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Healthy Waffle Recipe

Olena Osipov
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healthy waffles

Super easy healthy homemade waffles with whole wheat flour your kids will love! Double the batch, toast frozen for healthy breakfasts and snacks.

Are Waffles Healthy?

I stopped buying waffles since we started eating primarily real food because Eggo belongs to a chemistry lab and not my freezer.

There is even colour in those waffles but they are “a source of 9 essential vitamins and minerals”. Wow, really?! Thank you! Kellogg’s also suggests to pair them with a glass of GMO milk to provide “a complete and balanced breakfast”. Double thanks!

box of eggos

Then I found organic waffles but the cost prevented me from buying them. My boys LOVE waffles (what kids don’t?!) and will eat that $5 box for breakfast. I always kept thinking “Not a necessity, next time. I’d rather buy a bag of organic apples with saved money”.

One day, I got so tired of boys begging for waffles, I wiped years worth of dust off my over decade old waffle maker, cleaned out the pantry ingredients and made these applesauce waffles. Then I made them again and stocked my freezer.

Whoa, this is cheap and easy! Since then, me and my waffle maker have regular dates. My latest creation is this amazing healthy waffle recipe, followed by protein waffles. Thick, crunchy on the outside and a bit chewy, healthy waffles keep me sane on many mornings.

How to Make Healthy Waffles

  1. In a large mixing bowl, lightly beat eggs. Add milk, maple syrup, olive oil, vanilla, baking powder and salt; whisk until well combined. Add whole wheat flour, mix well.  healthy waffles batter
  2. Preheat waffle maker and make waffles according to your waffle maker’s instructions. Amount of batter depends on the size of your waffle maker. I have similar to this non-stick one and used about 1/3 cup batter per waffle. If your waffle maker is cast iron you might have to spray it with cooking spray to prevent waffles from sticking but maybe not since batter has enough oil. Try one and see how it comes out. waffles on griddle
  3. To freeze, let waffles cool for 10 – 15 minutes, then place in a resealable Ziploc bag, let as much air out as possible, seal and freeze. Call me crazy but I also wash, dry and reuse not heavily soiled bags. I wouldn’t save a bag from meat or fish but from waffles why not?!how to freeze healthy homemade waffles

Healthy Waffle Toppings:

  • Maple syrup. Again, Aunt Jemima belongs to a chemical lab – ingredient #1 “glucose”. Spend a few more $s and buy full of vitamins and nutrients maple syrup. Your kids will not notice the difference. Just tell them not to pour like cheap pancake syrup.:)
  • Yogurt. When I have time I make yogurt in Instant Pot (if you make Greek yogurt, leftover whey makes amazing healthy pancakes) or buy plain whole milk yogurt. I shoot for local, organic or grass-fed, no added sugar. Maple syrup on top and it’s a creamy heaven!
  • Frozen fruit. Costco is amazing for affordable organic berries and fruit. Thaw it a bit and its juices will blend beautifully with yogurt and maple syrup “streams”.
whole wheat waffles recipe

Healthy Waffle Recipe

Super easy healthy homemade waffles with whole wheat flour your kids will love! Double the batch, toast frozen for healthy breakfasts and snacks.
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Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: North American
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 12 waffles
Calories: 131kcal
Author: Olena Osipov


  • 2 eggs large
  • 1 1/2 cups any milk I used unsweetened almond milk
  • 3 tbsp maple syrup or honey
  • 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil (butter is OK)
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder aluminum free
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 cups whole wheat flour


  • In a large mixing bowl, lightly beat eggs. Add milk, maple syrup, olive oil, vanilla, baking powder and salt; whisk until well combined. Add whole wheat flour, mix well.
  • Preheat waffle maker and make waffles according to your waffle maker's instructions. Amount of batter depends on the size of your waffle maker. I have similar to this non-stick one and used about 1/3 cup batter per waffle. If your waffle maker is cast iron you might have to spray it with cooking spray to prevent waffles from sticking but maybe not since batter has enough oil. Try one and see how it comes out.

Store: Refrigerate in air circulating container for up to a week.

    Freeze: Fully cook, cool completely, and freeze in an airtight container for up to 6 months. Reheat in a toaster.


