife…even funnier! Maybe because it’s been a long week or because it is winter-ish (global warming is messing with that…a low of 9 degrees one day and a high of 55 the next) anyways, it was good to laugh…such a funny post…refreshing to see that everyone has their moments and can be honest about them. Thanks for making me laugh…I mean really laugh….because after all, laughter is the best medicine. Also, I can so relate to the glitter glue…I mean… craft project! More laughter! (:
    Happy New Year!

    1. I know. That’s my life with 3 boys – glitter glue, amnesia and lots of wine. This weather sucks. Moms who don’t laugh, they cry haha. We, moms, are all in this same blessed “shit” we would never trade for anything.:) Have a good weekend, Vickie!

  2. Those nachos look delicious. Can’t wait for you to share that recipe next week. Hope this week runs smoothly for you, but with the holidays so close it seems I never have enough time to do everything. Yet somehow it all does get done. I’m looking forward to the weekend !

    1. Hey Katie. Nachos are photographed and will be posted on Monday.
      I’m not stressing out about the holidays this year at all. It will all get done and whatever isn’t gonna get done wasn’t necessary then haha.
      A weekend with kids is rarely ever relaxing. I’m looking forward to not wake up early and pack lunches but at same time we have hockey, Bday party and have to decorate the house. But it is fun I just don’t think I will relax much. I need like a month in an all-inclusive to recover haha. No, I need a few years to recover and that is what it will feel like when boys grow up. And I will miss this craziness because I’m so used to it now. Idk how to stop anymore. But tomorrow I will stay half a day in bed for sure to ignore the crumbs on the floor and oily fingerprints on furniture an walls. And at night me and Alex will go out for a date which we haven’t done in years. Time to get back at it.:) Have a great weekend!

  3. Sounds like a sideways kind of weekend where nothing really goes to plan. Those kinds of days are always a lesson of rolling with the punches… Not a fun feeling while your going through it but the sigh of relief at the end when it’s all over and you’ve survived is a good feeling. Usually, that sigh of relief comes after that first glass of wine, leading into the second 🙂
    I tried the cauliflower breadsticks recipe. Not sure where I went wrong but it sure didn’t look like the picture, however it was quite tasty and did not deter me from trying again. Perhaps I rolled it out a little too thin and/or my cauliflower was not as big as I thought it was. Oh well. I was hungry, it still tasted great and there was cheese on it! Sounds like a win in my world. I love that you are never shy to say that not everything is a hit or a winner. Sometimes food just ends up fueling the body and not the soul. As long as all the ingredients are healthy, although one in ten recipes may not taste as great as we want, at least we know we are still eating something good for us.

    1. And when you use ten eggs, ten dollars worth of cheese or any amount of good chocolate, your going to eat it, no matter what it tastes like!

    2. I’m staying away from wine during this week. Last week was stressful with work and kids’ stuff. I just kept craving a glass of wine. This week I don’t. Interesting. I always go with a flow. I also think it is the dark winter nights and repetitive every day. Winter is just so boring. That is why I was craving wine and was so tired.
      Did the cauliflower breadsticks hold together? If not then you have to squeeze the liquid out more next time.
      Not every day is perfect, and neither is every meal, and neither anyone is perfect. People who are after perfection can never be satisfied.