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55 Clean Eating Dinner Recipes is a collection of delicious, simple and kid friendly clean eating recipes ready in 30 minutes or less. | ifoodreal.com

Originally posted Dec, 2015

I have put in a lot of sweat and brain power into these 55 clean eating dinner recipes to make them fast and clean eating. I’m a great cook (yes, I will own it and won’t be shy) and a girlfriend of mine is a fabulous one too. Just a few days ago, we had a conversation how each dinner is a full-blown strategy making it fast, light enough for a mom, filling for a dad and the one that kids will like. Preferably with some leftovers. Easy, right?! NOT. My SIL with 3 kids says there are never leftovers at her house no matter the amount of food she makes. I believe that!

I know you are probably knees deep into baking right now but truth is a dinner still gotta be served. That’s why I do not bake much. Plus I need room for wine. I learnt my lesson that January will come eventually and that is when sh$t will hit the fan for realz. So, no, thank you! However, a little splurge is OK. For the actual Holiday I will buy an Italian cake and baked goods – my favourites.

Enjoy these clean eating dinners in 30 minutes (or less) and share with a few friends. Buttons at the top. Don’t be shy – the more people eat healthy, the lower our medical bill. I’m serious. So, share away, share away.

Baked Chicken with Peppers & Mushrooms


Thai Turkey Zucchini Meatballs

Clean Eating Dinners

Veggie Mac and Cheese Muffins


Cruciferous Peanut Butter Rice


One Pot Chicken and Broccoli Quinoa

Clean Eating Dinners

Spaghetti Squash “Mac and Cheese”

Clean Eating Dinners

Poblanos and Sausage Quinoa

Clean Eating Dinners

Farmers Market Kale Tacos


Summer Fried Brown Rice

Clean Eating Dinners

Chicken and Whole Wheat Spaghetti


Mango and Black Bean Superfood Bowls


Lime Ginger Salmon

Clean Eating Dinners

Black Bean Zucchini Burger

Clean Eating Dinners

Garlic Chicken, Zucchini and Corn

Clean Eating Dinners

Green Fresh Spring Rolls


Ground Chicken Patties


Penne with Kalamata Olives, Garlic Roasted Tomatoes and Goat Cheese

Clean Eating Dinners

Asian Salmon and Green Beans Stir Fry


Saucy Green Beans and Chicken

Clean Eating Dinners

Thai Cauliflower “Rice”

Clean Eating Dinners

Salmon Burgers with Mango Slaw

Clean Eating Dinners

Lemony Kale and Asparagus Pasta

Clean Eating Dinners

Portobello Mushrooms and Broccoli Stir Fry


Mushroom Stroganoff


Oriental Salmon Zucchini Noodle Bowls


Eggplant Pepper Marinara with Rice


Buffalo Chicken and Broccoli Quinoa


Chicken, Beans and Cauliflower Rice


Chicken and Cauliflower Yellow Curry


One Pan Penne with Broccoli


Parmesan Pumpkin and Spinach Quinoa


Cheesy Cauliflower Poppers Skillet


Pesto Tomato and Broccoli Pasta


Thai Shrimp and Squash Curry


Tex Mex Sweet Potato Skillet


Crispy Honey Garlic Salmon


Zucchini Noodles with Cilantro Lime Chicken


Peanut Chicken Soba Noodles


One Pan Skinny Tex Mex Chicken and Zucchini


Fish and Vegetables Skillet


Savoury Oatmeal Cakes


Beef and Cashew Stir Fry


Broccolini, Turkey and Baby Potatoes


Baked Salmon with Cheese


Thai Chicken Spaghetti Squash Bowl


White Bean, Turkey and Kale Stew


Frozen Vegetables Stir Fry


Chicken Abruzzi


Skillet Greek Sausage Corkscrew Toss


Pesto Chicken Zucchini Noodles


Buckwheat Stir Fry with Kale, Peppers & Artichokes

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  1. Kayla

    Thank you so much for your 30 minute meals or less. I have been looking for healthy, quick meals for my family during the holiday season and here they are. I am going to make so many of these for my in laws who are coming in for the holidays. Thank you so much for your blog. I love it and can’t wait to make all of your recipes. Happy Holidays!!!!

    • Olena

      Hi Kayla. You are welcome. Glad you can use them. This is such a busy time of the year, I can barely keep up with dinners not to mention cookies. Happy Holidays! I have my mom for 2 weeks and I think will be making many of these recipes myself.

  2. Amanda

    I’ve started clean eating as of the first of the year, and I love it!! Thank you so much for all of your recipes because it has mDe my journey much easier. My only
    problem is I want to make all of them in one week. I’m a teacher, and I was wondering if you have clean eating lunch ideas?