      Serving: 2waffles | Calories: 131kcal | Carbohydrates: 19g | Protein: 4g | Fat: 5g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 27mg | Sodium: 169mg | Potassium: 83mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 4g | Vitamin A: 40IU | Calcium: 60mg | Iron: 1mg
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      olena osipov in the studio

      Hello and welcome to iFOODreal.

      My name is Olena Osipov. I'm a mom to 2 boys, a wife to Alex and we reside on magical Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. This is our healthy family recipes blog. Originally from Ukraine, I grew up on real food. As an adult, I struggled with diets for years because none worked long-term. Now for over 10 years, I cook easy healthy meals for my family. I can help you with “What’s for dinner?” too.

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      1. 5 stars
        My family loved these! I used our gf Pamela’s bread mix instead of whole wheat flour and they were delicious. The batter seemed thick though so I poured quite a bit more almond milk in. Loved them, we will definitely make them again!

      2. these turned out really dense, i like fluffy soft waffles these were a little rubbery, maybe i did something wrong but i don’t think i will make them again.

      3. 5 stars
        So yummy! I used whole grain buckwheat flour. Unbelievably light & fluffy with a nice crispness. Thank you for the wonderful recipe!

      4. 5 stars
        I ended up separating the egg yolk from egg whites and whipped egg whites to soft peak and combined in the end. Made a nice fluffy texture and worked great!

      5. 5 stars
        Perfect. I had with tuna and sweet chilli sauce…. dont like sweet!
        I only recently bought a waffle maker….hadnt had them before! ( I am Scottish ?)

      6. 5 stars
        I replaced 1/4 of the flour with almond meal (1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour and 1/2 cup almond meal). It worked out great. I noticed you have an almond meal waffle recipe, but this recipe has more standard ingredients, so it was more convenient.

        Thanks for the great recipe.

      7. 5 stars
        Delicious! I make these most weekends for my family and extra which I freeze for a quick snack throughout the week!

      8. 5 stars
        So I didn’t have a waffle maker so I turned them into pancakes instead and they were delicious. Amazing Job

      9. 5 stars
        Everyone in my family just loves these waffles. It is especially fussy kid approved which is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you so so much for your healthy and easy recipes, it is my go to site for food ideas and recipes.

      10. 4 stars
        I’m cooking this right now. Very easy recipe but I’m wondering if anyone knows how many calories this is

        1. These waffles are made with REAL, simple ingredients. They are made healthy with whole wheat flour and sweetened with maple syrup or honey (no refined sugar).

        2. Hi just wondering if you don’t have a waffle maker can you put them in a silicone waffle tray and put them in the oven?

      11. 4 stars
        I thought they were great. Just a little more sweetner would have made it better. I used honey as my sweetner. They turned out solid instead of soggy wich was perfect. I dont like soggy waffles. Thanks for this recipe!

      12. How would I go about making these waffles with the whey from my yogurt venture? Hoping for a faux sourdough waffle.

      13. Hi! Can I make them with regular white flour? If so is it just a fair swap or will it be different measurements?

        1. Yes, you can use white flour. Usually 1 cup of white flour= 3/4 cup whole wheat flour. So for this recipe you may need to add more white flour and a little less liquid (milk).

      14. 5 stars
        I did 1/2 whole meal 1/2 gluten free. substituted 1 protein powder serve .1 tsp Mac’s powder 3/4 cup frozen blue berries and 2 tablespoon ALPS blend ,coconut oil instead of olive oil
        And substituted maple syrup for pure organic sugar free mapel syrup . Wanted to up load pic but couldn’t see how .tastes great if you want a change

      15. 5 stars
        I used 1/2 white & 1/2 wheat flour so they weren’t too heavy, they turned out lighter & fluffier than I expected! I used honey in the recipe and we always use real maple syrup on top?

      16. 5 stars
        Great, easy and quick – perfect for my family of 6 kids! I have a small and slow waffle maker so I made flapjacks with the same recipe while waiting for my slow waffle maker.

        1. 5 stars
          Amazing! Thank you so much. I was looking for a healthy waffle recipe. Your recipe has been a regular in my kitchen now! 🙂

      17. 5 stars
        Just made these with my grandson, Michael.
        Easy and yummy!
        He ate 3 of them!
        Luisa from Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada.

