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Easy Chickpea Salad with Avocado

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Easy Chickpea Salad with avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, and Mediterranean dressing. This protein packed garbanzo bean salad takes only 15 minutes to make.

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Close up of chickpea salad with avocado, red onion, tomatoes and cucumber.

This is the best chickpea salad with avocado that I have ever made! It is super tasty and is based on traditional Ukrainian cucumber and tomato salad I grew up with, minus the garbanzo beans.

It definitely has Mediterranean flare to it. Juicy tomato, creamy avocado, crunchy cucumber and simple dressing with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and freshly cracked pepper.

Chickpea salad with avocado, parsley, tomato, cucumber and red onion in black bowl.

This chickpea avocado salad is so filling, it can be lunch. Meal prep for a week, then serve alongside grilled chicken or grilled salmon. Sprinkle with feta cheese like traditional Greek salad, the possibilities are endless!

Cucumber, tomatoes, chickpeas, avocado, parsley, lime, red onion, salt, and pepper.

Ingredients For Chickpea with Avocado Salad

Chickpeas as known in the US or garbanzo beans as called in Europe are legumes of yellow color and round shape. Chickpeas are extremely high in protein and super good for you. They are used to make hummus.

  • Chickpeas: I recommend to buy organic low sodium chickpeas in BPA free cans.

Can I use my own homemade chickpeas? Yes! A few years ago I learned how to cook dried beans and now I make Instant Pot chickpeas every few months. Thaw from frozen and make dishes like chicken chickpea stew, or cauliflower shepherd’s pie.

  • Cucumber: Cukes can be seeded or not, cut into bite sized pieces.
  • Tomato: Large or mini tomatoes work. When choosing large, best to pick not too soft fruit so it doesn’t leak too much. Also sharp knife helps a lot to cut through their skin.
  • Avocado: Pick avocado with brown skin and slightly soft to the touch.
  • Red onion: Red or white onion are sweet and less sharp than yellow.
  • Fresh herbs: Any fresh herbs like parsley, cilantro, dill or basil will be great.
  • Simple dressing: Olive oil, lemon (or lime), salt and pepper.
Chickpeas, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, red onion and cilantro in black bowl.

Love Mediterranean food? I highly recommend to try these Mediterranean baked zucchini sticks.

How Do You Make Chickpea Salad with Avocado?

  • Chop veggies: No matter the size of vegetables, make sure to chop them into bite-sized pieces a bit larger chickpeas’ size for the maximum flavour in every bite.
  • To dice avocado, using chef’s knife, cut avocado in half lengthwise. Hold half with a pit in one hand, gently tap sharp edge into the pit deep enough to twist the pit out, twist the knife and discard the pit. Remove with the spoon and dice. Follow step by step tutorial with photos.
  • Make dressing by whisking olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.
  • Combine everything and stir gently. I like to use metal spoon so it doesn’t make veggies mushy. Also, do not stir too long.

Tips for the Perfect Salad

  • Natural juices from tomato and cucumber are released as soon as you add salt, so dressing is best added right before serving.
  • Slice red onion in larger pieces or just big enough for kids to pick out and adults to enjoy.
  • Look for a ripe but firm avocado to avoid it becoming mushy when tossed with the salad ingredients.

Salad Flavor Variations

This easy chickpea salad is both healthy and delicious plus there are so many ways to switch up the flavors!

  • Leafy greens: You could add chopped kale, romaine lettuce or spinach.
  • Ukrainian flare: My aunt always added sliced radishes. And of course a little bit of freshly grated garlic adds more oumph.
  • More Mediterranean: Add 1/4 cup crumbled feta but then reduce salt. Toasted pine nuts make this salad more Mediterranean.
  • Mexican twist: Use lime in the dressing then add diced jalapeno and 1 tsp cumin.

Chickpea salad is perfect mid summer when days are hot and garden is abundant. Use what you have, I do in healthy cucumber salad!

What To Serve This With?

Chickpea salad goes well with any protein and side like bulgur, quinoa or brown rice.

Or pick one of five easy chicken marinades and serve along grilled/toasted pita. Below photo is of grilled chicken with fajita marinade.