    • Olena

      Hi Amanda. Good for you!!! As for lunch we usually have dinner leftovers. That is why my large serving recipes lol. When fridge is empty, some clean eating lunch ideas are canned tuna or salmon, edamame beans, canned Amy’s organic soup.
      I have so many recipe ideas I want to make and so little time so I hear you.:) I think it is like this when it comes to anything lol.

  3. Lauren

    Simple and delicious-sounding recipes. My sons and I do Blood Type A eating and most of them fit right in with our food lists. Can’t wait to try them!

  4. Angelique

    These all look so good! I’m definitely going to be trying many of them, starting with the Garlic Chicken, zucchini and corn tomorrow night 🙂

  5. Amanda B

    Found your site through Pinterest, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to try these. I eat so well all day (literally 6AM-6PM) but as soon as I get to dinner, I end up eating double to triple the amount of calories I’ve eaten over the course of the rest of he day. Can’t wait to try a bunch of these and find some good, healthy, go-to dinners!

    • Olena

      Hi Amanda. First of all, I am glad you found me. Second of all, maybe I can help with my advice. Do you eat mostly vegetables and low carbs during the day? I rarely find myself too hungry for dinner and am OK with a moderate dinner and no dessert after. I eat a small serving of complex carbs, protein, fats and lots of veggies for dinner. Throughout the day I eat well and make sure more than light fruits and veggies. I eat complex carbs and a lot of fats. So, I am not hungry by dinner time. There must be a reason why you do that…

      • Amanda B

        I found you through Pinterest, you’re very popular there! I typically have a protein shake with breakfast (Vega brand). Then I have a small snack before lunch, like some fruit, string cheese, or vegetables. For lunch I was having a whole wheat English muffin with 2 eggs, but since I have been using your recipes I have been having leftovers for lunch (I saw on your site that you do the same, hence the large batches of food, usually 6 servings). Then for dinner I was just making poor choices. I wasn’t necessarily eating a lot to reach that many calories, just eating things I shouldn’t have (pizza is my kryptonite!!!). I’ve been doing very well since finding your site and have lost 10 lbs, more than I’ve even been able to achieve before! I was having a hard time making creative, healthy dinners. I would get sick of chicken breast with a side of veggies and end up eating something I shouldn’t have. But I find myself very satisfied after eating one of your meals, as they are flavorful and delicious. You’ve been a huge help in my lifestyle change! Thank you!

        • Olena

          Haha, sounds funny to me that I am popular somewhere. Like a Hollywood star which I am not at all.
          Good for you! Yes, large batches of food help you make smart lunch and dinner choices. Sounds like it is just a matter of cooking healthy for your successful weight loss. Then you won’t make poor food choices. You are very welcome and keep up the good work. It is really all about food and treats in moderation. Diets don’t work! If you crave pizza that much try to have a slice for lunch, and just a slice, and eat slowly. I eat a slice of kid’s pizza at times. I would also make lunches more like dinner then you would be less hungry for dinner thus eating less before bedtime when you are not using that much energy and extra calories will turn more likely into fat.

  6. Caitlan

    OMG!! I cannot WAIT to try all these meals!! This is the best list of clean meals I’ve found!! I’ll be sharing it with my momma friends for sure!! THANK YOU!!! And, I 100% agree that wine is the best dessert! 🙂

  7. Dana

    This is a great collection! There are so many I will be trying this coming week. Great variety of vegetarian and meaty. My daughter (vegetarian) and I made the green spring rolls last night and she was speechless as she ate, as in she was in food ecstasy! Next is the saucy green beans…I think I will do it minus chicken and hope it won’t lack flavor, but I have green beans I need to use, and want my daughter to be able to eat it. After that is the kale tacos. Whoa. Those look amazing. Just need to find some decent tortillas. Thanks!! I would give you a huge hug if I could!

    • Olena

      Hi Dana. Yay! That peanut sauce is good, I agree. The whole concept of dipping fresh veggies into peanut sauce is amazeballs. I know!
      As for the green beans you should be OK w/o chicken as long as you use good quality pasta sauce. No problem.
      Big hug to you too for eating GOOD FOOD! It blows my mind what people eat around me. Poison! Sad it is majority. Especially kids! I can’t invite most of my kids’ friends for dinner because they won’t eat normal food we eat. And I refuse to cook specifically for them. So good for you teaching your kid the right thing!

  8. Anne Perry

    Thanks for sharing your healthy cooking recipes with us . These recipes helps alot to me , I definetly try these recipes. Thans again.Keep posting like this.

  9. Sonya Settlers

    Love all these recipes, I want to make them all! Is there a way to print them all at one time? Thanks for posting these, even if I have to open 1 at a time, I’m printing them all!

      • Sonya Settlers

        Thanks so much for responding. No worries, I’ll print them individually! Gotta have em!



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