      18. Darn! I was hoping heart healthy would be lower in cholesterol and sodium. Trying to get hubby’s blood pressure down with diet. Looks good otherwise.

      19. 5 stars
        So good! Been looking for a recipe that didn’t include added refined sugar. I do go half and half with the whole wheat and regular flour though. My son loves them!

      20. 5 stars
        Love yor Utube channel too suggest all try this&suscribe there for much more happy healthy faces.Do you advertise your Utube on twitter?I’m not on FB

      21. 5 stars
        Excited to make these for my little bear tomorrow morning! Just got a mini waffle maker and I’m chomping at the bit to use it. These sound great for make ahead, quick grab and go homemade breakfast on those busy school morning…our school year resolution is to stop with the store bought convenience foods! Thank you for the recipe 🙂

      22. 5 stars
        I made a few slight changes to the recipe. It was delicious! I halved the recipe, and I used white whole wheat flour and canola oil. I set my waffle maker to 5 1/2 (max setting 6), and after I removed the waffles, I put them on a cooling rack in a 250 degree Fahrenheit oven to make sure the crispiness didn’t go away while I made the next waffles. I put 1/4 t butter extract and 1 T rainbow jimmies in the batter to make them funfetti waffles, and I topped them with some more rainbow jimmies and some melted sugar-free vanilla frosting. The texture and flavor were awesome. Thanks for a wonderful recipe!

      23. Okay I did everything according to the recipe, except I didnt have whole wheat flour and used almond flour instead? Is that big no no? They didnt turn out at all! Had to throw away the whole batch! What did i do wrong? These sounded so yummy!

        1. Yes it’s a big no no. You can’t substitute flours much in baking because all flours rise differently and need different amount of liquid. That’s why they didn’t turn out. You can search my blog for almond flour waffles or pancakes. Or just plug in almond flour and you will see lots of recipes for it..)

      24. 5 stars
        I followed this recipe exactly, except for the whole wheat flour (didn’t have any), so I used white flour and coconut flour. Waffles came out great except that i only got 3 because i have a very large vertical waffle maker. Will increase my ingredients next time.

      25. 4 stars
        Made these as dinner tonight. They were very tasty, I used honey and soy milk. They did stick to the waffle iron like glue, but that was solved with lots of cooking spray.

        1. Happy to hear, Megan. You might need a new waffle maker as non-stick coating wears out. Or cook a tad longer even past the Ready indicator. The batter has oil and with non-stick surface these healthy waffles shouldn’t stick.:)

      26. These were delicious & my mom thinks so, too! She wants me to make them again soon, & I don’t blame her. (gotta love that almond milk)

      27. 5 stars
        Made these as pancakes as i dont have a waffle iron and oh my god, they were incredible!
        Was also out of honey so used mashed banana as a sweetner, I think this made them a slight bit drier so would probably need double or 1.5 times the amount.

      28. Hi Olena. I’m really excited to try this recipe. Is it possible to pre-make the waffle batter the night before and store it in the fridge, so that it’s ready to cook in the morning? TIA

        1. Totally. I just made these on Sunday. Triple batch and froze. Took me a few hours but I was cleaning the kitchen along the way. So much cheaper than store-bought organic.

      29. Hm I make mine with pancake mix and protein mix – egg whites folded in. They have been dry lately? any suggestions? thanks!

        1. Because they lack fats. Ideally I would use eggs instead of whites or at least half and half. Or coconut oil. Applesauce is a low calorie moisturizer too. Look up I have Gluten Free Applesauce Waffles.

      30. hello. i put all the ingredients into a calorie counter and got 535 calories for 2 waffles. i don’t really understand the HUGE difference.

        1. That doesn’t sound right. If you are using someone else’s ingredients nutritional info, they have many mistakes, you have to double check every ingredient nutr. info. That’s what I do.

      31. How do you reheat the frozen waffles? In the microwave? If so for how long and what power level? Thanks! Can’t wait to try these and stop buying the store bought freezer waffles!

        1. Just a cheap two waffle iron you can find under my Shop page and then Kitchen appliances. Sorry I am on the phone. No link. Just dont pour too much batter and they will come out round and small.

      32. Hi Olena,

        thank you for this lovely recipe! Do you think I could use one cup whole wheat flour and one cup protein powder?

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