Chickpea salad with avocado served with fajita chicken and pita on deep plate.


Are chickpeas safe to eat straight out of the can?

Yes, because they are cooked then canned. I prefer to rinse my chickpeas after draining them to remove the aquafaba (fancy word for chickpea liquid).

Is chickpea salad with avocado healthy?

Yes! This chickpea salad recipe is packed with plant based protein, blood cleansing cilantro, vitamin C loaded tomatoes, heart healthy avocado, and cancer fighting red onion.

Can I add feta cheese to this salad?

Yes! This is a great addition. Add with avocado right before serving.

Could I use a different dressing in this salad?

Sure! This chickpea salad is so versatile, try any of these healthy salad dressings for a different flavor profile.

How to Meal Prep Salad?

You can make ahead garbanzo bean salad for up to 1 day in advance making it great meal prep for summer holiday parties or as part of your weekday healthy lunch ideas!

  • Prep veggies: Add all ingredients except dressing and avocado to a salad bowl.
  • Make dressing.
  • Store: Cover and refrigerate both until ready to serve, up to 1 day.
  • Before serving: Dice avocado before serving and combine. You might have to warm up dressing to melt the oil.

Storage Tips

Store leftovers for up to 1 day. Because there are no leafy greens like in lettuce salad, garbanzo salad holds up well. Do not freeze.

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Chickpea salad with avocado in black bowl with metal spoon.
Easy Chickpea Salad with Avocado

Easy Chickpea Salad with Avocado

Easy Chickpea Salad with avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, and Mediterranean dressing. This protein packed garbanzo bean salad takes only 15 minutes to make.
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Course: Salad
Cuisine: North American
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 8 servings
Calories: 147kcal
Author: Olena Osipov


  • 2 x 14 oz cans chickpeas drained & rinsed
  • 1 long English cucumber cut into bite size pieces
  • 3 medium tomatoes cut into bite size pieces
  • 2 medium ripe avocados diced
  • 1/4 cup red onion diced
  • 1/2 cup parsley dill or cilantro, finely chopped
  • 1 large lime or lemon juice of
  • 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tsp salt
  • Ground black pepper to taste


  • In a large bowl, add chickpeas, cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, red onion and parsley.
  • In a small bowl, add olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and whisk.
  • Pour dressing over salad and gently stir to combine.
  • Serve cold on its own or with grilled chicken breast, grilled salmon, or pick one of 5 easy chicken marinades and cook chicken.

Store: Refrigerate in an airtight glass container for up to 1 day.

    Make ahead: You can make this salad up to 1 day ahead. Refrigerate beans and veggies except avocado in a bowl and dressing in a jar. When ready to serve, dice avocado, warm up dressing to melt the oil and combine.



      • Homemade chickpeas: I cook my own Instant Pot chickpeas. You can also learn how to cook dried beans on the stove.
      • Leafy greens: You could add chopped kale, romaine lettuce or spinach.
      • Other vegetables: My aunt always added sliced radishes.
      • Feta: Add 1/4 cup crumbled feta but then reduce salt.
      • Nuts: Toasted pine nuts make this salad more Mediterranean.
      • Mexican variation: Use lime, add diced jalapeno and 1 tsp cumin.


      Serving: 0.5cup | Calories: 147kcal | Carbohydrates: 9g | Protein: 2g | Fat: 13g | Saturated Fat: 2g | Sodium: 300mg | Fiber: 5g | Sugar: 3g

      Recipes and images are a copyright of It is against the law to republish recipes without permission. Nutritional info is approximate.

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      1. 5 stars
        Absolutely yum Olena, I love these types of salads. It’s coming into winter here in Brisbane so starting to use my pressure cooker now.

        1. 5 stars
          Absolutely delicious and the colors of all the veggies are very appealing. It’s a recipe that I will repeat many times.

      2. 5 stars
        This was so good! We didn’t have avocado and it honestly didn’t need it. We had to use lemon juice instead of lemons and it was still good with some Dijon salt and pepper. I didn’t know what to do with my large supply of chickpeas and now I’m hooked.

      3. 5 stars
        Love your recipes and especially love watching you cook. You make cooking look fun and enjoyable.You are my new favorite cook. Thank you!

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